Silica (Sword Art Online) Fandom

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Silica (Sword Art Online) Fandom
I should just hide from my fanbase before they put me in diapers!
Nickname: Silica Fanboys
Type: Anime Fandoms, Character Fandoms
Status: Semi-Active

Silica is a supporting character who comes from Sword Art Online. Despite being the owner of her pet dragon Pina, it’s no surprise she attracted a toxic fanbase.

Why It’s Disturbing for Pina

  1. Most of her fanboys don’t respect her character, instead obsessing over her little features.
  2. They’re just as awful as Splash Woman, Palutena, Rem and Kurumi Tokisaki fans.
  3. They create so many NSFW art of her, even though she is 12-15 years old.
  4. Her fanbase mainly consists of pedophiles and weeaboos.
  5. As usual, shipping wars everywhere!

Redeeming Qualities That Make Pina Impressed

  1. Not all of her fans are like this, some are sane and fine.
  2. Some nice fan art that isn’t disgusting.