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Great franchise, but a bad roster of fans.

Soul Calibur is a fighting game series with six main installments and centering around Siegfried/Nightmare, the protagonist/antagonist. Its fandom however, is deadly as Nightmare.

Why They're not Welcomed to the Stage of History

  1. They Think Soul Calibur 2 was the Last Good Soul Calibur Game, But Soul Calibur 3,4&6 are Great.
  2. They produce too much Rule 34 on the internet (Mostly out of Isabella "Ivy" Valentine and Taki; especially the former.)
    • However, they also produce it out of Talim, Tira, Xianghua, and Seong-Mina; this means they're producing pedophilic art. Despite the latter three becoming adults (Tira's age doubled), the former (Talim) is a common victim of Rule 34 due to the fact she was ALWAYS 15 YEARS OF AGE!
  3. Ever since Yun-Seong's absence in Soul Calibur V, people were begging him to put him back in the game. Like look, Yun-Seong is a good character, but he's not the best despite being relatable.
  4. In Soul Calibur V, they've complained about Patroklos and Pyrhha being the main protagonist and deuteragonist in the game despite the fact that the real protagonist of the Soul Calibur series is Siegfried/Nightmare, who in turn is also the antagonist. Hypocrisy much?
  5. Besides Yun-Seong, they complained about Talim, Seong-Mina, Rock, and Zasalamel just because the latter two have a mace and scythe respectively while they wanted the former two back just to produce more lolicon. That and their respective tonfas and halberd.
  6. It pretty much overlaps the Street Fighter Fandom and the Super Smash Bros. Fandom.
  7. Some people only bought the games just for the customizer rather than the story and characters.
    • By extension, they also do it for obscene-looking characters like for example, Wrath Club's Hatsy and Penor.
  8. Some of them also overlap with the Waluigi Fandom and called Dampierre as a "double rip-off" of Waluigi and Ezio, the latter of whom appeared in Soul Calibur V alongside Dampierre as a guest character.
  9. They insult the game by calling it an anime even though the game was ALREADY DEVELOPED IN JAPAN! Without Bandai Namco (which is a Japanese company, BTW), Soul Calibur would never exist.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They do have a point that Patrokolos, Pyrhha, and Dampierre are bad characters and that there was no reason for Yun-Seong, Talim, Seong-Mina, Rock, and Zasalamel to be removed entirely; the latter five of whom were fan favorites and were discriminated by the developer of Soul Calibur V.
  2. They also have a point that the protagonist is usually supposed to be Siegfried.
  3. Some of the fan-art and cosplays they make could be good to look at.


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