Persona Fandom and Hatedom

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Persona Fandom and Hatedom
The Dark Hour Is At Hand
Nickname: Phantom Thieves
Investigation Team
Type: Video Game Fandom and Hatedom
Status: Active (Fandom)
Semi-Active (Hatedom)

Persona is a series of JRPGs/Social Simulation (Persona 3 introduced the mechanic) games developed and published by Atlus. It is a spin-off of the Megami Tensei series and was originally based on the high school setting of Shin Megami Tensei If. The first game in the series was Revelations: Persona for the PlayStation with five further main games. Numerous spin-offs and adaptations have also been spawned as well thus being one of the most successful series Altus has created. The series talks about the theme of exploring the human psyche and how characters find their true selves thus bringing elements of Jungian psychology, archetypes, religion, mythology, and literature. A very prominent aspect of the series is the use of the "Persona", which are physical manifestations of a person's psyche and subconscious used for combat while having different themes (Persona 3 having Graeco-Roman mythology, Persona 4 having Japanese deities, and Persona 5 having manifestations being inspired by fictional and historical outlaws and thieves). The Persona series' main setting takes places in modern-day Japan and mainly consists of high school students (Eternal Punishment had a group of adults instead) who encounter extraordinary events happening in otherwise normal locations. While the series is good, the fans and haters are the opposite.

Why They Aren't Looking Cool


Persona is really big in waifu wars
  1. Many of the fans would spoil the series for no reason. were not even kidding, this post on Twitter can explain.
  2. They only care about Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 thus overshadowing the first two games. In fact, if the first game did not exist then the already mentioned games wouldn't exist.
  3. Many of them would start whiny and idiotic flame wars over which Persona game is the best. Mainly 3, 4, and 5 for obvious reasons.
  4. They make a ton of weird posts about "waifus" and "Senpais". We mean weird as in toxic. To make things more toxic, they even talk about them to no end.
    • Speaking of Waifus, they start the infamous waifu wars. We bet you saw that coming.
  5. Some of them would hate Shin Megami Tensei simply because it's "not Persona" according to them. Ironically enough, the Persona series is a spin-off of Megami Tensei.
    • Ironically enough, they most likely never played the SMT games and only played the Persona games.
    • On top of that, they think that according to them "The SMT fanbase is super hostile and toxic" which is just ironic.
  6. Don't ever say anything not positive about the series because they will attack you like a bunch of immature spoiled brats.
    • This includes some of the more extreme fans spoiling the game out of spite.
  7. They don't just love the series, they devote it to their lives like they were God's gift. (Mainly the modern-tards or nostalgia-tards over glorifying 3, 4, and 5).
  8. If part of the JoJo fandom, many of them think that Persona is a JoJo reference when both are just completely different franchises with different elements.
  9. Four words. Morgana and his fandom.
    • Not only do they exalt Morgana, they even exalt Teddie to no end thus dubbing him as "the true mascot of Persona" when it's not even true. Koromaru is the mascot of Persona 3, Teddie is the mascot of Persona 4, and Morgana is the mascot of Persona 5. Simple as that.
    • Similar enough, many of them treat characters like Makoto Niijima/Queen and Futaba Sakura/Oracle like blessings from god, which is just stupid.
    • If that is not enough, they would argue on who is the best character while treating many other characters like religious figures. Although not as much as some characters like Morgana.
  10. Some of the fans are somehow Weeaboos.
  11. They cannot admit the flaws the Persona games have. In fact, this article can explain.
  12. They spam a lot of quotes such as "DELICIOUS PANCAKES" or "GO TO SLEEP" to no end.
  13. A lot of this fandom starts a TON of flame wars with the SMT fans.
  14. Each Persona game is split into different types of toxic people.
    • Starting off with Persona 5, many P5 fans like the game so much that they would say stuff like "P3 and P4 are trash". In fact, they never even give the other Persona games a chance.
    • The Persona 4 fans complained about Persona 5 being too dark for a Persona game simply because it's not Persona 4.
    • The Persona 3 fans are butthurt because of P4 and P5 being far better games.
    • While this part of the fandom may be smaller, the Persona 1 and 2 fans are butthurt because they are overshadowed by 3,4 and 5.
  15. Some would engage in shipping conflicts.
  16. The most infamous part that had happened to this fandom was when these jackasses tried to threaten a cosplayer who was dressed up as Goro. This lead to the haters saying "If this gun were real, I’d fucking shoot you Akechi!". No Joke.
  17. Some are even Edgelords because of the nature of the game series.
  18. They are humongous hypocrites: They blame A-1 Pictures for ruining Persona 5: The Animation (even though Persona 5: The Animation was made by CloverWorks not A-1 Pictures) , yet some of the fans praise A-1 Pictures for Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Black Butler, The Seven Deadly Sins, Blue Exorcist, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Your Lie in April, and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, which are all made by the same studio they hate.
  19. They keep hating on Marie who's from Persona 4 Golden for her sometimes rude behavior yet they don't do it as much for Mr. Morooka (both original and Golden) who is a lot more rude and flawed.


  1. Most of them are toxic SMT fans who mock Persona fans.
  2. They think that Persona is a JoJo ripoff. Were not even kidding.
  3. They call anyone who likes Persona a weeaboo, waifuf*g (homophobic), circle-jerker, or a normie when not all of the fans are none of that. Blame this Reddit.
  4. When Joker was announced as a DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many of the haters said "Who invited this asshole?", "No one asked for him to be in Smash", "He's not a popular game character" which is offensive to Persona fans. Also, Persona 5 is a well-reviewed game and Nintendo has the right to add whatever characters they want. Some even went as far as wanting Joker from Batman to replace Joker from Persona 5 which is just stupid.
  5. They use the "too many waifus" line as an excuse to dislike Persona. This is indeed laughable and toxic.
  6. They hate the series simply because of the fans. Just because the fandom is toxic does not mean that the game is bad.
  7. Some of the haters are SJW's because Kasumi showing her thighs or even this.
  8. You know what's worse, Moral Guardians, Conspiracy theorists, and Religious Nut-Jobs hate Persona because of their religious views and how they are included in the Pokémon and Gravity Falls Hatedoms. We wish we were making this up, but no.
  9. The SMT fandom think Persona is not part of the Megami Tensei franchise.
  10. Some were former fans, until they discovered that the Persona games were a spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei Series.
  11. Some may be part of the Christianity Hatedom due to some things the Holy Grail (an enemy from the 5th game being based on the belief that the said cup was the holy cup of Jesus Christ during the Last Supper). This also applies to the Islam Hatedom and the Judaism Hatedom due to a Persona named Messiah being based on the term that is prominent within the world's religions.
  12. Some of them hate Vic Mignogna due to the fact that Kou and Junpei are voiced by Vic. This also applies to Vic voicing Igor in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
  13. Annoying YouTubers like Simply Dad spread their bias against the Persona series and mock the franchise's fans (even if they're innocent.

Why Some of Them Are Looking Cool (Redeeming Qualities)


  1. Both sides can actually respect opinions on literally anything


  1. Some are mature fans who have good reasons why they like the series.
  2. Some may have a valid reason why they liked one of the games.
  3. Stil a lot of wonderful fan art.
  4. Some Persona memes can be funny.
  5. Some do get along with Shin Megami Tensei fans.
  6. A lot of them don't spoil the game.
  7. Not all the fans are weeaboos.
  8. Some still understand the series is an SMT spin-off.
  9. Some acknowledge that the first two games still exist.
  10. Some are civil towards the series.


  1. Some mature haters still exist.
  2. Hate art is non-existent.
  3. Some may have a valid reason why they don't like the series.
  4. The hatedom can sometimes be hard to find.
  5. Some were fine with Joker joining Smash.
  6. Not all the haters are conspiracy theorists, SJWs, or Moral Guardians.
  7. They do have a point about the series' possible flaws.
  8. They are right that the fans can be toxic.
  9. They are right about the Persona 5 anime having some bad qualities.


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