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What the duck?

Rayman is a game franchise that started in 1995 created by Ubisoft. The series is set in a fantastical, magical world which features a wide range of environments that are very often based on certain themes, such as "the Eraser Plains", a landscape made entirely of stationery. The core games of the series are platformers, but there are several spin-off titles in other genres. The protagonist is the eponymous Rayman, a magical being renowned for his courage and determination who, with the help of his friends, must save his world from various villains. Rayman has been proven to be successful with the character being popular due to his lack of limbs thus being a mascot of Ubisoft. While most of the fanbase is actually good, it does have a bad side that is pretty noticeable to some extent.

Why Hell Breaks Loose In This Fandom

  1. They praise Rayman 2 (and sometimes Rayman 3) as godly!
    • Speaking of that, they can't handle someone having a favorite Rayman game that is isn't these two.
  2. When Ubisoft announces a Rayman game that it's not Rayman 4 (or a 3-D Rayman game), they would complain.
  3. They're a big part of the Raving Rabbids Hatedom, claiming that Rabbids overshadowed Rayman since Raving Rabbids become a separate franchise, despite Ubisoft still released some Rayman games like Origins and Legends.
    • Some of them harass Ubisoft and Michel Ancel to death for dropping Rayman in favor of the Rabbids.
    • Rayman fans hate Rabbids so much that they didn't give a chance to the handheld versions of the first Rayman Raving Rabbids, like the GBA version that plays like the first Rayman game and uses leftovers and the plots from Rayman 4, while the DS version, despite that it's closer to the console versions, is a 2-D platformer in the style of Rayman 2 with elements from the console versions like the soundtrack.
    • Rabbids are not the only ones that they loathe so much, even Just Dance gets hated by these freaks.
    • Further talking about Rabbids, they loathe on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for being a Rabbids crossover instead of the entire Rayman franchise.
  4. Similar to the Crash Bandicoot (Franchise) Fandom, some of them complain Origins and Legends for having a whacky and cartoony art style when Rayman is supposed to be cartoony.
  5. A small percentage of them blindly hate Origins and Legends for having a less serious tone and having less story compared to Rayman 2 and 3, or in some cases, they hate them just for being 2-D platformers and not 3-D ones like Rayman 2 and 3.
    • Similarly, some of them have a deep hatred for the first game for the same reasons which is ironic since that game gave birth to the Rayman franchise alone.
  6. When Rayman Mini was announced, they complain about Ubisoft releasing it on Apple Arcade instead of being it on the consoles. Well, at least be glad that you have a Rayman game.
  7. Don't ever think about going to Change.org and looking up anything related to Rayman because you will find things like "Make a Rayman HD Collection", "Stop Rayman from becoming a legend in Brawlhalla", "Make Rayman 4" (the usual), "helping me and my friends get Rayman Legends", you name it.
  8. If there is going to be an E3 or something similar like Ubisoft Forward, they always demand Ubisoft for a new legit Rayman game. Oh come on, it's not like you are the boss of Ubisoft and let this company make their games regardless. You should never count your chickens before they hatch guys (yes, that's an expression).
    • If anything doesn't come true, they will get ugly.
  9. This portion of the fanbase gets pretty salty about Rayman's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. as a spirit in Ultimate or a trophy in Smash 4 thinking that Sakurai disrespects Rayman or that they are just being ungrateful. It's fine if you want Rayman as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros., but please don't go overboard with your desires.
  10. Speaking of Super Smash Bros., there was once a Super Smash Bros. 4 leak that depicts Rayman as a playable DLC character in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. What did they do? They treat the like it was real instead of being fake. Oh, brother!

How They Can Rock The Party

  1. They mostly calmed down after Rayman Origins release.
  2. The majority of the Fandom doesn't hate the first Rayman game, Origins and Legends, they respect them knowing that both are awesome games like Rayman 2 and 3.
  3. Not all the fans hate the Rabbids, even some of like the Raving Rabbids franchise.
  4. At least they were grateful when they saw Rayman become a playable legend in Brawlhalla along with Barbara and Globox arriving in that said game as crossover skins.
  5. As mentioned before, most of the fanbase is actually good and kind. No explanation needed.