Princess Peach (Mario) Hatedom

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Princess Peach (Mario) Hatedom
Princess Peach.png
"Mario, help me!" Her reaction to her toxic haters.
Nickname: Anti-Princess Peach Armies
Type: Character Hatedoms
Status: Active

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Princess Peach is a character in the Mario franchise, and Mario's love interest (second to Pauline). She is a good character, but she has grown a toxic hatedom.

Why They're Barred from Peach's Castle

  1. It mostly comes from the Call of Duty fandom.
    • They say Mario games are repetitive just because you have to save Princess Peach in almost every game. This is false as Mario games have differed from each other, and the endless amount of First-Person-Shooters on the PS4 better fit the description of repetitive. Saving Princess Peach is the main point of the game. There are also titles such as Super Mario 64 (and DS), Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy (1 & 2), Super Mario 3D World (where she was a playable character with Mario, Luigi, Toad and Rosalina because the Sprixies were the damsels in distress to save in this game), Super Mario 3D Land, and Super Mario Odyssey where you do much more than just save Peach. Additionally, Peach did get her own game where she saves the Mario Bros. called Super Princess Peach. (Did we also mention that Mario has had a game in every single videogame genre, even FPS?).
  2. It also stems from TheTopTens Fandom.
  3. They blindly hate Peach for stupid reasons, labelling her as bossy and rude, while that has happened, it's not that bad.
  4. Many people also want to kill her because of the "terrible ending" in Super Mario Odyssey in which she rejects Mario and Bowser's proposals, when in reality, she just wanted to stop them from fighting. Also, murdering a ruling monarch can lead to a very harsh penalty in real life.
  5. People hate Princess Peach for stupid reasons, such as her voice.
    • People also hate her because she treated Rosalina poorly in The 3 Little Princesses fan-made comic series on DeviantArt.
  6. People make pointless rants and hate videos out of her, such as this really cringy and loudly video which is a perfect example!
  7. Many people disrespect opinions on her.
  8. They tend to give her horrible nicknames.
  9. They are also part of the Princess Daisy fandom because they never stop bashing Peach for "being feminine".
  10. People make a lot of hate art out of her.
  11. It sometimes stems from The Legend of Zelda Fandom, who say Mario games are just saving the Princess, which is false. In Zelda, you save Princess Zelda too.
  12. Despite them hating on her because she rejected Mario and Bowser, they come from the already toxic hatedom.
  13. Anita Sarkeesian, along with several other SJWs, are a part of this hatedom well, as they claim she is "sexist for being a damsel in distress stereotype". (Are these people for real?!)
  14. They're also part of the Vyond Community since they used to make grounded videos out of her but thankfully it's a dead topic now.
  15. A TheTopTens user called DaisyandRosalina is one of the most toxic Peach haters on the site. She constantly criticises Peach, calling her a stereotype and ignoring every good thing she did in Super Princess Peach because apparently, the game is a stereotype for giving Princess Peach emotional powers despite every other character having them, especially Bowser.
    1. Not only that, but she decides to go to the Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Peach Is Better Than Princess Daisy(which actually has good reasons, besides the "Peach is more beautiful" type of reasons) and basically diss every reason, even going as far as calling Bowser and Mario a stereotype.
    2. If you encounter her, you are better off not arguing with her as she will always find a way to defend Daisy or diss on Peach.

The Only 2 Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some people that respect opinions, such as SlimKirby.
  2. Some haters dislike Peach for actually good reasons.


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Mickey Mouse

23 hours 54 minutes ago
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Peach is my third waifu (behind Futaba Sakura and Peacock from Skullgirls), so this hatedom upsets me but I don't wish death to them.


5 months ago
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princess peach hatedom:*exist*

me,a peach fan:

  • sweats* oh neptune