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If you judge about Miles Morales', Peter B. Parker's and Spider-Gwen's poses in this poster, it may look as if these guys, alongside Peni Parker, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man Noir, are swinging around the streets ready to teach these incompetent fans a lesson.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a computer-animated superhero movie released by Sony Pictures Animation in association with Marvel.

Even though it has received critical acclaim and was a huge box office success, Into the Spider-Verse has a really toxic fandom for some reasons.

Please spread this page around (especially on Twitter) so people will see it and the Spider-Verse fandom will correct their behavior.

Why They Should Get Sent To A Different Dimension (Why They're Toxic)

  1. They keep overrating the movie to death like it's the greatest miracle of all time. Does this sound familiar?
  2. The Spider-Man Trilogy Fandom mostly comprises this fandom for many reasons:
    1. They have similar qualities with Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man.
    2. They overrate it to death, like Spider-Man 2.
    3. Some even consider it a worthy match to the Trilogy.
    4. They bash MCU Spider-Man non-stop and compare him to this version.
    5. They actually BELIEVE Peter B. Parker is Tobey Maguire, when in reality, many elements are burrowed from the original films.
    6. Though it's made in the 2010s, they praise this film despite being nostalgia-tards, who claim to hate every superhero film today. That goes to show that they have double standards.
  3. They constantly spam you to go see the movie. That would alienate people from the movie with the constant hyping of it. This is basically making them the Super Mario Odyssey of the movie community.
  4. They make NSFW art of Peni Parker, who is a 14-year old girl, which is pedophilia and you can get arrested for that.
  5. They keep spamming memes, such as "You Got A Problem With Cartoons?", Miles Morales putting his hand on Gwen Stacy's shoulder and saying "Hey...", a meme where Miles tries to copy Peter, and a certain GIF of Spider-Man.
  6. They are major hypocrites. They claim not to care about the Oscars, but they all went "OMG!" when the movie won.
  7. They had a massive meltdown when the first negative review of the movie was published, as if they can't handle different opinions (although, the review in question was pretty bad).
  8. Speaking of which, they hate on and bully people who don't like the movie.
  9. They think this is the only good animated movie of 2018, and they constantly rant about and hate on other movies like The Incredibles 2, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Isle of Dogs, even though those movies were actually pretty good and the Spider-Verse fans are just mean, bigoted, snobby elitists. They don't even like movies from 2019, such as The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. This reminds you of the JoJo fandom, does it?
  10. When the Pixar Twitter account tweeted out in support of The Incredibles 2 to win the Oscars, the Spider-Verse fandom spammed a GIF from that movie in the replies
  11. They think that Sony Pictures Animation is the greatest animation studio of all time just because of this movie. While it's not really wrong for them to like SPA, objectively the studio can't even hold a mere candle to studios like Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Aardman Animations, Laika or Studio Ghibli, all of which are far superior animation studios.
    • Hypocrisy: They came from the already toxic Sony Pictures Animation Hatedom, sent a bunch of death threats to the staff of SPA over their film The Emoji Movie, and treated the studio like it's the worst animation studio of all time just because of the aforementioned movie. However, after Spider-Verse was released, they started to praise the studio now.
  12. Alternatively, they think this is the only good Sony movie, even though Sony made good movies like Hotel Transylvania, Surf's Up, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and Arthur Christmas.
  13. Some of them are incredibly naive, as they think that this is the next film that Sony made after The Emoji Movie, and calling it the best redemption arc ever. That's not true. The Star, Peter Rabbit, and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation all came out after The Emoji Movie and before Spider-Verse.
  14. Speaking of The Emoji Movie, they are part of that movie's already bad hatedom and act like it's the worst thing to ever happen to mankind. The movie may be pretty bad, but it's not the worst thing of all time.
  15. They constantly post spoilers.
  16. The fandom acts like this movie is solely for adults and not for kids. While Spider-Verse is a movie that can be enjoyed by everyone, the movie is also for children to watch and enjoy. This proves that some of the Spider-Verse fandom are pedophobes.
  17. A few of them don't even respect or care about the source material. Not even the live-action movies.
  18. They're already bashing on The Angry Birds Movie 2 just because it's not like Spider-Verse.

How They Can Return To Their Dimension (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. There are a lot of friendly and patient Spider-Verse fans, but only outside of Twitter. Just stay away from the Twitter fanbase and you'll be alright.
  2. They had a point about how a non-Disney film needed to win Best Animated Feature at the Oscar's as they had that winning streak since Brave.
  3. Some may like other good films in 2018.
  4. Some do understand that Sony Pictures Animation is not a perfect company, as the studio does have its flaws when it comes to most of their films, just like other animation studios.

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