The Animation Meme Community

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The Animation Meme Community
Animation meme .jpg
Nickname: The Animation Meme Community
Type: A community that's swarming with drama
Status: Active

The Animation Meme Community is a community where artists make animations that are called "animation memes". There has been a couple of drama and controversies in this commmunity.

Why They Deserve To Be Cancelled

  1. They spam the clown emoji whenever someone is doing something bad with examples such as Madame and Techmo 64.
  2. Some make cringe compilations containing videos made by younger and inexperienced artists, making them very scared to not post their art online.
  3. Some trace other large animators like Rossali, Stariaat, and Wolfychu.
    • Some infamous tracers include:
      • Cristali/Valdroxx
      • Dolly the cat! animatins.
  4. They overuse certain words like "Cancelled", "Sister", "Stan".
  5. Most are apart of the Furry community, which lures in toxic Furry haters.
  6. In early 2019, they sent hate and even death threats to a 13 year old animator named Sashley (she was 12 around the time of the controversy).
  7. They try to overlook GachaTubers.
  8. Some praise YouTubers such as Nawnii, PeppermentLoser, Spocter 7, Stariaat, Wolfychu, Rossali, PewDiePie, Markiplier, and more too highly.
  9. DATAN is a example of an YouTuber who overuse the Animation Meme community making cringe compilation videos out of that.
  10. Toxic K-Pop stans and Yaoi fujoshis can be found in this community.
  11. A few bad YouTubers like Pkrussl, who is infamous for starting controversies on purpose

Fandoms That This Community Ruined

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not everyone in this community is toxic
  2. At least is isn't like the actual Meme Community