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A samurai fears, not death. Struggle to triumph over evil and lives for one purpose: To destroy all toxic fans!

Samurai Shodown is a series of fighting games created by SNK. The series take place in 18th-century Japan, during the Sakoku or seclusion period of Japan (the first four games run across 1788 and 1789) with a great artistic license so that foreign-born characters (including some from places that did not exist as such in 1788) and fictional monsters can also be part of the story. The plot of each game is quite different, but they circle a central group of characters and a region in Japan. Samurai Shodown typically portrays snippets of the Japanese culture and language internationally with little edits. For instance, unlike most fighting games made in Japan, the characters in the series (including the announcer) generally speak only in Japanese, with dialects ranging from archaic formalities and theatricalism to modern-day slang, something that has been preserved for overseas releases. Win quotes and other cut scenes provide subtitles in several languages, including but not limited to English, Portuguese, and German. Much of the music includes traditional Japanese instruments (predominately the shakuhachi, shamisen, koto, and taiko) and later enka. While it may be one of SNK's well-known franchises, it spawned a toxic fandom.

Why They Are The Ones Unleashing Their Unworldly Forces

  1. A lot of these people don't seem to realize that many of the characters are loosely based on real figures from Japanese history alongside many other references. For example, Haohmaru is based on Miyamoto Musashi, Shiro Tokisada Amakusa is based on Amakusa Shiro, Ukyo Tachibana is based on Sasaki Kojiro, Charlotte Christine de Colde is loosely based on both Oscar Francois de Jarjayes and Charlotte Corday, Kyoshiro Senryo is based on Nemuri Kyoshiro, Hanzo Hattori is based on Hattori Hanzo, Nakoruru being based on the Ainu, the list could go on.
  2. They ship Nakoruru/Rera with Rimururu and Tam Tam with Cham Cham. That right there is incest.
  3. Some of them would take Iroha too seriously to the point that she gets treated like trash at the same level as Giorno. On the other hand, some would only hate her simply because of her "fanservice" nature.
    • Speaking of that they would hate Iroha or/and Mina (for some people) because they are "fanservice" designs when they like some characters who have this trait like Kagaribi, Shiki, Saya, Mina (for some people), Angelica, Charlotte (Reboot only), Darli Dagger and Wu-Ruixiang. how ironic.
  4. They took Mina's death too seriously. Remember when the fandoms of Mufasa, certain RWBY characters, Darth Vader, Zero (Mega Man X), Mileena, and Bambi's Mom treat their favorite characters like real people? Of course, you have!
  5. According to them, they think that the Kazama brothers (Kazuki and Sogetsu) are rip-offs of Ryu and Ken. Really?
  6. They Somehow think that Samurai Shodown was unsuccessful when it is not true because the series is still going on with the 2019 game being a recent title.
  7. Even producer Yasuyuki Oda even said "A lot of the messages that we got were just like, 'When's the new Samurai Shodown? When are we going to get it?'" which could be as equivalent as Buddy Thunderstruck fans wanting Ryan Wiesbrock to make Season 2 of the Netflix show. Thankfully, Samurai Shodown does have a 2019 reboot so they can stop complaining. this can explain
  8. Some of the fans are even edgelords who praise the hell out of some "edgy" characters such as Amakusa, Asura, Basara, Enja, Genjuro, Kazuki, Kusaregedo, Mizuki, Rasetsumaru, Rera, Shiki, Sogetsu, Suija, Yashamaru and Zankuro while hating on some of the "uncool characters" such as Cham Cham, Haohmaru, Mina, Nakoruru, Iroha, Rimururu, Sieger, Wan-Fu and Wu-Ruixiang. Gen-An is rather neutral by standards.
  9. They seem to over-exalt Samurai Shodown II like if it was a gift from God. This right there is making them the Spider-Man 2 Fandom of SNK.
    • Similar to Street Fighter Fandom; they also treasured Samurai Shodown IV, V Special and (probably) a reboot (AKA 7 by Fans) are consider the one of best games while Samurai Shodown III, 64 series and VI are the one of the worst games, When there 2 bad games like Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage and Samurai Shodown Sen.
  10. Some of them are even nostalgiatards who make up excuses like how "the older titles are better than the reboot", how some characters do not appear in some Samurai Shodown games, or how "Kazuki's slash does not have fire effects".
  11. Some of the fans want everyone to buy Samurai Shodown 2019 when some may not be interested in the game, don't have a console that can play the game, or don't have enough money.
  12. Some of them are Capcom haters as well when they would make comments such as "Street Fighter is just overrated" or the infamous "SNK > Capcom". Typical for an SNK fanboy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A lot of mature fans still exist.
  2. Not all of them hate Capcom in an immature way.
  3. Some admit the flaws the games have. (EX: Amakusa, Mizuki, Zankuro, Gaoh (Especially his demon form in VI), Shizuka (Depend on your view), Yuga, Draco, and Golba being cheap bosses).
  4. Some can still like the 2019 reboot meaning that not all of them are nostalgiatards.
  5. Still a lot of beautiful fan art of the series.
  6. Some understand that some of the characters are based on real figures from Japanese history alongside many other references.
  7. Not all of them treat characters as real people or trash.

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