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TheTopTens Community
It’s the other way around.
Nickname: TopTeners
Type: Website Fandoms
Status: Very Active

TheTopTens is a countdown website. This website is known for having an extremely terrible community.

Also check out the website's page on the Rotten Websites Wiki, for more information.

List of Fandoms and Hatedoms on TheTopTens


Top 10 Reasons Why TheTopTens Community Are Extremely Toxic

How is one bad singer worse than a madman who killed six million Jews?
  1. They glorify this website too much while disregarding its flaws.
  2. They make a lot of lists that are biased, offensive, perverted, homophobic, sexist, racist, xenophobic, fascist and even terroristic. For example, due to the fact that the top 10's are democratically created (due to the fact that anyone can contribute to the top 10), none of the top 10's show professional quality.
  3. They make a lot of hateful and bashful comments about anything they don't like.
    • As an example of their illogical hateful opinions, they love to lash cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari or Ford GT for not having a similar top speed to the Koenigsegg Agera RS, a hypercar made for breaking speed world records.
  4. They take their hatred for many things too far.
  5. They make a lot of unfunny, and even disrespectful and hateful jokes.
  6. They call everything overrated. Even crappy things like school are considered as such according to them.
  7. They are harsh to critics on that site.
  8. They hate a lot of things, mostly preschool shows, cartoon/video game characters, and modern singers.
  9. It's filled with nostalgia-tards.
  10. They are also toxic anti-SJWs and Edgelords (who like to post offensive comments).

The Contenders

  • They are illogical and disrespect people's opinions.
    • If you have an unpopular opinion, such as disliking/liking on something they like/hate, they will attack you.
  • They always make up lies.
  • They cannot handle any form of criticism. In fact, they vandalized the original page on FANDOM before it was taken down, proving how toxic they are.
  • They make lots of idiotic and even fetish-fueled lists.
    • They also upload terrifying images.
  • Lots of them are trolls and vote spammers.
    • Speaking of vote spammers, Indian bots are the worst offender; they always vote bot lists that have Indian people on them. They also vote bot lists that have their country on it.
    • Some singers like Dimash Kudaibergen and Jackie Evancho are bot voted. Any comment that praises these two singers has over 1,000 likes despite the fact that no one even knows them.
    • Speaking again of troll users, some users are known to be racist and sexist, such as kim1001, who send death threats to anyone who is from South Korea; or Piplup, who hates men and children and believes "all men and children should DIE."
    • Speaking of Piplup, she actually made a list about why child abuse should be legal.
    • On the list of “Worst Albums of All Time”, David Bowie’s “Blackstar” album was #1, despite it being well received by the community.
    • Another notorious user, NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva, is infamous for treating metal music like it's the second coming of Jesus Christ and wishing death on anyone he abominates or finds overrated. He made a list of Top 10 Celebrities Who Deserved to Die in 2018 in which not only he wished death on his least favorite celebrities but he also celebrated the death of Stephen Hillenburg, Stephen Hawking, and Stan Lee because he found their creations overrated. (Who the hell finds overrated worth of the death penalty?)
  • Another user named ihatetrump is notorious for his giant hatred towards Trump. He also demonizes humanity and glorifies animals when he is a human too. Additionally, he claims he hates PETA, when in fact he acts like PETA themselves. He also likes ISIS, serial killers, and terrorists that kill humans instead of animals.
  • Another notorious user is RobertWisdom who acts like ihatetrump himself and calls metal bands "satanic" and "anti-christ". Also, he doesn't understand users who try to correct him.
  • There's a user named xandermartin98 who made lists based on his brain fetish and his fucked up fanfiction. He, most likely, worsened some characters' reputations on that site because of some of his lists and fanfics, most notably Maggie Pesky from The Buzz on Maggie, Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy and Alphys from Undertale. He also tends to word things in an unneeded and exaggerated manner instead of simply summarizing. He even made a list about things he masturbated to.
  • Some lists have titles that include calling something/someone "cancerous" or "cringe-worthy," which is very unprofessional.
  • They misused the word "Overrated" a lot.
  • They call things "cancerous" and "autistic" which is offensive to those who have cancer and autism.
  • Plagiarism is rampant. For example, the entries on this list are stolen from the FNAF hatedom page on this wiki.
  • They are massive hypocrites: On this list they complain about how terrible these fandoms and hatedoms are while they are also a part of them.
  • They tend to treat their opinions as facts.
  • They ruined the cartoon community, the gaming community, the meme community, the anime community, the sports community, the music community, and the comicbook community.
  • They made a list called “Top 10 reasons The Angry Birds Movie is better than Norm Of The North” which was unneeded because it is better than Norm of the North, and one user commented that the Lemmings would be better off murdered, which is just... animal cruelty, which is illegal in real life. The same goes for other films.
  • They make awful and useless comparison lists like "Reasons why One Coarse Meal is better than Mariah Carey." (Comparing a subjectively bad Spongebob episode to a singer? What's the connection between these two?!) However, perhaps the most notorious of them all is "Top Ten Reasons Why Ebola is Better than Adventure Time. How can a disease be better than a show you hate?
    • They also made another crappy list called "Top 10 Reasons Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go! is better than Homura Akemi from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica" which is also stupid since Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has a lot of positive ratings while Teen Titans Go! had overwhelmingly negative reviews. (And how are a tragic heroine and a lazy couch potato even comparable?)
    • They also made a stupid list about why TTG is better than Rick and Morty. (Rick and Morty gained positive reviews from critics. TTG, on the other hand, is critically panned.)
  • Some lists like "Worst [Thing] of [year]" have things from other years on it which ruins the point of the lists.
  • They think their website are better than any other website and even going as far as saying and/or even trying to delude others into thinking that TheTopTens is the best website of all time and that it has a better community, even though it is toxic.
  • They even made a list about the best fandoms, It mostly has bad fandoms like the Steven Universe fandom!
  • Some things aren't well researched. For example, in a rant on Barney & Friends, the quote criticizing Barney (which they agree with); "His shows do not assist children in learning to deal with negative feelings and emotions. As one commentator puts it, the real danger from Barney is "denial: the refusal to recognize the existence of unpleasant realities. For along with his steady diet of giggles and unconditional love, Barney offers our children a one-dimensional world where everyone must be happy and everything must be resolved right away." was inaccurately attributed to Ted Giannoulas AKA The San-Diego Chicken (in the Barney vs. San-Diego Chicken court case) when it was actually from Parents Magazine while Giannoulas said Barney was a "symbol of what is wrong with our society--an homage, if you will, to all the inane, banal platitudes that we readily accept and thrust unthinkingly upon our children", that his qualities are "insipid and corny", and argued that at least some perceive Barney as a "pot-bellied," "sloppily fat" dinosaur who "giggle[s] compulsively in a tone of unequaled feeble-mindedness" and "jiggles his lumpish body like an overripe eggplant." and called him a "ubiquitous and insipid creature".
  • Even anonymous users are toxic. For example, there is a user who types in all caps about how much she loves Frozen and the anonymous users also oppose opinions, are little kids and toxic fans/haters, spam vote lists, etc.
    • Also if you have an account there and you tell the anonymous users that they are immature they will attack you and lash you so hard.
    • Not to mention that they are much worse than the users themselves.
  • Even the administrator of TheTopTens couldn't handle criticism:
    • He approves biased lists.
    • He suspends innocent users for no reason while he lets bad users get away.
      • Whenever a suspended user makes a new account he will make the suspension longer.
    • He gets hypersensitive whenever a user swears as he censors the swear words.
    • Whenever users message him about bad lists he will ignore the message.
    • He even attempted to create an event called No Hate Week, where no one can make any hate comments. Of course, no one liked it.
    • He is an example of how to not be an admin, though it's likely he was manipulated by the terrible behavior of the users.
  • They always cause drama on the internet.
  • Many comments on lists can be very toxic and irritating since they are hate comments to some. The comments on this list are an example.
  • They go way too far by disdaining singers (eg. Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Iggy Azalea, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, etc.)
  • They oppose others' opinions, make terrible lists and hateful comments. This shows that these idiots will never learn from their mistakes.
  • The most infamous type of lists made by them are the killing lists.

Top 10 Reasons Why TheTopTens Community Are Truly TheTopTens

  1. Most, if not some users actually respect different views on things and don't attack you if your views aren't the same or at least similar to theirs.
  2. Some users started to be less toxic about Justin Bieber; most users who still hate him are now tired of it.
  3. Some offensive lists are frowned upon by other users, which shows the fact not all of the community is like this.
  4. They make good lists of overhated shows like this one.
  5. You can make posts on lists, and most of them are of high quality.
  6. There are good lists on the site in spite of some questionable comments on there.
  7. Some lists on why something is bad/terrible/etc. can make some constructive criticisms on why something is bad.
  8. The community improved a lot in 2018. Examples of new good users are FlareLightX, RoseWeasley, Randomator, etc.
  9. Not all of the visitors are toxic, just like the users.
  10. Wait, we couldn't come up with one more so here is filler.


  • I Hate Everything made a video where he went on TheTopTens when he was searching for worst YouTube channels.


Warning: In the two videos made by Exro, he swears like a sailor, viewer discretion is advised


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I was watching TheTopTens to analyze some fandoms and hatedoms and in the most recent lists i find this.


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I saw that I80 contributed to some lists that bash the reception wikis


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And a user called Rainbowkid38, although he made a positive version of it

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So should we continue to list him as a good user (not to sound like a Vyond user) or a criminal of the website? Idk.


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Can someone unlock this page please?


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Also, why is xandermartin98's part in the article written as if this is the only website he uses?


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TheTopTens community is fine. It's admin himself causing the problems.


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I found a list called top 10 reasons why Joseph Stalin is better than e621


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TheTopTens Community? More like TheBottomNegativeTens Community.

Hayden B.

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What even in Arceus' name is WRONG with this world?


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She's suffering a slow, painful death. That's what. We have to save the Earth's life.


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What the fuck is this community


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They're a top list community.