Terry Bogard (SNK) Fandom and Hatedom

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Terry Bogard (SNK) Fandom and Hatedom
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Don't waste my time with your weak skills, scrubs!
Nickname: Fatal Fury Team
Type: Character Fandoms, Character Hatedoms, Ironic Hatedoms
Status: Active

Terry Bogard is the main protagonist of the Fatal Fury series. He has appeared in every Fatal Fury and King of Fighters game and is one of the characters of choice to symbolize the company in crossover games, merchandise, and publicity. The brother of Andy Bogard, both of them were orphans adopted by Jeff Bogard. When Terry was 10, he witnessed the death of his father at the hands of Geese Howard. Knowing that they needed more training to confront Geese, the brothers made an oath to spend a decade to fine-tune their martial arts before trying to avenge their father. Unlike his brother Andy, who left Southtown to train in Japan, Terry chose to wander in his home country, combining the skills learned from his father, his father's mentor Tung Fu Rue, and abilities gained from the streets. Not even one of SNK's biggest characters is the same from a toxic fandom. The hatedom, on the other hand, got more power when he became a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Why Terry Should Perform A Buster Wolf On Them


  1. The Super Smash Bros. portion of his fandom spams "Are you okay?" and "hoes fatally furious" on anything related to Terry Bogard.
  2. On the subject of female Terry, some fanboys don't care about his original male counterpart and only care about his female counterpart. Proof.
  3. Some users ship Terry with other SNK girls like Terry x Whip, Terry x Yuri Sakazaki, Terry x Mai, or Terry x Kasumi Todoh without realizing that Blue Mary is Terry's love interest.
  4. They make annoying and memetic comparisons to Ken from Street Fighter. It does not help that Ken and Terry appeared in crossover before. In fact, they call Terry "Ken with a hat"
  5. They even mock people who didn't want Terry in Smash such as this and this.
  6. Most fans are not aware that Female Terry first appeared in Hero Kimi x KOF. Although it is a Japan-only mobile game.
  7. Similar to Mai Fandom; Some of them complain that Female Terry did not appear in Smash Ultimate as an alternate costume or a spirit.


  1. This mainly comes from the already toxic The King of Fighters Fandom, the Fatal Fury Ironic Hatedom, and the SNK/NEO-GEO Fandom who hates him for the wrong reasons.
  2. Some haters would lack knowledge of him. For example: According to them, they believed that World Heroes and Time Killers were more popular than Fatal Fury when it is false. If Fatal Fury was unsuccessful according to them back in the day, then why is Terry one of the most iconic SNK characters to ever exist?
  3. They think that KoF '94 only made him popular when he had a different reason as to why he was popular.
  4. When Terry Bogard was announced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC character, many of the Smashers were upset and posting comments like "Who is this bastard", "Who invited that prick", "No one cares", "Anime Trash" etc. It's really disrespectful to Fatal Fury fans that's for sure.
    • The reason being is because the Smashers wanted another character in a toxic way. Especially when they mention an unlikely character such as Doomguy, Scorpion, Sora, Steve, Sans (even though he's a Mii Costume), Tracer, D.Va, Tetriminos and Heavy, Non-Video game characters like Shrek, Goku, Iron Man, and Shaggy, or even characters that are confirmed to be an Assist Trophy (like Waluigi, Ashley, Bomberman, Shadow, etc).
    • Speaking of Sans, when Sans was revealed to be a Mii Costume, the toxic part of his fandom were very upset that he was not playable such as "I wanted Sans playable, not Terry" without realizing that SNK or Fatal Fury had a lot better chances of being fully represented in Smash compared to Undertale. Obviously, because SNK is Japanese while Toby Fox is American or how SNK is more important to gaming history even more so than Toby Fox.
    • Similar enough, some would even complain that there favorite SNK character that is not related to Fatal Fury (for example Marco from Metal Slug) didn't join the roster. Thankfully it's rare.
  5. They make memes that are either offensive to other people who were excited for Terry Bogard such as this and this.
  6. They think that they hate Terry their whole life. Mainly the Super Smash Bros. portion of the hatedom.
  7. Back in the days when Fatal Fury came to existence, few KoF fans thought it was cool to hate it simply because it looked almost like Street Fighter. This lead to having fans think that King of Fighters would be better off without Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury characters. Nowadays, Fatal Fury has gotten a lot more attention very fast back then.
  8. The toxic KoF fans somehow think that King of Fighters '94 would still be popular if no Fatal Fury characters did not appear in the game which is just stupid.
  9. Some would only like the female version of Terry instead of the original male version.
  10. Some could be part of the United States Hatedom simply because of Terry being American.
  11. Some would think that Terry is an American stereotype. Even though the Americans were never bothered by him and some would like him.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Still a lot of wonderful fan art of Terry both male and female.
  2. Speaking of male Terry, cringey fan art is not much of a problem.
  3. They have good reasons to like Terry.
  4. The Female Terry fans can still like the original male counterpart
  5. They can easily respect opinions, unlike his hatedom.
  6. They are right that Terry makes more sense in Smash compared to Sans.
  7. They are right that Terry is SNK's biggest and prominent mascot.
  8. Some admit his flaws and limits such as the fact that he does lack academic knowledge.


  1. They are right about his possible flaws such as him being slightly alcoholic.
  2. Some mature haters who can respect opinions.
  3. Some are aware that Sans in unlikely to be in Smash.
  4. Hate art is very non-existant
  5. Some were fine with Terry being in Smash.
  6. Some still understand that Terry is SNK's prominent mascot.

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