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Yeah you better watch out though.
Nickname: The name says it all
Type: Self Explanatory
Status: Very Active

Spoilers refer to a common type of movement on the internet that involves people share or leak information about the plot of a book, movie, video game, or television show that spoils the surprise or suspense for a reader or viewer. It has been pretty common for people who like to spoil many types of media.

Why They're Spoiled

  1. First off, some of them are trolls who would want to ruin a person's experience in a certain form of media.
    • Don't even get us started with the JoJo Part 6 spoilers crap.
  2. They are everywhere on YouTube. Whenever a new movie, game, cartoon, live-action show, book, DLC, manga chapter, or anime comes out, they would have the guts to record that one ending or that one plot-important scene and post in online. Although the thumbnail mostly does not say much, but still.
  3. Speaking of thumbnails, some thumbnails would legitmently show a more spoiler scene as the thumbnail. One example is ProsafiaGaming who does this a lot. Especially when his typical thumbnails showcases a lot of important things that happened in a game such as Super Mario Odyssey and the newer Pokémon games being prime examples of this. He was shown to have hacked his consoles so he could play the newer games early.
  4. Similar with ProsafiaGaming, when there is a week left before a new game comes out, dataminers and hackers would leak big and important plot details and unrevealed content from that game. This has been a huge problem for the Nintendo Switch games since Super Mario Odyssey and the Pokémon games since Sun and Moon.
    • They also do it for clout, attention, and fame.
  5. Some don't even do a spoiler warning.
  6. They are literally everywhere on the entire internet and social media thus damaging a lot of communities.
  7. Some of them are jackasses who are self-centered and don't even care about how a lot of people hate spoilers.
  8. Some of them would even spam media related spoilers everywhere we mean everywhere.
    • Similar enough, they would spam memes related to spoilers such as "I'm going to spoil Endgame" which can annoy people who want to see the movie. Even if the trolls don't actually spoil the movie.
  9. They fail to realize that spoilers can easily ruin a reputation of a form of media. For example, Sony Pictures Entertainment somehow managed to release the entire movie of Khali the Killer instead of releasing the trailer.
  10. The spoilers thing was so controversial that even sites like Miiverse prohibit spoilers for good reasons.
  11. Even Wikipedia has spoilers to any movie or video game. Although users can easily scroll down just to avoid any full-on story that spoils anything.
  12. They treat spoilers like if it was a joke.
  13. Some would even make spoilers that would look real but would manipulate people into thinking that a fake spoiler is real. Even if it was one that sounds dumb like the copypasta Endgame fake spoilers.
  14. Speaking of copypastas, some would even use real spoilers as copypastas
  15. Some can even spoil certain things before their released such as when the trailer for The Promised Neverland around a year ago anime came out manga fans spoiled certain events in the series such as
  16. Some are also Elitist like manga fans who spoil something to convince anime onlys to read the manga

The 4 Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. A lot of people would bring up spoiler warning on any discussion forum or spoiler filters (like the ones in GameFAQs or Discord) simply because they care about other people.
  2. Some can identify a fake and dumb spoiler if a troll were to spoil a certain media.
  3. Not all of them make memes involving spoilers as well as thumbnails having a lot of spoiler material.
  4. Some understand that spoilers are not a joke.