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The Cartoon Community
Cartoons are meant to be enjoyable to talk about, not politically correct!
Nickname: Cartoonaboos
Type: Community
Cartoon Fandom
Status: Very Active

The Cartoon Community is a community comprised of people who show an interest towards animated series and films, mainly American and Canadian ones. It became extremely toxic during around the early 2010s for a lot of reasons.

Why They're Toxic Nowadays

  1. They tend to pummel on the people who like series they hate and hate series they like. In the case of the latter, they may try to force them to watch the series.
  2. They think mean-spirited things are automatically bad just because they're mean.
  3. Many of them are either nostalgiatards, moderntards, bronies/pegasisters, "cartoonaboos", normies, children, manchildren, elitists (who are obsessed with plot-driven series and films), furries or even Social Justice Warriors and Moral Guardians.
  4. They would make up stupid reasons as of why they don't like a series, episode or film, such as "It ruined my childhood."
  5. They treat Teen Titans Go!TTSW like it's the worst thing to even exist.
    • Before Teen Titans Go! began airing, they treated Johnny Test like it was the worst thing to ever exist, thinking that it was a cash cow. The hate was very active up until 2014 (1 year after Teen Titans Go!TTSW started airing), and Teen Titans Go!TTSW nowadays gets as much hate as Johnny Test did.
    • Some Teen Titans fans haven't realized that it's a syndicated series produced at Warner Bros. Animation. Some also haven't read read the Teen Titans comics, which it is based on, including New 52 and Rebirth issues.
  6. The fans of Gravity Falls have been angrily harassing the series' creator, Alex Hirsch, by begging him to make a third season, even though he wanted the series to end after 2 seasons.
    • The same can be said for the fans of Rick and Morty, as they're constantly pestering Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon to make a fourth season. Luckily, the series was just renewed for an actual fourth season with 70 episodes, so they can stop whining.
    • Similarly, the fans of Making Fiends are harassing Nickelodeon to make a second television adaptation of the aforementioned web series, since the other adaptation was abruptly cancelled after 6 episodes.
    • Even the fans of Buddy Thunderstruck harassed Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and the series creator, Ryan Wiesbrockm, to make a second season of the series when both of them were too busy working on other series and were on production break after Ryan Wiesbrock said on Twitter "No season 2 in the works yet."
      • Speaking of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the Buddy Thunderstruck fans even tried to force them to cancel production on their upcoming series Crossing Swords so they can work on the second season of Buddy Thunderstruck instead.
  7. They take the animation styles WAY too seriously, even by modern and classic animation standards.
  8. They overpraise islandofsodorfilms like if he's a king or a gift from god and attack and hate anyone who doesn't like him.
  9. Most people in the community have the same opinions on all series and films; they would treat certain series and films as if they were created by Satan, such as Teen Titans Go!TTSW, newer seasons of Spongebob Squarepants, Captain N: The Game Master, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Shrek the Third, Johnny Test, Pokémon, Barnyard (2006), Preschool Shows (most notably Caillou, Dora the Explorer, Barney & Friends and Little Bill), Sanjay and Craig, Chicken Little, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Winx Club, Thomas And The Magic Railroad The Last Airbender (2010), Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, Mega Man: Fully Charged, Norm of the North, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, Caillou's Holiday Movie, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Barney's Great Adventure, Mega Babies, Angela Anaconda, The Smurfs (2011), The Smurfs 2, Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon, Breadwinners, The Emoji Movie, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, Shark Tale, Cars 2, Minions, older generations of My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls Z, newer Transformers and the 2016 The Powerpuff Girls series, while overpraising others like the original The Powerpuff Girls series, Phineas and Ferb, Steven Universe, Spider-verse,Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, DuckTales (both original and 2017), Voltron, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Avatar, The Loud House, Mega Man (Ruby-Spears), RWBY, Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM), Animaniacs, Hazbin Hotel, Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, older seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants, Regular Show, The Lion King (1994), The Lion Guard, The Amazing World of Gumball, Back at the Barnyard, Littlest Pet Shop (2012), The ZhuZhus, older seasons of The Fairly OddParents, Rick and Morty, the first two Shrek films, Zootopia, Teen Titans, G1 Transformers, Dragon Ball Z, Inside Out, Mixels, Gravity Falls, Frozen, Making Fiends, El Arca and Strawinsky and the Mysterious House as if they were complete masterpieces or religions.
    • The possible cause of this is that some people from the community who said that they hated or liked any of the series and films above got replied by other people who agreed with their opinions. This makes it an instance of circle-jerking. Make your opinions on your own! Don't just copy them nor take them from others!
  10. On DeviantArt, many of them have a trend of making poorly-made scorecards on episodes.
  11. There are some people in the community who hate live-action series and films. These people are butthurt over live-action remakes of animated films and series (such as The Smurfs duology, Aladdin, Bayformers and The Lion King), and hate on them without giving them a chance.
    • Similarly, some animated series and films also get lashed on immediately after the announcement.
  12. Some of them complain about stock sound effects like the Wilhelm Scream.
  13. Many of them are part Anime Hatedom. They don't realize that some of their flaws, which are the most notable, are intentional. These hate Anime and Manga media for no reason and implied that it's no better than American and Canadian animated media, which they literally praise even if they were inspired by Anime or Manga media, or have references to it.
    • Additionally, they literally celebrated an arson incident of the Anime and Manga studio Kyoto Animation, which killed at least 34 people. Do they think it's good to celebrate their deaths?
  14. Some of them start a lot of shipping wars.
  15. Some of them even want to work in animation studios for dumb reasons, such as wanting a series they hate to get canceled. Series don't work like that, and it takes more than just forcing someone to end a series. Do they think they're the masters of animation?
    • Many of them even want all series to be in their own image, which is another reason why they shouldn't work for animation studios.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of them can take criticism and respect opinions on series that oppose theirs.
  2. Some of them actually have their own opinions (or at least try too) on series and films, and don't have the same ones as most do.
  3. There are people from the community who are really nice. They're not bad or toxic, but a lot of them have extremely toxic fandoms and hatedoms, especially PhantomStrider and TheMysteriousMrEnter.
  4. Some of them make scorecards that show constructive criticism on why they like or hate certain series or episodes, while also respecting others' opinions.
  5. Some of them can make great fanart and fanfictions.
  6. They do have a point that live-action remakes of animated films are pointless and are only made for money. Although some were good such as The Jungle Book 2016.
  7. Some also like anime.

Things That Ruined/May Not Have Ruined This Community

If you ask: No, we're not saying that most of these channels, people, websites, series, films, characters and ships are bad. We're saying that they heavily affected the community.


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