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Terry: You're a real goof-off! Get serious or get lost!

SNK is a Japanese video game hardware and software company and the owner of the Neo Geo video game platform. The Shin Nihon Kikaku Corporation was founded in 1987 by Eikichi Kawasaki and its original name was shorted to SNK corporation in 1981 before becoming the company's official name in 1986. As mentioned earlier, SNK created the Neo Geo family of arcade, home, and handheld gaming consoles staring in 1990, but the Neo Geo line was halted in 2001. They also focused on developing console and PC games nowadays. SNK is well known for classic SNK franchises such as Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters as well as some classic characters such as Terry Bogard, Kyo Kusanagi Kula Diamond, Iori Yagami, Nakoruru, Mai Shiranui, G-Mantle, and many others. For some reason, the company is not even safe from toxic fans as well.

Why Their Legacy Does Not Live On

  1. They mainly come from The Fighting Game community and other fighting game hatedoms such as BlazBlue Hatedom and Street Fighter Hatedom.
    • Speaking of Street Fighter, they would be part of the Capcom hatedom thus making hateful comments such as "SNK > Capcom" sign which is disrespectful.
    • Say if you like Capcom, there is a fair chance that they will try to beat you up.
    • They still think that the SNK and Capcom rivalry is still going on when it is not. That is like saying that Nintendo and Sega are still rivals when they are not.
    • They even blame Capcom for SNK failures. WHAT?
  2. They would make pointless discussions of who is the real SNK mascot.. While it may be true that there have been several mascots SNK has, but Terry Bogard would be the mascot of SNK games because he is mostly used in promotional stuff even more than Kyo. Sure you do have G-Mantle and Ukee being the SNK mascot before Terry, but still. Also you do have Nakoruru being a mascot for SNK's social action programs for children and nature awareness campaigns (She was alongside Terry at one point), Kula Diamond as the mascot of the new millennium era of Neo Geo, Enta Girl being a mascot of SNK-Entertainment who appears regularly as a guide on the company's websites and Mai being SNK's sex symbol. Terry would be the most prominent mascot of SNK.
  3. Some would even lack knowledge of SNK. For instance, they claim that SNK is underrated when SNK is popular in China and Latin America. King of Fighters is a prime example of this.
    • Hypocrisy: They think that SNK is underrated yet they somehow think that King of Fighters is mainstream. Yes, it's one of SNK's biggest franchises yet it's really popular in China and Latin America.
    • Speaking of King of Fighters, they think that is was really huge back in the '90s when others games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Killer Instinct were big as well or even bigger than King of Fighters.
  4. They only know SNK because of some of the well-known fighting games (mostly King of Fighters) and Metal Slug when SNK did other franchises as well such as Vanguard, Pulstar, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!, Twinkle Star Sprites, Beast Busters, Baseball Stars, etc.
  5. Typical SNK fanboys who think that all SNK fighting games are good when there have been some mediocre ones such as Samurai Shodown 64 and SNK vs. Capcom: Chaos. No one is perfect.
  6. They lost their minds over the commercial and critical failure of King of Fighters XII and XIII. They're just games you know.
  7. When we already mentioned SNK's well-known fighting games like in the same level of King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, and Samurai Shodown, they somehow think that other fighting game companies do not exist which is just stupid.
  8. SNK fanboys somehow think that they can tell SNK what the company can and cannot do.
  9. It's filled with a bunch of boneheads who can be picky such as "Metal Slug 7 should have been an arcade game" or hating on The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact because it is 3D.
  10. They cannot even handle criticism as well because they will tear you up if you say anything bad about SNK. Here is a good example.
  11. Back in the days when Fatal Fury came to existence, few SNK fans thought it was cool to hate it simply because it looked almost like Street Fighter. This lead to having SNK fans think that King of Fighters would be better off without Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury characters. Nowadays, Fatal Fury has gotten a lot more attention very fast back then.
    • Speaking of Fatal Fury, they believed that World Heroes and Time Killers were more popular than Fatal Fury when it is false. If Fatal Fury was unsuccessful according to them back in the day, they why is Terry one of the most iconic SNK characters to ever exist?
  12. They Somehow think that Samurai Shodown was unsuccessful when it is not true because the series is still going on with the 2019 game being a recent title.
  13. A few toxic fanboys won't shut up about SNK vs. Capcom 3 and believe that it would be 100 times better than Street Fighter X Tekken. The game does not even exist yet!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some mature fans who can respect opinions and handle criticism.
  2. Some are aware that there is more to SNK than Metal Slug or some of their fighting games.
  3. Still a lot of great fan art dedicated to SNK.
  4. Not all of them hate Capcom in a toxic way.
  5. Some may like other fighting games.
  6. Fatal Fury hate is mostly hard to find nowadays.
  7. Some are aware of SNK's flaws and mistakes.

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