Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Fandom and Hatedom

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Fandom and Hatedom
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Ok, we get it. You like/dislike Sonic '06. But that doesn't mean you go rabid to those that like/dislike the game. (The haters are worse though)
Nickname: Modern Sonics (Fandom)
Nostalgia Sonics (Hatedom)
Type: Video Game Fandoms
Video Game Hatedoms
Status: Very Active (Fandom)
Super Active (Hatedom)

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (Sonic '06 to simplify) is a platform game created by both Sega and Sonic Team created in 2006. This is a game that was supposed to be a commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Players get to play as Sonic, Shadow and a new character named Silver who battles against an ancient evil pursued by Dr. Eggman, Solaris. Before the game was released, it received praise in pre-release, thinking that it could return to the series' roots after years of being in the mixed bag. As soon as the game came out, it has gotten negative reviews for a number of reasons as well as both a toxic fandom and hatedom.

Why Speed Won't Be Enough To Save Both Toxic Sides


  1. Both of them can't handle views on the said game as well as it's characters.
  2. Both are part of the toxic Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom and Hatedom.
  3. Many of the sides start shipping wars.
  4. Many of them are rabid Sonic fanboys and trolls.


  1. Some of them have the guts to think that no one should hate on the game when it was criticized for numerous reasons.
  2. Some of them are zoophilic simply because of one scene when Elise kissed Sonic. Just because Elise kissed Sonic does not mean that the ship is legit. Elise kissed Sonic in order to bring him back to life.
  3. Some make cringey fan art out of the characters such as Silver the Hedgehog.
    • It's not even safe from terrible ships. A user named lizathehedgehog did a yaoi ship of Mephiles and Sonic.exe.
  4. They glorify Mephiles as if he were the best villain in the franchise just for killing Sonic.
  5. They call anyone who hates Sonic '06 a nostalgia-tard simply because it's not Sonic Adventure 3. They don't even realize why it was hated such as a lot of glitches and bugs, sensitive controls, terrible camera, the story being messy with plotholes, the Skill Gems being unbalanced, the game trying way too hard to take itself seriously, etc.
  6. They will think that "whoever hates the game should eat sh*t!".
  7. If someone were to negatively criticize Sonic '06, chances are that they either throw a huge fit and refuse to calm down over them, or accuse them of whining about their childhood.
  8. They spam "It's No Use" which will get on your nerves.
  9. Some even go as far as to over glorify Sonic '06 just because of it's "dark" and "serious" story, completely ignoring the fact that 06 nearly killed off the entire franchise for good.


  1. The hatedom is shown to be much worse than the fandom for a number of reasons.
  2. They think that everyone hates Sonic '06, but there were some that do like the game such as SuperMarioEmblem on DeviantArt who likes the game.
  3. A lot of the haters hate Modern Sonic and end up treasuring Classic Sonic like he's flawless, but Classic Sonic has appeared in bad games too like Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for Game Boy Advance for example.
  4. They would hate on some of the characters like Silver and Mephiles to the point that they hate them because of how they appeared in Sonic '06. It takes more than an appearance of a bad game to be hateable.
    • Similarly enough, Elise has gotten hate even more so than Silver and Mephiles to the point that they would even want to kill her.
    • Speaking of the hated characters, they make hate art, Whiny rants or cringey go animate videos as well. Mainly out of Elise.
  5. The see Sonic '06 as some type of creation of Satan and will attack anyone who likes the game.
  6. They are everywhere on anything Sonic related or even Sonic '06 related.
  7. It's 2020 and some won't even stop bashing the game at all, so they're bashing on something released in 2006.
  8. They won't stop complaining about Dr. Eggman's appearance in Sonic '06. Yes, it may be bad but there are far worse things than just Eggman's portrayal.
  9. Thanks to this meme, they think it's as bad or worse than Adolf Hiter. How is a game as bad or worse than one of the evilest tyrants in history?
  10. Some used to like Sonic, but ever since Sonic '06 came out, they would be part of the Sonic the Hedgehog Hatedom meaning that they used to be Sonic fans
  11. They don't see the fact that Silver has been improving on his character in the later Sonic games.
  12. They are apart of the 2D Sonic fans who won't shut up about the 3D games.
  13. They are some who won't shut up about when will Sonic Adventure 3 be made.
  14. Some even take the game WAY too seriously.
  15. It's so terrible that even the Hatedom knows how toxic it is, yet it can't stop itself.
  16. They call anyone who somehow likes the game many insults you can think off, even the most offensive ones
  17. Some even disrespect Sega as well.
  18. They are from watchmojo, critics, journalists, YouTube, etc.
  19. They treat sonic 2006 and it's fans like dirt.
  20. They raged when Elise kissed Sonic. You do realize she had to do it for a reason.

Redeeming Qualities That Gives Them Gems


  1. Sane and mature fans and haters can be civilized.


  1. They still make good fan art involving Sonic '06.
  2. Some understand why Sonic '06 was hated and respect opinions.
  3. They're not as toxic as the haters as already mentioned before.
  4. Like the haters, the fans also have some good points about the game.
  5. They do have a point that their OST is awesome.


  1. They do have a point that the game itself is bad.
  2. They do have a point about Silver's boss battle.
  3. Not all of them hate some of the characters that made their first appearance in Sonic '06.
  4. Some are aware of the other bad Sonic games as well as other bad games.
  5. Not all of them hate Modern Sonic or the 3D Sonic Games.
  6. Not all of them hate the entire Sonic franchise or Sega.

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2 months ago
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I agree that Sonic 06 is a bad game, but people don't have to treat it like it's a creation of Satan. I treated some things like once, but I have since lost hatred.