Shigeru Miyamoto Ironic Hatedom

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Shigeru Miyamoto Ironic Hatedom
Who ever thought the creator of Mario would also have such devilish haters?
Type: People Hatedoms
Status: Active

Shigeru Miyamoto (born: November 16, 1952) is the creator of Nintendo's Mario series of video games. He has been active in Nintendo for many years and has helped with the development for many games. While he is a really cool and good person, he has a devastatingly toxic hatebase for many reasons.

Why It's Toxic

  1. Most of them are part of the Paper Mario FandomMario HatedomNintendo Hatedom, Sony Fandom and Wii U Hatedom.
    1. They are part of the Mario Hatedom only because Mario was created by Shigeru Miyamoto.
    2. They’re Also Apart of the American Video Game Fandom simply because he’s Japanese.
  2. People constantly bash him for being behind the changes done to Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Because he claimed it initially looked like a port of TTYD).
  3. After the announcement of Paper Mario: Color Splash, they went looking for every stupid nitpick they could find to yell at him for. One example is that people claimed he was "obsessed" with gimmicks that are meant to just be visual quirks when there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.
  4. They bash on him and call him generic for making the New Super Mario Bros. series and games with a lack of story instead of just being grateful they even got the Mario games in the first place. If you want a developed emotional story, go watch a movie instead, because you usually play games for their gameplay, not so much their story.
  5. They depict him as a devil just for making a little change to the Paper Mario games. How is changing up a series evil?!
  6. They sometimes even go so far as to send death threats/wishes to him. They even sometimes say they wish he never existed without realizing that if it wasn't for him, (Though he’s not the sole creator of the series) there would be no Mario or even a thriving video game industry. Most of this is due to the whole Sticker Star thing.
    • On top of that, they claim he should be fired just because of the Sticker Star debacle.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's not as bad as Hillary Clinton's Hatedom, Donald Trump's Hatedom, Michael Bay's Hatedom, Linkin Park/Chester Bennington’s Hatedom, Michael Jackson's Hatedom And Cameron Boyce's Hatedom
  2. Some people mainly aren’t a fan of him mainly because he isn’t their cup of tea.
  3. They do have a point that the direction change he did to the Paper Mario Series starting with Paper Mario: Sticker Star wasn't good.


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4 months ago
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I guess fandoms are only sincere if they know that a person is actually a good person.

Hatedoms are sincere if that thing has done something evil.


6 months ago
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"Who ever thought the creator of Mario would also have such devilish haters?"

You're right.


6 months ago
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8 months ago
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