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This Isn't Their Fight

Tekken is a Japanese media franchise centered on a series of fighting video games developed and published by Bandai Namco. The main games in the series follow the events of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu, where players control a plethora of characters to win the tournament and gain control of the company; the conflict between the Mishima family serves as the main focus of the series' plot, while players explore other characters' motivations in aiming to control the Zaibatsu. Gameplay focuses on hand-to-hand combat with an opponent, with the gameplay system including blocks, throws, escapes, and ground fighting. The series later introduced combos and special moves, with characters also able to stage break arenas. Tekken is noted as being one of the first fighting games at the time to use 3D animation. The series has been universally acclaimed for raising the standards of fighting games such as the gameplay mechanics and replay value, but its fandom is still toxic.

Why They Can't Get Ready For The Next Battle!

  1. During an online match, it's very easy to find toxic players who will tell people how much they loathe you for winning or how you suck at the games.
  2. every time there is competitive gameplay that involves with Tekken, there are WAY too many salty manchildren who cannot accept defeat.
  3. Sometimes, they lose their minds whenever a character gets cut in any Tekken game to the point that they will do things such as petitions or whatever. Examples include Christie Monteiro and Roger. Even though some Tekken characters still appear as a DLC later on.
  4. They always look down to new players.
  5. Hackers and trolls are still prominent in online play.
  6. They often deny how toxic the Tekken fandom can be. In other words, they cannot handle the truth.
  7. The PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hatedom portion thinks that if Heihachi Mishima wasn't in PlayStation All-Stars, then he would join Smash 4. This is not true because the real reason why Heihachi is not in Smash is because of how Sakurai confirmed that the idea of implementing Heihachi's moveset would be difficult.
  8. Some of them are fanboys and fangirls who are sexually attracted to the playable characters in a weird way possible. Also, keep in mind that some characters are underaged such as Ling Xiaoyu who is 16 in the third game
  9. They stupidly assume that King is a furry just because of the jaguar mask. They even go as far as saying that people who only play as King are furries.
  10. They even ship Jin Kazama with his father Kazuya Mishima despite the fact that it's incest and that they hate each other according to Tekken lore.
  11. They often take certain characters way too seriously like for example, they would hate Miguel Caballero Rojo just because he's from Spain (Not making this up). They would even try to force Bandai Namco to cut certain characters.
  12. They are times when people want certain characters in Tekken. While there is nothing wrong with it at first since Tekken did add some guest characters such as Akuma from Street Fighter, Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV, and even some surprising ones such as Negan from The Walking Dead and Gon from the manga series of the same name. However, they do make up some really strange ones such as 50 Cent (aka Curtis James Jackson III), Kangaroo Jack from Kangaroo Jack, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, or even a friend
  13. They keep demanding Tekken 7 to be on the Switch when demanding never works like that.
  14. Somehow, zoophiles are still present because of how some characters in Tekken are animals such as Kuma, Panda, Alex, and Roger. Especially Kuma and Alex to some extent.
    • Edgelords are also present as well thanks to some characters that look "edgy" such as Devil Jin for example.
  15. Don't say you dislike the series because they will say things like "git gud" or "you probably suck at it".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not all of them act immature in online or competitive play.
  2. Some are aware of how toxic the fandom can be such as TheTekkenMystro and ACEJIN WOLFDEMON.
  3. They still make a lot of good mods and artwork.
  4. Some can accept different views of the series.
  5. Some do have legit reasons to like or dislike some characters.
  6. Some can give tips to new players or people who want to improve skills in a healthy way.
  7. Some do like/dislike PlayStation All-Stars in a mature manner.