Tentacool (Pokémon) Hatedom

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Tentacool (Pokémon) Hatedom
Nickname: Tentacool's haters
Type: Pokémon Hatedom
Status: Semi-Active

Tentacool is a Water/Poison-Type Pokémon introduced in Generation I, It evolves into Tentacruel starting at level 30, Due to its high frequency in the seas of almost all regions of Pokémon, Tentacool is infamous for its toxic hatedom.

Why They Are Just as Toxic as Tentacruel's Poison (its evolution)

  1. They despise it because it is annoying.
  2. They are part of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Hatedom because Tentacool are more common in the Hoenn Sea.
  3. They intoxicated and flooded The Meme Community with memes related to Tentacool.
  4. They have almost the same problems as Zubat Hatedom.
    • Speaking of Zubat, they call Tentacool "The Zubat of the Sea".
  5. Some even call it one of the worst Pokémon just because of its abundance.
  6. They poison those who appreciate Tentacool.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They are right that Tentacool is abundant to the point that it bothers.
  2. They are also right that Tentacool is not so powerful compared to other Pokémon.


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