Sans the Skeleton (Undertale) Ironic Fandom

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Sans the Skeleton (Undertale) Ironic Fandom
on days like these, toxic fandoms like mine... Should be burning in hell.
Nickname: Bad Timers
Type: Character Fandoms
Status: Super Active

Sans the Skeleton is an UndertaleAGW character. As can be guessed, he’s a skeleton who speaks in a font no other than Comic Sans. He has had a toxic fanbase since the game's release. And since 2018, the fandom grew bigger and is now worse than ever because of the memes.

Why This Fandom Will Give You a Bad Time

  1. They don't just like him, they tend to adore him like if he was a God.
    • His AU versions (especially the Underfell and Underswap versions) also get some rather disproportionate worships.
  2. They lash at anyone who says anything negative about him.
  3. His fandom seems to easily threws tantrums when he dies or is defeated. Some even throw tantrums over fan animations that have Sans getting killed in them.
  4. They make some really bad ships like Sans x Frisk, Sans x Toriel, Sans x Flowey, Sans x Grillby, etc.
    • Some would even ship him with Papyrus, who are related.
  5. They sometimes create fanart of Sans that is either questionable or not very pleasent to look at.
  6. The fangirls.
    • Some are badly obsessed with him, with some of them even wanting to have sex with him. Also that's necrophilia since Sans is a skeleton.
  7. They usually spam "geeettttttt dunked on!!!" and "do you wanna have a bad time?" which gets annoying really fast.
  8. If there is a song you like or love, it's most likely already ruined into Megalovania.
  9. Just like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo and Waluigi from Mario, they "gave The Meme Community a bad time".
  10. In a similar fashion to Goku, Saitama and Shaggy Rogers, they say that Sans can beat every video game character when in fact he could easily fold to them.
  11. Expressing dislike of Sans can lead to memes like "Sans default dance" as well as potential spamming of pictures starring him, all for the sake of getting on people's nerves.
  12. When Sans was announced to be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, they went nuts, and the online is currently flooded with people as Sans. A good reason to avoid taking memes way too seriously.
    • They seemingly treat the Sans Mii costume as an actual fighter when it really isn't, thus forgetting that Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury is the actual DLC fighter.
  13. Their mindset seems to be that Undertale is mainly about Sans when it really isn't.
  14. They will shoehorn him into just about everything.
  15. Sans's toxic fandom only plays Undertale just to see him.
  16. After they found out how his voice is similar to a cut of Patrick Star's voice (most notably an excerpt from the line "maybe it's the way you're dressed?" from the episode "Something Smells"), they went crazy.
  17. Because of the memes, some people in this fandom don't even know what Undertale is nor who Sans is.
  18. Sans x Reader fanfictions.
  19. They patronize Papyrus like crazy!
  20. This petition.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans aren't like this, some are nice and approve others points of views.
  2. Not all of them are obsessed with Sans.
  3. They make really good fanart starring him.
  4. Some actually make great theories on him.

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one day 18 hours 33 minutes ago
Score 0
It looks like smiley trashbag has fans, very predictable, just not in the way I expected.


4 months ago
Score 0
Why is it ironic? It used to not be.


4 months ago
Score 0
He's a meme character nowadays, just like Shaggy and Thanos.


5 months ago
Score 0

I find it surprising that Sans managed to attract fangirls, because not only that he's a skeleton, but he's also named after Comic Sans MS, a font that's infamous for being a common subject of criticism. Perhaps this might be the reason for his popularity, since Undertale may have turned a very criticized font into a likable character.

And I thought that Shadow and Legault were huge fangirl bait, enough.

Don't get me wrong, Undertale is good and all, but the fandom, on the other hand, is a mess.


4 months ago
Score 0
Tell me about it. P.S. Sans does not have the guts to to talk to fangirls.