Steven Universe Fandom and Hatedom

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Steven Universe Fandom and Hatedom
Guys, don't take this the wrong way, Steven Universe is an awesome Cartoon Network show (even though not everybody has to like it) and that doesn't mean it's a bad cartoon after all, but it's fandom and hatedom are bad. And here are some reasons why.
Nickname: Steventhusiasts
Gentlegems (Fandom)
Anti - Gem Fighters (Hatedom)
Type: Cartoon Fandoms
Cartoon Hatedoms
Status: Very Active (Fandom)
Active (Hatedom)

Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network show that premiered in 2013. This show is known for having one of the worst fandoms of all time along with a toxic hatedom.

Why The People of This World Won't Believe in Them

Both Sides

  1. Both of them initiate flame wars, raids and cyberbullying against each other.
  2. They send death threats to each other.
  3. Both side are filled with SJWs and Obessive Anti-SJWs.
  4. Both have shattered The Cartoon Community.


  1. A lot of fans are Social Justice Warriors.
  2. They bullied a Steven Universe fan-artist named Zamii to the point that she attempted suicide just because she drew a character (Rose Quartz) from the show as thin.
    • The worst part about this is that the fans called her parent's numbers and also called almost EVERY hospital in her state to ask her if she was there. They even made plans to contact a children's hospital she was volunteering at to "warn" them about her.
    • This shows how insane the fans are.
    • Good thing that Zamii is in good condition... for now.
    • Many users from Tumblr, Pixiv, Patreon, DeviantArt showed their sympathy to Zamii, Also the 4chan users as well, but with a different twist... BY WHITEWASHING THE CHARACTERS!
    • At least Cartoon Network also revealed that Rose Quartz was skinny all along because she was actually (you guessed it) Pink Diamond!
  3. Too many shipping wars between Lapidot and Amedot, to the point that some fans harassed one of the storyboard artists, Jesse Zuke, for the show on Twitter and made her delete their Twitter account simply over a character ship.
    • They also ship Steven with the Gems, which is pedophilia considering that every gem is thousands of years older than Steven himself
  4. When SpongeBob SquarePants won favorite cartoon for KCA 2016 instead of Steven Universe, a lot of annoying fans from this fandom whined and complained over it and hated on SpongeBob SquarePants just for that.
  5. The fans obsess over Pearl, Amethyst, and Peridot and involve them in many cringy ships, memes, and even in other fandoms.
  6. Lots of toxic fans also take their sympathy for Steven to crazy levels and disregard his bad qualities.
  7. There was an episode called Keystone Motel, and in real life, there is actually a motel with that same name. As a result, fans of the show wrote fake bad reviews on the motel, which could actually destroy people's jobs.
  8. A Japanese cosplayer got death threats and harassment just because they cosplayed Garnet in a lighter color.
  9. Awestruck Vox, who is a big fan of Steven Universe (he has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to it), bullied a kid with cancer on Twitter because he got the new episodes early and accidentally spoiled the new episodes of the show.
  10. Someone on Tumblr got death threats for shipping Pearl and Mayor Dewey because ''Pearl is a lesbian and she will never fall for a man.''
  11. A white girl on Tumblr cosplayed Amethyst and got hate for it because they claimed she was cosplaying a character of color.
  12. Some fans on Twitter harassed Rebecca Sugar for including a racist stereotype in the Steven Universe Arts and Origins Book known as Concrete.
  13. They claim that they are the true fans of Steven Universe, but in reality, they are just idiotic fans who only tolerate hate, intolerance and bigotry against other fans including Zamii and others even though the show itself does the exact opposite. They are known as SUtards.
  14. A majority of them can't take criticism and always making a counter-argument about it.
  15. They obsess over Steven Universe to death. There have been instances on YouTube where people have gotten death threats and harassment on their YouTube channels and comment sections if you say you don’t like the show.
  16. They ignore most of the facts and only care about their feelings.
  17. Many of them are part of the Teen Titans Go! Hatedom because they believe Cartoon Network hates Steven Universe and only cares about Teen Titans Go!, which is not true.
    • Because of this, they will attack anyone who prefers Teen Titans Go! instead of Steven Universe.
  18. Some people will attack you if you don't ship Lapidot.
  19. Some songs in the show like Stronger Than You, It's Over Isn't It, Do It For Her, and Here Comes A Thought are literally exalted by fans.
    • Some fans even gave death threats to Undertale fans for making remixes of Stronger Than You.
  20. Recently, many of them, especially BaezAngelG, are now part of the Hazbin Hotel Hatedom, which is filled to the brim with annoying SJWs who want every LGBT+ character to be perfect Mary Sues otherwise the character is an LGBT+phobic representation.
  21. More recently, some fans harassed Susan Egan, the voice actor of Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz, on Twitter, merely over her character.
  22. Some call OK K.O. a clone/carbon-copy of Steven Universe which is false and this hyperlink can explain what is going on.


  1. They blame Rebecca Sugar for making it.
  2. A large portion of them are toxic Teen Titans Go! fans.
  3. If you say that you like Steven Universe, chances are you will be called either cancerous or cringeworthy.
  4. They say that this show is SJW propaganda. There is no way that this show is SJW propaganda.
  5. Some people, like EZ PZ, only hate it to be cool and edgy by having a different opinion than everyone else.
  6. Some people hate this show because Steven is fat, which is a really petty and offensive excuse for hating this show.
  7. Speaking of which, they hate the crystal gems just because they think that they are overpowered.
  8. A majority of the haters are soccermoms who hate LGBT stuff. They can also be Obsessive Anti-SJWs because they think the show is all about SJWs.
    • Surprisingly enough, a few of them are alt-right wingers.
  9. A YouTuber named Lily OrchardAYTW made a 2-hour rant video called Steven Universe is Garbage, and Here's WhyAYTW. Though she has a point on a few of the show's flaws, she went too far by saying the Crewniverse is supporting Nazis by redeeming the Diamonds and claiming that the show is racist towards it's black coded characters (Garnet, Bismuth, Amethyst, Sapphire, Sugilite, Jasper, Sardonyx, etc.)
  10. A lot of people hate this show simply because of its fandom. Seriously, a fandom does not dictate the quality of the show! (However, some people may avoid the show because of the fandom's toxicity, but that is different.)
  11. There's this group on Tumblr called "SU Critical" that likes to nitpick every little thing about this show to death, like the animation inconsistency and characters going off-model.
  12. Some people only hate on the show because it has filler when almost every plot-driven show has filler.
  13. They make up lies like that fusion is a metaphor for sexual intercourse. That's been debunked by the writers -- fusion is a metaphor for relationships, not for sex.
  14. Some of them dislike it just because It's not gory or violent, which is ridiculous.
  15. Some haters treat this show like it was a disease that we must avoid.
  16. Some hate art, hate memes, and hate parodies out of the show exist. Although rare, some grounded videos out of Steven exist too.
  17. A very large number of them come from the Hazbin Hotel Fandom, which is known for their incredible toxicity.
  18. Some despise the series just because it usually redeems the villains in the end. They even make memes in mockery of that.
  19. Some might be part of the Christianity Hatedom just because of the episode Three Gems and a Baby which does have some similarities to Christianity like both Steven and Jesus being both born in an unconventional way (Jesus was born through a virgin while Steven was born through a Gem), Steven being visited by the three Crystal Gems as a baby who brings gifts the same way three wise men visited baby Jesus with gifts, both characters being taken care of in an unconventional place (Baby Steven's was a van and Baby Jesus' was a manger), and Greg wearing a blue cloth that closely resembles and associates with Mary.
    • On that note, some are also part of the Judaism Hatedom (anti-semitism) since Rebecca Sugar is Jewish, and they call her a Nazi despite that she's the descendant of a Holocaust survivor. They also make anti-semitic caricatures like Steven Jewniverse made by the ever-infamous Hotdiggedydemon.
  20. Some of them are toxic Dragon Ball fanboys (yes, including the Weeaboos) who assumes that Steven Universe is a rip-off of Dragon Ball when it's NOT. Just because Steven Universe has some inspirations to Dragon Ball does not mean that it's a rip-off.
    • Not only Dragon Ball, the Sailor Moon Fandom sometimes calls Steven Universe a rip-off of Sailor Moon] which is also stupid. Just because Steven Universe does have some similarities and inspirations from Sailor Moon does not mean that it's a rip-off.
  21. The Lily Orchard Fandom overlaps with this hatedom since they tell fans to kill themselves for liking the show.
  22. 4chan started a hate campaign against Lea C AKA Toon Ruins all because of her raising money for Jesse Zuke when they were homeless.

How They Will Get Together and Go Out For Pizzas

Both Sides

  1. Some of them can appreciate criticisms, angles, and positions.
  2. They do have a good point on the show going downhill a bit.


  1. A lot of them make good fan art of the SU characters especially in Anime-style.
  2. Most of them make very good and funny animations.
  3. They make entertaining song covers and remixes.
  4. Some of the SJW's that bullied Zamii were arrested.


  1. The haters (mostly from 4Chan, Encyclopedia Dramatica and Kiwi Farms) have exposed how intolerant the fandom is, in fact, some of them show sympathy to Zamii and others from SJW cyberbullies by sabotaging Tumblr with whitewashed Steven Universe characters even though one of them is done by a transgender person too! Unfortunately, many of them are against the fandom for all the wrong reasons, though there are still some who are good.
  2. Some haters are mature and have valid reasons as to why they don't like the show and respect the fans of the show.
  3. Some of the rants are actually correct and point out the show's flaws.




  • It is often considered one of the worst fandoms of all time.

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Strawhatpirate1991 had involved in the Steven Universe Hatedom.
4chan felt sympathy for Zamii!?


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I remember one time at my school during my high school years. Someone in class made fat jokes out of Steven which is just offensive. Even though he doesn't hate the show.


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I seriously hate Steven Universe, but I agree that the hatedom can get toxic.