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The Common Sense Media Community
Common Sense Media logo.png
Common Sense Media is not-so-common sense. Rather considered ironic.
Nickname: Common Sensers
Type: Webiste Fandom
Status: Very Active

Common Sense Media (CSM) is a non-profit organization that "provides education and advocacy to families to promote safe technology and media for children." It is known for its toxic fandom.

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Why This Community Lacks Common Sense

  1. The community of this website is full of oversensitive parents and soccer moms who give bad ratings to good or decent movies or TV shows.
  2. They basically overrate every children's media or classic movies, while basically giving most PG-13 superhero/action movies rants for being too violent. 
  3. Most of the reviews they give for their bad or good rating to a specific TV show or movie are very biased. They often times give very poor information or overreactive/picky information.
  4. They treat media that have mature content the same as how most people would treat hentai anime.
  5. The SuperMarioLogan Fandom attempted to bomb their YouTube channel with positive ratings just to make him superior and gave many invalid reasons to like him such as being age-appropriate and educational.
  6. Even some members of the Vyond community are on the site.
  7. So much homophobia in the user reviews.
  8. They treat even mild violence, sexual content/themes, and swearing like its shock value.
  9. Since moral guardians and oversensitive parents are part of the Anime Hatedom, they put negative reviews on them despite the fact that there are Anime who are pretty good and accurate for the target audiences which they don't listen or acknowledge.
  10. The fandom is worse than the hatedom will ever be, at least the hatedom has accurate reasons on why the website is bad, why it shouldn’t ever be trusted, etc.
  11. Since the website allows children to review media, a lot of members of the Preschool Hatedom will write False Reviews accusing shows like Barney and Friends or Dora the Explorer of having tons of adult content.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Few of them are mature and some had also turned against them after they found out that they’re biased.


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