Sonic Boom (TV series) Fandom and Hatedom

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Sonic Boom (TV series) Fandom and Hatedom
Nickname: The Real Counterpart of Mark the Tapir (Fandom)
Anti-Sonic Boom Group (Hatedom)
Type: Cartoon Fandom
Cartoon Hatedom
Status: Active (Both)

Sonic Boom (Do not confuse with the sub-franchise of the same name) is a 2014 CGI Animated series made for Cartoon Network and features the characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. While the show did for positive reviews from both Sonic fans and critics alike, it can also have a toxic fandom like any other Sonic related fandom. The hatedom is even worse than the fandom.

Why They Can't Face Lyric


  1. Some fans and haters argue with each other and do not accept different perspectives on the series.


  1. They praise it to zero end.
  2. Like the Sonic X Fandom They treat it as if it was the best Sonic show of all time when it's far from it. It is pretty good, though.
  3. They destroyed the Cartoon Community, Furry Community, Gaming Community, and Meme Community.
  4. Some of them also ruined the Sonamy Fandom just because of Sonic and Amy’s relationship on this show.
  5. They make ridiculous memes about Knuckles’ redesign once the show was announced.
  6. Some of them can make disgusting art involving the characters. Keep in mind that most of them are underaged.
  7. Like much of the Sonic Fandom, Shipping Wars are frequent.
  8. A few of them aren’t aware where this show was based from, which is Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
  9. They treat the Doctor Eggman from this show like he’s the best Dr. Eggman of all time!


  1. They despise the series only because of the Sonic and Knuckles redesigns, the redesigns do not define the quality of a product.
    • Speaking of Knuckles, they only hated the series because they made him an idiot.
  2. They loathe it just for being based on Rise of Lyric, of course, the game is bad but it is no excuse to dislike the tv series since the events of those games are not even mentioned.
  3. Some haters' lack of respect makes the fandom look less toxic, At least the fandom is aware of the redeeming qualities and flaws at times.
  4. Some do Hate Art and memes from the series.
  5. Some haters even despise it for the fandom, that a fandom is toxic does not define the quality of a product.
  6. Some ignore the redeeming qualities of the series.
  7. They share almost the same problems as any hatedom of videogame-based series.
  8. It is not uncommon to have Nostalgia-tards in this hatedom.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Not all fans and haters act like this and some of them can be very nice and can respect opinions, thankfully.
  2. They have better reasons to despise the series' video game adaptations Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
  3. Some admit that the series has its good and bad qualities.


  1. Some of them can still make great fanart and fanfiction like most fandoms do.
  2. Some of the memes can be funny at times.


  1. They point out the flaws of the series.


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