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Sony Interactive Entertainment Fandom
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The salt is real.
Nickname: PlayStation Nation
Type: Company Fandoms
Status: Very Active

Sony Interactive Entertainment is a multinational video game and digital entertainment company. Sony is a great company, but the fandom is absolutely toxic.

Why no Greatness Awaits In This Fandom

  1. They pound other successful video game companies for stupid reasons, just like the PC Gaming Elitists do.
  2. They are also part of the Sonic the Hedgehog Hatedom, Nintendo Hatedom, Shigeru Miyamoto Ironic Hatedom and Mario Hatedom.
    • Some of them are also part of the Kingdom Hearts Fandom and Hatedom due to the fact that the first game in the series made it's debut on the PlayStation 2.
    • On top of that, they hate Nintendo fans all because they like Nintendo.
    • On every video where someone praises Nintendo or shares their love for Nintendo, the fandom dislike bombs and leaves hate comments on it.
    • They have called Nintendo fans "fanboys" simply for liking Nintendo.
    • They have also called Nintendo fans "Nintenf*gs" which is offensive to homosexuals.
    • They come up with the dumbest insult names for the Wii U such as "Weak-U" or "Pee-U".
  3. They treat every other console like they're bad and says that PlayStation consoles are perfect and none of them have never failed, even though the PS3 had a dreadful launch and failed in the market since it was unable to keep up with its rivals' sales.
  4. They also think that all PlayStation consoles more are powerful than other consoles, which is not true, since the PS2's hardware was weaker than the Xbox and GameCube.
  5. They can't take any criticism towards Sony and will scowl at anyone who criticizes Sony for even constructive reasoning.
  6. They see Nintendo and Microsoft fans as pesky.
  7. They see Sony as a perfect god, and they think that PlayStation would've existed without Nintendo.
  8. They think that all Mario games are repetitive, and think PlayStation games have variety. This is false as Mario games do have differences from each other, and the amount of FPS and sports games on PS4 better fit the description of "repetitive".
  9. They can't accept that Sony's E3 in 2018 was a disaster.
  10. They have dislike bombed videos that talk about them.
  11. Some even wish death upon people who work at Nintendo.
  12. They despise opinions. If you say you like Nintendo, they will hate you and call you a fanboy.
  13. After Satoru Iwata, the fourth president and CEO of Nintendo, passed away from complications from a bile duct tumor on July 11 2015, people made videos dedicated to him and gave merchandise and artwork to the Nintendo World Store in New York. That was really thoughtful of people to do since it respected Iwata's passing. But Sony fanboys left comments saying that Iwata deserved it. What?! No, he didn't!
  14. They don't care whether a game is shovelware or another unoriginal FPS game. As long as Sony churns it out, they'll eat it up.
  15. They bought and played Super Smash Bros Brawl, Super Smash Bros 4, Super Smash Bros Ultimate just because Snake from Metal Gear, Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, Bayonetta from her eponymous series and Joker from Persona 5 were exclusive characters.
  16. They thinks that any PlayStation game or console will blow Nintendo and Microsoft out of the water.
  17. They also has a bad habit of thinking that anyone will automatically love anything that Sony churns out. They often spread absurd rumors that they think will put an end to Nintendo and Microsoft fans.
  18. They had made petitions on to make Nintendo go third party and for Nintendo games to be ported to Sony consoles.
  19. They are a part of the Spyro the Dragon Fandom, and the Crash Bandicoot Fandom.
  20. They praise Call of Duty to death, and attacks anyone who hates it.
  21. They had bullied people for liking Nintendo and Microsoft. Seriously? People have their own opinions and you can't force them to like Sony if they don't.
  22. If a PlayStation game is ported to other consoles, the fandom goes completely insane over it.
    • An example is when the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy was ported to the Switch and Xbox, the fandom threw a tantrum thinking that Nintendo and Microsoft "stole" their mascot, even though Crash Bandicoot stopped being a PlayStation exclusive 16 years ago and the N Sane Trilogy was a timed exclusive since it first came out.
  23. They hate Nintendo consoles for not having Mature-rated games (or in terms of other rating systems, PEGI 16/18, CERO C/D/Z, etc.).
    • There are many Mature-rated games on Nintendo systems, such as Conker's Bad Fur Day, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Geist, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, and more. There are also certain Mature rated media franchises whose video games are also released on Nintendo related format software.
    • They also doen't realize that there are Everyone-rated games for PlayStation consoles, such as Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo, Ratchet and Clank (some games in this series are rated Everyone 10+ or Teen), Knack, Angry Birds Star Wars, Doki Doki Universe, Skylanders Swap Force, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, etc.
  24. They called the Wii Remote a ripoff of the PlayStation Move, when the Wii Remote was made beforehand.
  25. They call Nintendo fans autistic and labels Nintendo as cancer, which is offensive to those with autism and cancer.
  26. They come up with some of the dumbest insults for Nintendo such as "Kidtendo".
  27. They have made hate memes out of the Wii U in response to the "PS3 has no games" memes from 2006-2013.
  28. They hate the fact that the Wii U and Nintendo Switch both have mature games on them, claiming Nintendo "stole" the games, even though popular games are very likely to be ported to another console when Sony is the one That Copies Nintendo.
  29. If Sony releases a PS4 with a different color scheme, such as the camoflage PS4 bundle, they'll think it's a new console and buy into it.
  30. They give the normal Sony fans a bad name. 
  31. This fandom is home to some members of the A80 Toyota Supra Fandom. Note that the Gran Turismo franchise currently is the only racing game franchise to have Toyota road cars in it.
  32. They love to make fun of Microsoft fanboys because Microsoft has very few exclusives, to the point where no one even cares anymore.
  33. Around late September, a Playstation YouTuber named "#PS5MasterRace For Life" made fun of a Super Smash Bros player named Chris Taylor who died at age 21 from cancer. This goes to show you about how the Sony Interactive Entertainment fandom can have some of the worst fanboys. The video was so bad that even some of the PlayStation fans hated it. Many have began to feel sorry for Chris Taylor even more, and many have sent horrible messages (even if that’s not constructive criticism) to #PS5MasterRace. That video was taken down and the original channel was terminated.

When Greatness Truly Awaits (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. There are many mature Sony fans.
  2. Some Sony fans also love Nintendo, Microsoft, and PC.
  3. Some Sony fans have respected both Iwata's and Chris Taylor's passing.
  4. Not all Sony fans deify Call of Duty.
  5. Many Sony fans understand and address the flaws with Sony.
  6. Some Sony fans are fine with those who like Mario or Sonic.
  7. Some Sony fans are fine with Crash Bandicoot being ported to other consoles.
  8. There are Sony fans who love other consoles too, and they do have reasons not to buy the other consoles immediately since they are expensive.
  9. Many Sony fans can respect opinions and do take criticism.
  10. Some Sony fans don’t bully Nintendo fans or hate Nintendo fans. In fact, some Sony fans get along with Nintendo fans.
  11. Speaking of Nintendo, Some of them can have good and valid reasons on why they hate them, Maybe it's because they aren't their cup of tea.
  12. A lot of them are actually beginning to oppose the toxic side after what #PS5MasterRace did, which is good.

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