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"It can't be stopped, it's self-sustaining now." -Doc Ock

Samuel M. Raimi (also simply known as Sam Raimi) is an American filmmaker, actor, and producer best known for the Evil Dead series and the Spider-Man Trilogy. He was responsible for finding the production company Renaissance Pictures in 1973. Raimi was born (October 23, 1959) in Royal Oak, Michigan, to a Conservative Jewish family. He graduated from Groves High School and later went on to attend Michigan State University, where he majored in English but left after three semesters to film The Evil Dead. For some reason, he has a VERY toxic fandom all because of the Spider-Man Trilogy Fandom.

Why Their Toxicity Opens Up Dreadful Worlds Of Possibilities

  1. They only know Sam Raimi because of the Spider-Man Trilogy. It makes them unaware of the other films he did.
  2. They treat the Spider-Man trilogy like they were his masterpieces. You want some good movies Sam Raimi was involved in? Watch movies like the Evil Dead series, Darkman, Drag Me To Hell, and A Simple Plan.
  3. They think that the Spider-Man Trilogy is the "true" Spider-Man movies. That is just silly.
  4. They repeatedly insult anyone who prefers The Amazing Spiderman or Homecoming Films. On the contrary, they will use "Cancer" and "Autism" as insults.
  5. They want Raimi to make Spider-Man 4 when he canceled the 4th movie simply because Raimi was exhausted and unhappy with the 3rd film. While everyone from that period has moved on, these idiots won't, proving them again blind with nostalgia.
  6. Don't ever think about searching up Sam Raimi on because most of these petitions are idiotic and involve Spider-Man 4 and Tobey Maguire himself.
  7. They treated the Sam Raimi trilogy like their entire childhood (or at the very least teenhood since the movies are rated PG-13). They treated the end of the trilogy like it's their death or something. They also view the new Spider-Man films as nothing but destroying their childhood. That meant they care nothing but themselves and that they're spoiled brats.
  8. As what you would expect, a lot of these Raimitards treat their opinions as facts. They even shove them to anyone.
  9. They use every scene of the Spider-Man Trilogy films as an excuse to dislike Garfield and Holland's Spider-Man films.
  10. They are snobby, ignorant elitists, they act high and mighty towards those who root for the MCU Spider-Man, even those that loved the trilogy beforehand.
    1. Heck, they even go as far as put Spider-Man 2 above all Marvel-based superhero movies or even every superhero movie.
  11. They bow down to Sam Raimi as if he was God. Do you know why? because of the Spider-Man Trilogy films. It's over glorifying nostalgia at it's finest.
  12. Some of his fans would say stuff like Sam Raimi > Marc Webb or Sam Raimi > MCU. That's so immature.
  13. They think that Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies are better because it was "darker," and the new movies are "silly." You chuckleheads do realize that everyone is entitled to have a different taste, right?
    • Hypocrisy: They hate the non-Raimi movies, yet many of them liked Spider-Verse.
      • Another hypocrisy: They exalt him to death, yet some are part of the baby boomer hatedom without realizing that Sam Raimi is a baby boomer too.
  14. They only care about the Spider-Man Trilogy instead of his other works.
  15. They can't respect the opinions of those who like Tom Holland than Tobey Maguire.
  16. They rub their stupid opinions on anyone else's noses, even the sane Sam Raimi fans.
  17. They are total hypocrites, as they rant on the MCU fans for defending Spider-Man: Homecoming, and for their blustering, immature behavior when the Raimi fanboys themselves are just as snobbish, bratty and downright ungrateful towards the MCU Spider-Man and his fans.
  18. They are nitpicky and will look for every single flaw in the MCU Spider-Man films to make them look bad.
  19. Speaking of which, they are blind to the trilogy's flaws, making them another form of hypocrisy.
  20. They are unaware that about 80% of the MCU fandom are also hard-core fans of the Sam Raimi trilogy.
  21. A large portion of toxic Sam Raimi fanboys are also MCU fans who love all or most MCU films such as Iron Man but hate Homecoming.
  22. Whenever someone boasts about the Sam Raimi trilogy in the YouTube comments, subsequent replies from Raimi-tards create circle-jerks, mostly bashing on Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland's Peter Parker and trolling on those attempting to call them out.
  23. When one makes rants or questions about the Raimi fanbrats in any website (e.g., Reddit), these idiots immediately accuse the person of being biased, and they tell the person to pin the blame on the MCU fans. That shows they can't accept criticism whatsoever.
  24. They try to act mature when they are just manchildren who cannot accept criticism.
  25. An even smaller part of the fandom bashes on the entire MCU for stupid reasons, calling them "kid's movies" or "corny comedy flicks" as compared to the dark, emotional atmosphere of the Raimi trilogy. It makes them blind edgelords. Also, they've tried little to nothing on these films, making them inclined.
  26. They are everywhere on anything related to him or the Spider-Man Trilogy. Most of them are highly concentrated in YouTube videos related to Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man videos.
  27. Predictably, these nostalgists would just jump into any YouTube videos containing Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland's Spider-Man just to bash on them.
  28. They circle-jerk any comments that imply the commenter's enjoyment or emotional moment of the Raimi films. That includes MCU fans who love these films.
  29. Unfortunately, one couldn't enjoy looking back at the old films, as these Raimi-tards are everywhere in YouTube videos that have Tobey Maguire or his Spider-Man on it, as well as clips of his films. As said above, in those videos, they repeatedly boast about those films and bash on Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the comments, which gets more annoying as one scrolls down.
  30. When it was announced that Sony and Disney failed to strike a deal concerning Spider-Man with high chances of him no longer in the MCU, the Raimi fanboys literally celebrated and mocked Tom Holland yet again, while MCU fanboys raged and threw tantrums like kids, demanding to return Spidey in the MCU, exacerbating both fanbases' behavior. Fortunately, the deal was renewed, so now MCU fans can relax and watch the Raimi fanboys throw all the tantrums they want.
  31. It's 2020, and they still won't stop overpraising the Spider-Man movie trilogy to death.
  32. They are a huge annoyance to the comicbook community, the Marvel fandom, the rest of the Spider-Man fandom, and of course the movie community.
  33. Some fans are obsessed with him because he's a Jewish American who is not from New York City, the rest of Long Island, the southernmost part of the New York state mainland of New Jersey (since that's where a vast majority of Jewish American are from), actually hailing from Michigan which is a stupid reason to praise him.
  34. When it was announced that Sam Raimi would be directing Doctor Strange 2, the Raimi fanboys acted liked it was the second coming of Jesus.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although rare, some are mature fans who can respect opinions.
  2. Some could be aware of his other works.
  3. Some may like Homecoming, Far From Home or The Amazing Spider-Man duology or even other MCU movies.
  4. They are right that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is mediocre.
  5. Many of them can still respect Raimi.
  6. Some fans find his other works to be better than the Spider-Man trilogy.

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