RWBY Fandom

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RWBY Fandom
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This Will Not Be The Day.
Type: Cartoon Fandoms
Status: Active

RWBY (Pronounced "ruby") is an American anime-inspired web series created by Rooster Teeth. The universe sets in a fictional world called Remnant where young people train to become warriors to protect their world from Grimm while the entire series focuses on four main characters that joined Beacon Academy: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Zao Long. It has been also dubbed in Japanese and broadcasted by Tokyo MX in partnership with Warner Bros. Japan. While it has been critically acclaimed, it did spawn a toxic fandom.

Why This Fandom Just Keep Getting Weirder

  1. They don't just like the series, they overhype it like a gift from god.
  2. They will start flame wars on who is the best RWBY ship. Bumblebee shippers are a prime example of this
  3. They would beg Rooster Teeth to make Pyrrha come back to life which will never happen.
  4. Speaking of ships as already mentioned before, they managed to do lame ships like Osca x Qrow which is inappropriate age gap or Weiss x Winter which is incest.
    • Some would even ship themselves with one of the characters.
  5. They treat Volume 3 like it was God's gift.
  6. They lash on Volume 4, 5 and 6 simply because they are trash and not created by Monty Oum. Oh boy, where have we hard this
  7. Many of the fans are weeaboos simply because this is a TV show that looks like an anime and it's referred to American Anime.
  8. There was a song clearly about a Blake x Yang relationship. And what happened next? Everyone caused so much drama. In fact, even Arryn Zech (Blake's Voice Actor) was affected to the point that she deleted her tweet and received comments that are hateful. This can be found here.
  9. Some don't even respect Monty Oum. Yes, we are talking about the late Monty Oum who died on February 1, 2015. They literally forgot that RWBY wouldn't exist without this man. With all that's said, it's dead disrespecting.
  10. They tend to be really picky about the writing, animation, and music. Do you even expect RWBY to be perfect?
  11. Even Miles Luna of Rooster Teeth hates the fandom as shown here. In fact, This really does sound familiar?
  12. Many of the fans are so defensive and some don't even handle criticism. Even if good criticism is involved in this.
  13. Speaking of the characters, they assault on Jaune and Blake endlessly.
  14. Much like The Loud House Fandom, they go nuts when LGBT gets represented in RWBY and take it too seriously. This article can explain.
  15. Don't ever think about going to to look up anything RWBY related because you might find some petitions like this.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans are sane and mature who respect opinions.
  2. Lots of good fan art.
  3. Some can except changes in RWBY like the deaths.
  4. Some still show respect to Monty Oum.
  5. Some fans are aware of the toxic fandom.
  6. Some fans do have a point of some villains of the show being bland.
  7. They paid respect to Monty Oum when he passed away.