Sly Cooper (Franchise) Fandom

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Sly Cooper (Franchise) Fandom
The Cooper Gang (Sly Murray and Bentley).PNG.png
Bentley: Oh my gawd! A green waterfall overflowing with bones and body parts. I'm telling you, our fandom is going to come down bigtime on this dump
Nickname: Cooper Gang
Team Cooper
Cooper Clan
The Knights of the Cooper Order
The Forty Thieves
Type: Video Game Fandoms

Sly Cooper is a series of platform stealth video games published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The world of Sly Cooper is a version of the real world that is populated by anthropomorphic animals, with film noir and comic book motifs. The series tells the story of Sly the raccoon who is the latest descendant in a line of master thieves who pass down their expert techniques from generation to generation using the "Thievius Raccoonus," a book that contains all the Cooper family's secrets and tricks. While the Cooper family has accumulated a massive amount of wealth through their thieving ways, Sly places greater value on his friendship with Bentley the turtle (the brains) and Murray the hippo (the brawn and the getaway driver of the team van). The Cooper Gang performs elaborate heists all over the world, often for the purpose of taking down large and dangerous groups of criminals, as the creed of the Cooper Clan is to only steal from other thieves. All the while, they are pursued by Sly's love interest, Inspector Carmelita Fox of Interpol. This series has been praised for it's stealth and the art style, but it's not safe from having a toxic fandom.

Why Sly Would Steal From Them

  1. They are very impatient towards Sony when it comes to things like "Sly 5" or the upcoming TV Show that is supposedly still in development. Also, writing petitions does not help either.
  2. They hate Thieves in Time just because it was developed by Sanzaru Games Inc. The same people who made the Sonic Boom games. Also, they don't seem to understand that Sanzaru games were involved in Spyro Reignited Trilogy which did pretty well.
  3. They complained about Penelope's betrayal in Thieves in Time. Seriously now, that is just character development.
  4. Thanks to how many of the characters are animals, this fandom can be inhabited by zoophiles who are attracted to the characters. Especially towards the female characters.
  5. It's pretty easy to spot some stomach-turning artwork which does not make any sense since the characters are only animals. Yes, this includes fetishes.
  6. They only care about the first three games than the trilogy. You know why because those were made by Sucker Punch Productions and would loathe so much on Sanzaru just because of Thieves in Time.
  7. They think that the people behind the Sly series is trolling the fans just because of the cancelation of the movie (yes, it got canceled because of the failure of the Ratchet & Clank movie) or the TV series still being in production.
  8. When the teaser trailer for the already canceled Sly Cooper movie showed up, they lost their minds when they found out that Sly is being voiced by Ian James Corlett instead of Kevin Miller.
  9. The people who trash so much on Thieves in Time don't seem to understand that the game did well in general and had a handful of redeeming qualities such as how the facial animations being slightly improved or even the fact that Sanzaru made a really strong effort to maintain the Sly formula the way Sucker Punch did for the original trilogy.
  10. Some ship Sly with Penelope which doesn't make any sense because she betrayed the Cooper Gang. Also, Sly has a relationship with Carmelita.
  11. A certain portion of the fandom is filled with some butthurt cartoonaboos who think that the TV show would suck when it's not even broadcasted yet.
  12. They keep saying that Sly is underrated. Well then, if Sly is underrated, then explain how Sly Cooper himself became one of the most popular Sony characters?
  13. They somehow think that the Sly series inspire the Kung Fu Panda movies just because of Panda King. When they have no evidence that proves so. They even think that Rise of the Guardians is inspired by Sly just because of Jack Frost wielding a cane that kinda has some similarities to the Cooper Cane.
    • Although rare, some would think that Murray is related to Barney the Dinosaur when it's not true since Barney is a dinosaur and Murray is a hippo.
  14. Sometimes, they spam some quotes such as "I'll floss my teeth with your spine" or "Sly are you there!? Sly, do you read me" which get's stale quickly.
  15. Many of them could even be apart of the already toxic Zootopia Fandom just because both franchises have an all-animal cast.
  16. They over exalt Dimitri Lousteau, Murray, and Carmelita Fox like their saints! Especially Dimitri and Carmelita.

How They Could Join The Cooper Gang

  1. Most of the fans are nice and can accept criticism.
  2. Some of them do enjoy Thieves in Time.
    • On the flip side, the haters do have a point about Thieves in Time's flaws such as awkward Binocucom controls, some cringey moments, flanderized characters, etc.
  3. Some can wait for the upcoming TV show and a possible fifth game in the series. Also, they are willing to give the TV show a chance.
  4. Some understand that the film is canceled.
  5. Not all of them are zoophiles.
  6. Some are fine with Penelope's betrayal.