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Spider-Man Trilogy Fandom
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With less power, comes with great irresponsibility.
Nickname: Raimi-Tards
Anti-Andrew Garfield
Anti-Tom Holland
Type: Movie Fandoms
Status: Extremely Active

The Spider-Man Trilogy are a series of films directed by Sam Raimi based on the Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. The story follows Peter Parker, who after being bitten by a radioactive spider, discovers he has spider powers. At first, he plans to use his newfound powers for personal gain, but after the death of his uncle Ben, Peter decides to use his powers to become Spider-Man. Along the way, he falls in love with Mary Jane Watson and must protect her from danger without revealing secret identity. It stars Tobey Maguire who plays the titular superhero. Other actors include Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, James Franco as Harry Osborn, J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, Cliff Robertson as Uncle Ben, Rosemary Harris as Aunt May, Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant, Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in the first film, Alfred Molina as Otto Octavious/Doctor Octopus in the second film, Thomas Haden Church as Flint Marko/Sandman, and Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom in the third film respectively. While the films have been positively recieved by critics and fans it has a toxic following that we will tackle.

Why They Don't Have Great Power and Great Responsibility

  1. They are nitpicky and will look for every single flaw in the MCU Spider-Man or The Amazing Spider-Man films just to make them look bad.
    • They treat all of their opinions as facts, and would even force others to have the same mindset.
  2. Most of the fandom ignore the flaws of the first two films, yet they point out the flaws on Spider-Man 3 to no end.
  3. It's mostly filled with nostalgia-tards as they call the movies; " The Holy Trilogy", yet they detest Spider-Man 3 (as mentioned above), making them hypocrites.
  4. They exalt the 1st Spider-Man film and highly overrate Spider-Man 2 like it's a gift from God.
  5. Some fans have never read any Spider-Man comics or watched the cartoons, and have only watched the films.
  6. They are part of the Tobey Maguire Ironic Fandom, J. Jonah Jameson Ironic Fandom, Andrew Garfield Ironic Hatedom,The Amazing Spider-Man Duology Hatedom, Spider-Man Films (MCU) Hatedom,Tom Holland Ironic Hatedom, MCU Hatedom, Sam Raimi Ironic Fandom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse fandoms.
  7. They literally treat Tobey Maguire and Spider-Man 2 like they're gifts from God to the point where it gets on your nerves, and will lash out at anyone who critiques their "precious trilogy", and throw in repetitive excuses. Most of the fanboys are ignorant, as Maguire is actually an underrated actor and that none of these fanboys ever knew of this man beyond Spider-Man, let alone his personal life. And the worst part about it is that Tobey Maguire doesn't like to sign autographs and is very anti-social.
  8. The raimimemes subreddit. That's all we have to say.
  9. Unsurprisingly, they will use "Cancer" and "Autism" to refer to those who prefer The Amazing Spider-Man Duology Films or Homecoming and Far From Home as opposed to the Raimi films.
  10. They used CGI as an excuse to dislike Spider-Man Homecoming.
  11. They constantly complain on how Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland is nothing like Tobey Maguire or even the comic books.
  12. They also complain about Uncle Ben's absence in the MCU. And also moan on why Tony Stark acted like an Uncle Ben to Holland's Peter Parker. They also think that Stark replaced Ben as his uncle of sorts.
  13. They often insult Tom Holland and his fans with offensive slurs, even homophobic ones, which proves more of their immaturity. They're stupid to think of that, as the actor is not to blame on why Spider-Man has been recast. That proves more of their poor sense of judgement and that they're just downright idiotic as well as an obsession with nostalgia.
    • They also used that as an excuse to deride on Homecoming.They call Parker cringeworthy insults, such as "Iron Boy" and "Iron Man Jr." just because he was Stark's protege.
  14. They are snobby, ignorant elitists, they act high and mighty towards those who root for the MCU Spider-Man, even those that loved the Trilogy beforehand.
  15. When one makes rants or questions about the Raimi fanbrats in any website (e.g. Reddit), these idiots immediately accuse the person of being biased, and they tell the person to pin the blame on the MCU fans. That shows they can't accept criticism whatsoever.
    • They attacked The Nostalgia Critic for liking the Amazing Spider-Man Duology over the Spider-Man Trilogy.
  16. They keep repeating that "Tobey is the true and most accurate Spider-Man" in Tobey Maguire Spider-Man videos, when Maguire was really far from that.
  17. They also write "Tobey>>>>>Tom", Spider-Man 2>Far From Home", Spider-Man 2>The Amazing Spider-Man", etc. in the comments, which shows off their immaturity even more.
  18. They are unaware that most of the MCU fandom are also hard-core fans of the Sam Raimi trilogy.
  19. They think that the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies are better because it was "darker" and "edgy" call the new movies are "corny comedy flicks".
  20. More hypocrisy: They hate the non-Raimi movies or any other superhero films made in the 2010s yet many of them liked Spider-Verse.
  21. They try to act mature when they are just being manchildren who cannot accept criticism.
  22. They are everywhere on the Internet related to the Spider-Man Trilogy. Most of them are highly concentrated in YouTube videos related to Tobey Maguire's or Tom Holland's Spider-Man videos.
    • These nostalgia-tards would just jump into any YouTube videos containing Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland's Spider-Man just to lash on them.
  23. A large portion of toxic Sam Raimi fanboys are also MCU fans who love all or most MCU films such as Iron Man but hate Homecoming, or Far From Home.
  24. They often explain repetitive reasons on why Tobey Maguire was better as the webhead than Andrew Garfield and/or Tom Holland. They also use his feats in the Raimi films as excuses, which gets more annoying as it drags on.
  25. They constantly wait, demand and complain about Spider-Man 4 to no avail, when the Trilogy has ended and is practically impossible to resurrect. While everyone from that period has moved on, these idiots won't, proving them again blind with nostalgia.
    • They make idiotic petitions on Change.Org, like "Sam Raimi for Spider-Man 4, Re-release the Original Spider-Man Trilogy in theaters, Add Sam Raimi and Marc Webb Spider-Man version in the Spider-Verse movie", etc.
  26. They circle-jerk any comments that imply the commenter's enjoyment or emotional moment of the Raimi films, including the MCU fans who love the films.
  27. They terrorized the Comic Book community, the Meme Community, and the Movie Community.
  28. When it was announced that Sony and Disney failed to strike a deal concerning Spider-Man with high chances of him no longer in the MCU, the Raimi-tards literally celebrated and mocked Tom Holland yet again, while MCU fanboys raged and threw tantrums like kids, demanding to return Spidey in the MCU, exacerbating both fanbases' behavior. Fortunately, the deal was renewed, so now MCU fans can relax and watch the Raimi-tards throw all the tantrums they want.
  29. When the Spider-Man PS4 game was released, most of the fandom harassed and sent death threats to the developers when the Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit didn't appear in the game, and to make matters worse, the developers were keeping it as a surprise.
  30. It's already 2020, and they still haven't shut up about the Raimi trilogy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although uncommon, there are some mature fans that can tolerate different viewpoints
  2. Not all of them exalt the Sam Raimi trilogy, but this is also uncommon.
  3. Some actually do like The Amazing Spider-Man Duology, Tom Holland's Spider-Man movies, and/or the other MCU movies.
    • Some of them support Tom Holland having Tobey Maguire as Uncle Ben on MCU like what he said recently.
  4. Some actually do know the existence of the comics as well as a few that have had read them.
  5. They do have a point about The Amazing Spiderman 2 being mediocre.
  6. They paid respects after Stan Lee passed away.
  7. Before the The Amazing Spider-Man reboot was released, the fandom was pretty decent.

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one month ago
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Instead of getting mad at toxic fandoms, we can just laugh at it


one month ago
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Damn, I can't even go to one Spider-Man clip video without these asshats going "iRoN mAn Jr. bAd, tObEy MaGuIrE gOoD" and compare Holland to Maguire in the comments section.

Jiehao Lim

one month ago
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Ikr, what's worse is that I found out that Tobey Maguire is a very reserved actor and doesn't care about his fans