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We all like an ice cold Pepsi do we?

Pepsiman is the official Pepsi mascot from Pepsi's Japanese corporate branch created around the mid-1990s. Pepsiman took on three different outfits, each one representing the current style of the Pepsi can in distribution. Twelve commercials were created featuring the character. His role in the advertisements is to appear with Pepsi to thirsty people or people craving soda. Pepsiman happens to appear at just the right time with the product. After delivering the beverage, sometimes Pepsiman would encounter a difficult and action-oriented situation which would result in injury. He also appears in the Sega Saturn version of Fighting Vipers as a guest character with the ability to "quench one's thirst". Pepsiman also refers to the action video game developed and published by KID. Released in 1999, it focuses on the player who controls Pepsiman on avoiding obstacles by running, dashing, and jumping, while the said mascot automatically runs forward through each of the game's stages. This lead to a toxic ironic fandom for some reason.

Why They Get No Pepsi

  1. The Pepsiman memes that are often seen are either overused, offensive, pointless, or just plain stupid.
  2. They love to shoehorn the Pepsi mascot into anything in existance including Mario, Final Fantasy, Marvel, Sonic, DDLC, JoJo, and many more.
  3. Many of them don't seem to understand why the Pepsiman game was hated in the first place such as a nonsensical plot, strict time limits, awkward controlls, cheap level design, etc.
  4. They often devote the Pepsiman game like it's one of god gifts. So much so that they will get annoying quickly.
  5. They actually think that Pepsiman is God or Jesus's lost brother when he's only a Pepsi mascot.
  6. They spam "PEPSIMAN" on anything related to Pepsiman. In addition, they also spam "Pepsi for TV-game" or anything related to AVGN (since he reviewed the game).
  7. Some of them would blindly hate non-Pepsi products (mainly Coke and Coca-Cola) without giving them a chance simply because it's not Pepsi.
    • If that's not enough, they think that drinking non-Pepsi products makes you an atheist or a sinner. WHAT?
  8. Two words, false reviews.
  9. Nowadays, many YouTube Commenters post "memes" on anything related to Pepsiman. They do this a lot that it becomes stale.
  10. They try to make a Pepsiman revival or remaster to happen when begging doesn't solve anything.
  11. They even want Pepsiman in Mortal Kombat 11. No joke.
    • Even more stupider, this.
  12. Overusage of the Pepsiman theme song. That's all.
  13. They think Pepsiman is real when he's only fictional.
  14. They have a sexual attraction to Pepsiwoman (a gender-bent version of Pepsiman that appeared in the Pepsi Twist commercials) which dosen't make sense because not only is she fictional, but she's not even a human.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some understand why the game itself is bad in general thus liking it as a guilty pleasure.
  2. Some fans are mature enough to understand that not everyone has to like Pepsiman.
  3. Some memes they make can be funny. As long as it's done properly.
  4. A lot of Pepsiman fan art is mostly well done.
  5. Sometimes, Pepsiman mods can be so bad, they're hillarious. (This actually depends on how you see mods).
  6. They can still enjoy non-Pepsi products.