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Sr Pelo Ironic Fandom
His reaction to his fans: [1]
Type: YouTuber Fandom
Status: Active

Sr Pelo (Mr Hair in english) is a Mexican YouTuber and animator known for his animated parodies. He has an ironic fanbase for some reason.

Why Sr Pelo Would Scream At Them

  1. The subtitles. His fans write them instead of the Youtuber himself, and as a result, they contain a lot of nonsense. They can sometimes contain cringeworthy dialoge, unfunny memes or other things that have nothing to do with the video.
  2. They're part of the already toxic Undertale Fandom, Disney Fandom and the Mickey Mouse Fandom and Hatedom.
  3. They only watch Sr Pelo's videos only for Underpants, Mokey's Show, and all the characters' extreme close-ups, overexaggerated expressions, and his screaming; ignoring the other series of videos such as the Pelones, some of Pelo Talks, Super WAA HOO Bros, The Saturdays (The Simpsons) and his other animated videos that took much more effort to animate than the ones that most people watch.
  4. There's even a dumb petition where they want to make his channel a religion. No kidding!
  5. It caused a lot of damage (*insert Phil Swift joke here*) in the Meme Community.
  6. The fandom is so bad, even Sr Pelo hates it as well. After Underpants True Ending, when the Genocide Ending Video was announced, people won't stop asking him about when the video will come out. So he responded to the fans by making an April Fools version of the video, which then spawned the SANESSSS meme.
  7. Sometimes, the comments section is no better since they also share similar problems with the fanmade subtitles for the videos.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least some of the fan-submitted artworks are not bad since they do get featured in many of Sr Pelo's videos.
  2. They have good reasons to why they find some enjoyment his channel.

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Though the subtitles they write can be funny.