Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hatedom

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Hatedom
The movie that divided the Star Wars community since The Phantom Menace.
Type: Movie Hatedom


Status: Very Active

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, also known as Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, is a 2017 American epic space opera film directed and written by Rian Johnson, and the eighth installment in the main Star Wars saga. Despite being praised by critics, the movie received a divided response from audiences.

Why The Force Won't Be With The Hatedom

  1. They take their hate on the film too far and treat it as if it was the equivalent of 9/11 or even the Holocaust.
  2. They harassed Kelly Marie Tran just for playing Rose Tico when she's a nice person (and remember, a character's personality does not dictate the nature of that person). It resulted in her deleting her account on Instagram.
    • One person even vandalized Rose's page on Wookieepedia with very racist names.
  3. They bash Rian Johnson just because of The Last Jedi and they spread their hate on him whenever his name pops up on the internet. Even when some of these fans have good reasons for it since Rian Johnson reacted negatively towards the criticism aimed at The Last Jedi, that's still inexcusable. (Really, a freaking movie does not dictate a person's talent or life.)
  4. They also demonize Kathleen Kennedy like it was something personal to them. Seriously now, no matter how bad it is, it's just a movie.
  5. They also attack and demonize J. J. Abrams as well, such as mocking him by calling him "Jar Jar Abrams." It just shows how horrible the fans have become.
  6. They treat their opinions as facts, and will not hesitate to silence those who dare oppose them.
  7. They get salty and butthurt ever time they hear "The Force is Female," which just shows their Anti-feminist mindset, even though the phrase was terrible.
  8. They force anyone to hate the film, and will likely use fraud and extortion in an attempt to achieve their goal.
  9. They claim that the movie ruined the franchise when it didn't, because if it did, they wouldn't be making any Star Wars media anymore.
  10. There's even a fan edit that removed all the female characters from the film, which most likely resulted in people referring to the hatedom as racists or misogynists.
  11. They make petitions to remove the film from the official Star Wars canon when in reality, they will never work.
  12. Some of them are part of Disney's hatedom, saying that the company sucks just because of The Last Jedi. (One movie is not a reason to have that argument, and it is outlandish plus holds no water.)
  13. Some of them are humongous hypocrites: They blame Disney for The Last Jedi, yet some of them overrate the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even though those two are released by the very same company they hate.
  14. They used Mark Hamill's criticism of the writing of Luke's character as an excuse to hate The Last Jedi even before it was released even though Hamill himself was not criticizing the film, but just the portrayal of Luke.
  15. The hatedom gained even more power and exacerbated when The Rise of Skywalker got mixed reviews from critics, without realizing that no one trusts critics anymore and everyone's bound to an opinion.
  16. Some of them say that the Prequel Trilogy was better than this film, necessarily contradicting themselves.
  17. They rely on the otherwise sane haters, like World of Geekdom, and agree to their opinions blindly to justify their morbid hate for the film.
  18. They also say that an MCU film, a Mandalorian episode, etc. is better than this film and the whole sequel trilogy, which is immature and stupid.
  19. This is history repeating itself. The same way they did to George Lucas, the same way they do to this film, Disney, and the filmmakers.
  20. They are part of the toxic Star Wars Fandom and ruined the fandom even more.
  21. They give the Star Wars fanbase and franchise a terrible reputation.
  22. They are the reason why some sensitive people are afraid of going into Star Wars-related material on the web.
  23. They overpraise the original trilogy and keep lashing out on the sequel trilogy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Many critics of The Last Jedi do act mature and have valid arguments as to why they dislike it.
    • In particular, the YouTube user MauLer has made a three-part critique criticizing the film.
  2. Not all of them harass Kelly Marie Tran for playing Rose Tico.


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one day 9 hours 51 minutes ago
Score 0
I loved the movie, despite it's flaws.


22 days ago
Score 0

I don't like The Last Jedi, and I want to see TROS.

Even Evil Tim hated the movie itself.


one month ago
Score 3
To be frank, I'm already burned out with these fans or the current incarnation of Star Wars. So I oughta stay away from the Star Wars franchise until then.


2 months ago
Score 2
im considering rewriting this to Star Wars: sequel trilogy hatedom


3 months ago
Score 3

Oh. Boy. I can't fathom what the rabid Star Wars fans will concoct after they, no. After I just found out the rating in Rotten Tomatoes.

It's going down to this, my dear fellas. The Dark Side is prevailing, for The Fandom will roar in haunting terror.