The Casagrandes Fandom and Hatedom

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The Casagrandes Fandom and Hatedom
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Sundays and Mondays, they're all aren't fun days when you have a toxic Fandom and Hatedom.
Nickname: Casagrandes Fantards (Fandom)
Casahaters (Hatedom)
Type: Cartoon Fandoms
Cartoon Hatedoms
Status: Active

The Casagrandes (originally titled Los Casagrandes) is a spin-off series of The Loud House focusing on the Casagrande Family, which was confirmed by Nickelodeon on March 6, 2018. The series premiered on October 14, 2019. While the series is very popular, it has both a notoriously toxic fandom and hatedom.

Why They Would Make The Foodfight From "The Loudest Thanksgiving" Start All Over Again


  1. They're a bunch of immature fans of the show out there such as "Sid Chang / Miguel loud" who mainly attacks people on YouTube just for hating that show along with making impostor accounts out of them.
  2. Just like the Loudcest Fandom, they made a rip off to Loudcest known as "Santiagocest" which is pretty much Loudcest but with the Santiago family instead of the Louds.
  3. They even made disgusting Rule 34 arts with Ronnie Anne and Sid Chang.
  4. A couple of them would even wish death upon anyone who hates the show.
  5. Some can't have proper opinions, an example is that some people like The Casagrandes, yet they never watched the show but the only reason why they like it is that it's The Loud House related.
  6. Disgusting couples such as Ronnie Anne x Sid Chang (SidAnne).
  7. They pretty much treat the show like it's flawless and the people who hate them are planning to destroy Mexicans, which pretty much isn't true.
  8. They constantly beg and demand to greenlit The Casagrandes through the petition before it's finally happened to pleased the fanbases.


  1. Some of them are from The Loud House Fandom and they share the same pain as the Teen Titans Go! Hatedom.
  2. They pretty much hated Sid Chang for one reason, and that reason is that she's friends with Ronnie Anne. That's not even a good reason to even hate her since Lincoln is also friends with her.
  3. Although rare, some are from the Mexico Hatedom all just because the show is about Mexican culture.
  4. They made a bunch of crappy Vyond styled rants and called the show a couple bad insults such as "The Motherfuckers". They even use the same trend of Vyond Styled Rants such as "Do you know who likes/hates this shows" or "The characters go on failure adventures". Here's an example.
  5. They hate the show's main protagonist named Ronnie Anne simply because she used to bully Lincoln the past couple The Loud House episodes such as "Shell Shock". (Just because you hate the main protagonist does not mean you get to hate the cartoon.)
  6. Some are part of the SpongeBob SquarePants (Character) Fandom because they make a bunch of videos where SpongeBob murders Ronnie Anne and Sid Chang.
  7. Some of them are hispanophobes since The Casagrandes family is a Latin-American.
  8. Although rare, some are hypocrites as they claimed the show has bad animation yet they like The Loud House which has the same animation as the show.
  9. Some are rip-off believers as they think The Casagrandes is a pale copy of The Loud House and sometimes SpongeBob SquarePants when it's actually a spin-off to The Loud House and The Casagrandes and SpongeBob don't have anything in common besides being Nickelodeon cartoons. Not only that but SpongeBob is about sea creatures and The Casagrandes doesn't even have an underwater theme.
  10. They even freaked out and complain about the fact Nickelodeon is focusing more on The Casagrandes more than The Loud House, which they are focusing on The Casagrandes more because it's new and The Loud House was first created a couple of years ago.
  11. Some of them even hated The Casagrandes all just because of other users such as Kyle The SpongeBob GuyHVW hate them! Just because a user you like hates the show doesn't mean you have to hate them as well! That also means that they blindly hate on it.
  12. They are even part of the Too Loud! Hatedom as they think Ronnie Anne and Sid Chang likes that show when in real life they actually never heard of that show since they are fictional.
  13. They complained about or overreacted to the show receiving positive reviews from critics instead of negative reviews, and things really went out of control when the film received a good rating on IMDb (it is now around 6.5/10) as well as a 69 on Metacritic meaning "generally favorable reviews" instead of a score that signifies "overwhelming dislike". You can't just freak out over a show you hate getting a good rating on a website such as IMDb!

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Some of them have good reasons to like the show and they actually watched them.
  2. A couple of good fanarts of the show.


  1. They have good reasons why they dislike the show.
  2. They are aware of a couple of bad episodes and moments from the show.


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