Tales (Series) Fandom

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Tales (Series) Fandom
Tales of Toxic Fandoms sounds more like it.
Nickname: Tales of the Players
Type: Video Game Fandom
Status: Active

The Tales series is a franchise of fantasy role-playing video games published by Bandai Namco and developed by its subsidiary, Namco Tales Studio until 2011 and presently by Bandai Namco Studios. While entries in the series generally stand independent of each other with different characters and stories, they are commonly linked by their gameplay, themes, and high fantasy settings. The series is characterized by its art style, which draws from Japanese manga and anime, and its action-based fighting system called the "Linear Motion Battle System". These series tend to have many multiple game elements that carry over from entry to entry. The Tales series is shown to be a huge success, but the fandom, on the other hand, is another story.

Why Their Tale Is Toxic

  1. There has been a lot of conflicts involving different ships. So much so that it gets way too out of hand. Not only does shipping wars exist, but also best game wars and even waifu wars.
  2. There are times where the Tales fans would be divided. Pick a group of Tales fans and they will all have very different views on the series.
  3. There have been some people who would make faulty arguments over a certain Tales game. Take Berseria for example. They would make up excuses on certain characters as well such as how Velvet is "edgy fanservice".
  4. Speaking of Berseria, they somehow make jokes about how Berseria is Berserk just because of similarities. Here is a visual representation.
  5. Thanks to the anime art-style that is found in the series, some of them may be Weeaboos.
  6. Whenever someone makes a countdown list of favorite Tales games, some would be sad that a certain Tales game is not on the list.
  7. There has been some fanboys and fangirls who treat their favorite characters like they were husbands or wives. No kidding.
  8. Not even Arche (17 in Phantasia), Suzu (11), Farah (17), Meredy (16), Chat, Lloyd (17 in Symphonia), Colette (16 in Symphonia), Genis (12 in Symphonia and 14 in Dawn of the New World), and other underaged characters are not safe from pedophiles who are sexually attracted to them or call them waifus/husbandos. Ironically enough, some of the underaged characters have aged in other games. Take Lloyd for example, he is only 17 in Symphonia, but is 19 years old in Dawn of the New World).
  9. They complain about the 2D games just because they weren't made in 3D.
  10. The madmen get really aggressive about calling something bad or incomplete in the series. They would even go as far as believing that if you were to point out a problem in any of the games, then they would think that you're a troll, elitist, or conspiring against the series. In other words, some of them are blind to some of the game's flaws.
  11. Some can't seem to appreciate other games that came out after their favorite or first Tales game or this game isn't their favorite game. Vesperia fans are an example of this.
  12. They would dislike a certain game from the series just because of the infamous "overrated" excuse.
  13. Some people would think that a certain portion of the Tales fandom is not as toxic as another portion of the Tales fandom thus ignoring that all Tales games can have toxic fans. However, that actually depends. The real reason behind this is because they can't handle the truth about a certain portion of the Tales fandom. Kinda like the fandoms of Kirby, Cuphead, and JoJo.
  14. They sometimes overuse Lloyd's "I lied, it's actually hot" and Barbatos' "No items ever" line off their will. Mainly Lloyd's.
  15. When Tales of the Rays got shut down on 5/29/18, they did this. How many times do we have to tell you, petitions never work like that!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The fandom used to be pretty good during its early days.
  2. Some fans are mature enough to enjoy the series for what they really are and understand that everyone has their own taste of the Tales games.
  3. Some can enjoy other Tales games. If not they either may not afford it or have legit reasons to not like some Tales games thus being mature about the series.
  4. They still understand that the fandom can sometimes be toxic at times.
  5. Some do understand that each game has its own limits such as Symphonia's story being rather bland and cliched on some occasions, Berseria's enemies being often seen as damage sponges, Destiny's world map is a little complex, etc.
  6. Not all of them are weeaboos or pedophiles.
  7. As what you would expect, amazing artwork that shows tribute to the Tales series is still present.