Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) Fandom

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Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) Fandom
Rick Sanchez Render.png
Wubba lubba dub dub (Translation: I am in great pain. Please help me)
Nickname: Council of Ricks, "Intellectuals"
Type: Character Fandom
Status: Alive

Rick Sanchez is one of the main protagonists of the eponymous Rick and Morty alongside his grandson Morty Smith. He is a mad scientist who seems to know everything in the universe and he finds life a pointless and traumatizing experience. Rick is from Earth dimension C-137 who is the father of Beth Smith and the grandfather of the already mentioned Morty and Summer Smith. He is said that he has been away from the family for several years during the events of the show. He travels on adventures through space and dimensions with Morty. While he may be widely praised, it's no surprise that he has a toxic following.

Why They Can't Schwift Past Their Great Pain

  1. First off, six words; The McDonald's Szechuan McNugget Sauce controversy.
  2. They don't just like Rick, they honor him like he was a son of Jesus Christ.
  3. They fail to realize that Rick does have flaws such as the fact that he can be a jackass or that he would think that he is very smart, but there were times that he has been wrong.
  4. They manage to do some dumb ships such as Rick x Morty which is incest simply because Rick is the grandfather of Morty.
    • There's even pornographic fanart of the Rick x Morty ship.
  5. There are even fangirls of Rick who ship themselves with Rick and even impregnating him. I-Love-Rick-Sanchez and Kanglovesme (both are deactivated on DeviantArt) are prime examples. Also, men can't get pregnant. Second of all, elderly people aren't sexy!
  6. If you were to say you do not like Rick himself, there is a very huge chance that they would mock you and attack you. They would even try to force you to like Rick.
  7. Many of his fans manage to be blind to Rick as well as the alternate universe versions of Rick and never really cared about other characters such as Mr. Meeseeks, Birdperson, Unity, and many others
  8. They fail to realize that Rick is supposed to be an inspiration to Doc Brown.
  9. This dumb petition.
  10. Simply because of his intelligence, they managed to call Rick "God".
  11. They believe that anyone who likes Rick is intelligent. First off, liking a cartoon character would not make you smart and knowledge does not come from Rick. How on earth would you get knowledge from liking a fictional character?
  12. Many of his fans are edgelords, elitists, manchildren, and tryhards who cannot handle any criticism on Rick.
  13. They would manage to call him the best main character of all characters that appeared in adult cartoons when people would prefer other characters
  14. The fans are an annoyance to Dan Harmon, The Cartoon Community and the series itself.
  15. Their page on Villains Wiki.
  16. Some of them overlap with other adult cartoon characters such as Peter Griffin Ironic Fandom, despite the fact that they hate him.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not all of his fans are like this since some are mature.
  2. Some memes can be funny if done correctly.
  3. Some are aware of Rick's flaws.
  4. Some have some fair and valid reasons why they like Rick.

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