Soccer Fandom and Hatedom

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Soccer Fandom and Hatedom
Type: Sports Fandoms
Sports Hatedoms
Status: Extremely Active (Fandom)
Active (Hatedom)

Soccer, also known as Association Football (or simply Football) is a sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of eleven players which are played on a rectangular field with a goal on each end. The object of the sport is to score by moving the ball beyond the goal line into an opposing goal with their feet. It was first played in Mid-19th century England, but the earliest form of football was in China in the form of cuju (which literally means Kick Ball). While it may be one of the most popular sports in the world, it also has a toxic fandom, especially in the United Kingdom, thanks to Hooliganism. As well as a toxic Hatedom

Why They Both Suck At Soccer


  1. Both have ruined The Sports Community.
  2. Both are Xenophobic.


  1. The main problem with this fandom is how far team rivalries go. There have been a lot of serious incidents involving fans of rival teams fighting each other by causing mass destruction, using weapons like fireworks, smoke bombs and even actual bombs!
  2. When their team loses, they act like it's the end of the world.
  3. Many fans are edgy dudebros who take their love for the sport way too far.
  4. Many club supporters will chant out rude things if something doesn't go their way.
  5. They are some of the most verbally abusive people you can ever meet. If you say to then that you hate the sport or support their rival's team, they'll use the rudest swear words against you (mainly "wanker", "twat", "tosser" or "cunt" or homophobic/racist/sexist slurs)
    • In fact, they think that insulting people is the right thing to do!
  6. Many supporters are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semites, Islamophobes or even neo-Nazis, and get on with racist chants against other teams.
    • One example was a match between Bulgaria and England, when Bulgarian supporters gave Nazi-salutes and monkey noises to England supporters, and even a Bulgarian cameraman told the England manager to "fuck off". (Sure, as if verbally swearing at another team can stop fights!)
    • Some supporters are sexist as well.
      • An example of this is in a match in Italy against 2 teams, supporters chanted "fuori le tette" (roughly translates to "Get out your tits") to a TV presenter on the pitch.
    • Many (not just fans, players too) also give rude gestures (most commonly flipping off, the "Bras d'honneur" or the "Wanker" sign) aimed towards rival teams or players to try and be funny.
  7. They ruin games with their bad behavior.
  8. The fandom is so dangerous, that some games with rival teams have been played through closed doors to prevent any problems!


  1. They would believe that soccer is a kids game which is not even true. Soccer can be played by everyone and you also got professional teams that consist of adults playing on FIFA.
  2. They would make up lame excuses such as "This requires fans to do the math to find out how much time until halftime of the end of the game" which does not make any sense at all.
  3. The infamous "Other Countries Only Like Soccer Because They Don't Have Better Sports" excuse. While it's not common, they fail to realize that Soccer is a popular sport.
  4. They believe that soccer players fake injuries when players are actually shown to not fake out injuries. First off, Soccer can have some incidents since this is a full-contact sport.
  5. They hate how the soccer clock behaves differently. The reason why the clock acts like this is that there is no official "Zero" that you could reach to hear the buzzer and end the game. This leads the referee to add the necessary stoppage time to account for injuries and time-wasting tactics.
    • Speaking of time, they would even believe that they should stop the clock at a certain time when they fail to realize that it would go against the nature of the game.
  6. They hate soccer because of how it has been overhyped or "Shoved down in my throat". Just because it is hyped does not mean that it's bad.
  7. They would think that soccer is a liberal conspiracy which does not make any sense.
  8. They hate if when the soccer fans wear scarves. It's just fashion get over it.
  9. They think that "There's no point in watching if the game can just end in a draw". First off, soccer leagues are different from what American sports do.
  10. This Tweet on Twitter.
  11. They would hate soccer simply because of how their team did not even win. Well, it's a game, what do you expect?
  12. Many of them would think that soccer is for foreigners which are downright offensive.
  13. One example of a hater would be Garrison Keillor who hates soccer stating " in football, you can’t pick up the ball and carry it — you must push it around with your feet or bounce it off your head, which is ridiculous." Well, that is just dumb, soccer is a sport that is meant to be enjoyable.

Why they could participated in the World Cup


  1. Mature fans and haters on both sides


  1. Some fans can respect opinions.
  2. There are supporters of teams who are not like Hooligans.
  3. Although kind-of rare, there are some really nice and friendly fans you can meet who don’t act nasty or yell profanities or other words that much.


  1. Sane and mature haters who respect opinions still exist.
  2. Some may have valid reasons why they don't like Soccer.

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10 months ago
Score 3
Pretty much the worst fandom of all time for me. They’re nothing but violent troublemakers who just take the sport like it’s their life,


9 months ago
Score 0
I know right. I live in Romania, the same shit is going on there.