Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom and Hatedom

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Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom and Hatedom
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No toxic fandom and hatedom in the universe is going to stop me
Type: Video Game Fandom
Video Game Hatedom
Status: Very Active (Both)

The Sonic fanbase in a nutshell

Sonic the Hedgehog is a media franchise owned by Sega, centering on a series of high-speed platform games. Games typically feature Sonic setting out to stop Eggman's schemes for world domination, and the player navigates levels that include springs, slopes, bottomless pits, and vertical loops. While Sonic and Eggman were the only characters introduced in the first game, the series would go on to have a large cast of characters; some, such as Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Shadow the Hedgehog, starred in self-titled spin-offs. While most of the Sonic games are awesome and left a cultural impact, most of the fandom is horrible. After the release of Sonic '06 and Sonic Genesis in 2006, Sonic the Hedgehog has grown a hatedom larger than the fandom.

Why They Get No Chaos Emeralds


  1. They often attack others that disagree with their opinions.

Why The Fandom Is Too Slow

  1. It mostly contains nostalgia purists who never stop hating on modern Sonic media. This also applies to some modern Sonic fans who are also nostalgia purists of the Adventure games and/or pre-2010 games.
    • They not only love Sonic 1, but also Sonic CD, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Sonic Mania/Sonic Mania Plus and any other "Classic" Sonic games and they bow down to them.
  2. Chris-Chan is part of this fandom, and she is the worst example of a Sonic fan ever, she hates Sonic Boom only because Sonic has blue arms, even though she's drawn Sonic with blue arms. She even went as far as attacking a GameStop employee over her godawful toxic hate over Sonic Boom, to the point that the show itself mocked Chris-Chan in the form of Mark the Tapir in one of the show's episodes. (Even though Mark is not actually based on Chris-Chan, but rather, he is based on the general fan type.) Heck, there is also a chunk of notable toxic fans that also plagued in the community.
  3. A lot of people create some of the most unoriginal fan characters on DeviantArt and other sites. These are mostly recolors of Sonic and other characters in most forms of the franchise. To add insult for injury, some create these crappy OCs in MS Paint! Speaking of this, if you search "the hedgehog" on Google or any other search engine, you'll find that most of the image results are of said Sonic OCs.
  4. Some of them only care about story and/or voice actors rather than the actual gameplay.
  5. It is also not uncommon for them to have fetishes over a character's body in this fandom. They especially have a foot fetish.
  6. Shipping conflicts are WAY too widespread in this fandom. So much so that it's not even funny to begin with
    • They even do some bad ships as well such as Shadow x Shrek and Sonic x Rainbow Dash being the most common examples. They even do self-inserts as well.
    • They treat Sonic like he's some womanizer and pair him up with any female character (from the same series or even another series) under the sun. When you realize that he's no such character in the games.
    • They ship Tails and Cream together despite the fact that the two rarely interacted with each other and never even shown any romantic interest nor ship-teasing towards each other in any Sonic media.
    • The SonAmy (Sonic/Amy Rose) shippers can't handle a single bit of criticism against either the ship or Amy Rose herself. They also bash the Sonally (Sonic/Sally) shippers and go into shipping wars with them.
      • Even though they're uncommon, some Sonally and Sonadow (Sonic/Shadow) shippers can also be as bad as SonAmy shippers.
    • The Knouge (Knuckles/Rouge) shippers think that Knuckles should marry Rouge and have children with her when there is no darn chance, especially when you realize that the pairing is no more than one-sided on Knuckles' part since he doesn't like her back. Rouge may have a crush on him, but the only reason is that Rouge is flirtatious and uses her charm to try to steal the Master Emerald.
  7. Some fans are part of the Disney Fandom due to Sonic making appearances in Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet, and even being the only Non-Disney character who was featured in Walt Disney World. Heck, they only watch Wreck-It Ralph just to see The Blur Blur rather than the story.
    1. Some fans of this portion even want Sonic the Hedgehog to be in Kingdom Hearts just because of this tweet alone. There is no chance that this will ever happen because Sonic is neither Disney nor Square-Enix.
  8. Despite being the minority, they give the series' fanbase a very bad reputation due to the fact that they can be so loud and obnoxious.
  9. They also start a huge fit with the Mario fanbase and these wars always end in favor of the Mario fans.
  10. They raged at Hyun’s Dojo just because Sonic lost on the One Minute Melee episode of Mario vs Sonic.
  11. The fans that call sane fans "furries" just because all of the Sonic franchise's predominant characters are anthropomorphic animals. Even though not all of the fans are furries who are into bestiality and zoosadism.
  12. Why not go ask Chris-Chan (aka CWC) for her terrible OC, or read Coldsteel's bio?
  13. Most of them hate Mario in a toxic way.
  14. A lot of people that hate Chris Thorndyke treat him horribly in Sonic X, even going to do hate arts of him, and criticize him in the most ridiculous and untruthful ways as possible. They especially never shut up about how Chris replaced Amy as the person to convince Shadow to save the Earth while ignoring all of the improvements the scene was given, and keep saying Shadow should have killed Chris.
  15. 2D Sonic fans never shut up about 3D games, refusing to give them a single chance to any game despite there are still many good games such as Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations and yes, even Sonic Lost World.
  16. They irrationally hate Silver The Hedgehog because of his role in Sonic '06 refusing to give him a chance for improvement on his character in the games he appears in after Sonic '06.
  17. The Blaze The Cat fandom also extremely toxic. They share similar problems with the entire fandom.
  18. Their OC's are mainly generic recolored hedgehogs. Seriously, create your own characters instead of drag and drop, crop and recolor.
  19. They never stop pounding on Sonic '06. So much so that it becomes stale as potato chips left overnight.
  20. They won't shut up about when Sonic Adventure 3 will be made. A good reason why you don't work at Sega.
    • If you say that you don't want Sonic Adventure 3 to be made in fear that it might end up like Sonic '06 they will harass you and stalk you by saying that Sonic Adventure 3 will "save Sonic".
      • Try to explain that if Sonic Adventure 3 might end up like Sonic 06 they will come up with poor arguments and call you a Boost fanboy or a Classic fanboy.
        • Sonic Adventure 3 Facebook page. Visit that at your own risk.
  21. Voice actor wars are not uncommon in this fandom.
    • They complain about Sonic being voiced by Roger Craig Smith, and overrate Ryan Drummond and/or Jason Griffith like Gods (mostly Ryan Drummond)
      • They go as far as to send death threats to Roger Craig Smith, as well as Ken Pontac, Warren Graff and Takashi Iizuka. They also used to send death threats to Jason Griffith from 2003 to 2007.
        • They can't handle viewpoints and get into flame wars on who the better voice actor is.
          • The Voice Actor Flame war has gotten to a point that a user by the name of DiabloKing15 actually wished death on Ryan Drummond's Baby.
            • Before Roger Craig Smith became the voice of Sonic, they wished death on Jason Griffith the most of the 4Kids cast because they took over for Ryan Drummond and the original cast for the Video Games and the English dub of Sonic X, all because of Spax3's hatred for Jason Griffith. Yet they were not happy when Roger Craig Smith and the new cast took over and they're now demanding to have Jason and the 4Kids cast back.
  22. They never accept calcifications of Sonic games lower than 9, even if they are good calcifications, the best example of this is how they reacted to the calcification that IGN give to Sonic Generations, it's an 8.5/10, they complain about it saying that deserved more than that, despite that's a very decent score.
  23. Back then, they threw a tantrum over the upcoming Sonic movie just because of Sonic's old design.
  24. When they saw Mario win in The Death Battle's Mario vs Sonic Rematch, they started debunking the video and said Wiz and Boomstick didn't do any research which they actually did. The Sonic fans are the ones who make lazy and rushed rants with an equal amount of overlooks.
    1. The fandom says Sonic could’ve used the Super Sonic form instead of the Hyper form but the Super form couldn’t last long either, the same goes for the fire burst from Sonic Lost World.
    2. Wiz just stated, “Sonic has never actually used a time stop ability is canon”.
    3. The comment sections are no better since they are all full of people who bash on Mario and ScrewAttack like if they were the worst things ever (especially in Ryuko Shion's debunk's comment section), also, if you try to debunk the video or defend Mario, there's a VERY HIGH chance you will get attacked by the people in the comment section.
    4. Some of them never calm down about the episode instead of accepting Mario won and/or watch the older episode (which had Sonic winning).
    5. Also, various of the debunkers overlook Mario's feats such as him defeating Dreamy Bowser or surviving a black hole in Mario Party 5, some of them even use in-game feats for Mario such as dying to a Goomba.
  25. They treat and arrogantly boast that the Super/Hyper forms of Sonic or Shadow can triumph over anyone in existence, like Mario, Superman, or Goku, not realizing that these characters have done more impressive feats and that even the Super forms have weaknesses.
  26. They will start conflicts with fans of other franchises on Death Battle-esque fight videos, where they'll either rub their arrogant boasting to your face if a Sonic character wins or make angry, rushed rants if said character loses.
  27. They glorify some characters in the series such as Shadow the Hedgehog and Big The Cat. If you say you don't really like them, your going to have a bad time.
    • Speaking of Shadow the Hedgehog, some Sonic fans are also part of the Shrek Fandom, no kidding!
      • Speaking of Big the Cat. They say Big the Cat is the best character because of the memes.
        • Because of memes, Big the Cat has become the Waluigi of the Sonic universe, and it doesn't help the fact that they're both associated with the color purple.
  28. They often argue about the location of some games in the Sonic timeline, especially Sonic CD.
  29. They are causing way too much damage to The Meme Community for no good reason all thanks to them overusing some memes such as Ugandan Knuckles for instance.
  30. They revere Sonic SatAM, Sonic Boom, the Japanese version of Sonic X and the Sonic OVA while on the other hand, they would awfully hate Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground and the 4Kids dub of Sonic X. They sometimes take their fondness and their hatred too far.
  31. They write terrible fanfics, especially involved lovely dovely, rape fic, fix-fanfic cliches, etc.
  32. Horrible fan-made games that are popular for no reason and the creators of them are just lazy. One good example would be Sonic World.
  33. They'll start heated conflicts with the Crash Bandicoot Fandom when they say Crash Team Racing is better than Team Sonic Racing.
  34. They assumed that Kirby's Avalanche is a rip-off of Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine despite the fact that Compile worked on both games and that both are Westernized versions of Puyo Puyo.

Why The Hatedom Are Not The Ultimate Overlords

  1. Most of them are part of the Mario Fandom, Minecraft Fandom, Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom, Call of Duty Fandom, Undertale Fandom and Nintendo Fandom.
  2. They can be also part of the Dragon Ball Fandom as they engage in flame wars with the Sonic fanboys, and bash on sane Sonic fans. This mostly happens on Goku vs. Sonic videos as well as Super Sonic vs. Super Saiyan debates and that they hate Sonic: Nazo Unleashed and Super Mario Bros. Z for being parodies of Dragon Ball which is also stupid.
  3. They think everyone who likes Sonic is a furry (not just toxic furries), little kid, fetish artist, pedophile, and/or weeaboo. (Due to Sonic franchise's origin in Japan, however, Mario franchise came there too) When not all sonic fans are pedophiles and fetish artists nor furries. (See LS Mark).
  4. They shame on people who love the franchise and mostly side with IGN hating on Sonic.
  5. They call even the reasonable Sonic fans autistic and other disorder words to shame them for liking Sonic.
    • "retarded" is also common, especially on YouTube.
  6. They will spam IGN's infamous line "Sonic was never good" which is biased and immature.
  7. They are also found in the Game Grumps Fandom
    • They also defend Arin Hanson's opinions on Sonic.
      • Because of Arin, the Hatedom has gotten to grow with power.
  8. Some of them are also the same anime haters that are xenophobic to the Japanese and will disrespect anyone who both likes Sonic and anime. (Again, Sonic franchise comes from Japan)
  9. They side with MarioTehPlumber who is a toxic classic Sonic fanboy who hates modern Sonic.
  10. They hate it just because of the fanbase or it's popular which is a bad reason to hate a franchise since fandoms don't dictate the quality of the franchise.
  11. They will call every new Sonic game announced as "bad", even though they haven't even come out. They also take small errors and use these to "prove" how bad the games are.
  12. Thanks to a French YouTuber called Joueur Du Grenier, many French people, including staff from some French video games websites, call any side and minor Sonic characters "Shitty Friends". This also included Mighty and Ray when they were announced for Sonic Mania Plus despite the fact that they were created a very long time ago.
  13. Some of them even make Hate Art out of the characters as well, including Sonic himself.
  14. Some of them are part of the Vyond Community as they make grounded and dead meat videos out of the characters.
  15. They say the fans are toxic yet they refuse to believe that they are just as toxic as they are.
  16. Some of them are also on TheTopTens as they make aggressive lists on the franchise or the characters.
  17. The Anti Sonic Enterprises is an example of a toxic hatebase, since they call Sonic fans "retarded", "autistic" and are Opinion disrespectors.
  18. Some are even part of the Anti-Furry Community, mainly because Sonic the Hedgehog has anthropomorphic animals.
  19. They hate Yuji Naka just for creating the franchise.
  20. They call the fans Sonicf*gs, which is homophobic.
  21. IGN's video on Sonic which consisted of them mashing the franchise and the fans.
  22. They called the series cancer, which is offensive to people who had it.
  23. Like its fandom counterpart, the hatedom is also filled with Nostalgia-tards due to hating the games that are not the Classic Sonic games.
  24. These Nostalgia-tards say that Sonic can't work in 3D.
    • Speaking of, they tend to generalize as they think that every 3D Sonic game is bad even though some of their 3D games had a positive reception.
  25. Some of them could be former fans of Sonic, but ever since they found out that Michael Jackson did the soundtrack for Sonic 3, they turned their back from them thus being part of the Michael Jackson Ironic Hatedom.
  26. Another thing is that some are part of the Vic Mignogna Hatedom because of Vic voicing E-123 Omega.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Not all Sonic fans are toxic. In fact, few of them are aware how bad the toxic portion of the fandom is.
  2. Some fans don't bash on the 3D games.
  3. Some fans of the franchise are really nice and don't act like this, such as SomecallmeJohnny, Cobanermani456, AnimeBroMii, etc.
  4. Some fans also stay away from the toxic portion(s) of the fandom.
  5. Some of them draw good fanart of the characters.
  6. Despite treating characters such as Big the Cat, Princess Elise III or Chris Thorndyke horribly, some fans still have fair reasons to dislike them.
  7. Some shippers accept the fact that there are no 'canon' couples in the Sonic games or series and won't throw a fit if their "one true pairing" is not canon.
  8. They acknowledge the fact that there is more to Sega than just the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
  9. Some of them accept that others may or may not have different opinions.
  10. Despite the toxic side of writing bad fanfics, there are still a few good ones like Sonic: Nazo Unleashed (Especially since it is a parody of Dragon Ball Z).
  11. They do have a point about Sonic Underground being not as good as the other Sonic animated series.
  12. They are also right that Sonic 06 and the first two Sonic Boom games are not as good as most of the other games, especially Rise of Lyric, which is arguably worse than Sonic 06.
  13. Some have good points on Ken Pontac and Warren Graff are not good wrights for Sonic (while the Toxic side wish Death on them)
  14. The only time the toxic side got together with normal Sonic fans is when they got DiabloKing15 suspended from YouTube after the video of Him posting Animal Cultural and wishing death on Ryan Drummond's baby
  15. They were right to be mad at Ken Penders for him suing Archie and Sega and for ruining the Archie Comics
  16. When IDW got the rights to make Sonic comics, a few furries left the community, possibly due to IDW not having Sally Acorn and company from the SatAM cartoon and Archie comics.
  17. A few like both Sonic and Mario. In fact, there are a few Sonic fans that get along with Mario fans.
  18. Some people either like or have respect on Roger Craig Smith and the other current voice actors in the newer games.
  19. Some fans like SammyClassicSonicFan decided to move on from Sonic and bashing on the haters, showing they could possibly mature and learn from their past mistakes.
  20. When Sonic got redesigned in the Paramount movie, they started to calm down.


  1. Some haters are mature and they can tolerate other views on the franchise.
  2. They have some good reasons why the fandom caused damage first.
  3. They also have some valid points that some of the Sonic games and media are flawed such as Sonic '06, Sonic Genesis and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for example.
  4. They are right that the development of the planned Sonic game Sonic X-Treme caused serious mental health issues for the developers of the game.
  5. Some of them have good reasons to dislike the franchise, such as being cliché.


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