The Furry Community (Toxic Portion)

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The Furry Community (Toxic Portion)
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Even though they look innocent, they have a dark side with them, at all times...
Nickname: Fursonas
Type: Community
Status: Very Active

Disclaimer: The following article will only highlight the dark side of the Furry community, not the innocent/sane side of the community. All of the points mentioned in this article are purely made for criticism on the dark side of the community.

The Furry Community is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, speaking, walking on two legs, and wearing clothes.

Examples of communities that were heavily affected by furries


Why the Dark Side Is toxic

  1. Some of them create pretty disturbing and disgusting fanarts and fanfictions.
  2. Some of them might fight over pairings between anthromorphic characters. They also ship the characters with their OCs as well.
    • For some reason some ship Krystal from Star Fox with Renamon from Digimon.
  3. They often use the same tired and untrue animal stereotypes (that's already proven false by modern science anyway) when creating characters, such as a fox that's "sexy" or a wolf that's an "edgy" loner. Anyone who studied these animals and disproved false myths knows that they're not all seen that way in reality.
  4. There are lots of sexual predators, trolls, necrophiliacs, and rapists in the community.
    • Zaush is especially notorious for this, since despite being popular in the community, he is also one of the worst since he has committed a lot of horrible deeds (such as drawing porn of underaged characters) and was even arrested once.
    • AnthroArtCreations/TheHyenasSBE is another horrible member of this community's dark side.
    • Furries like Joshua Hoffman (Kero the Wolf) (was accused of zoophilia but recently has had all charges dropped because lack of evidence), Levi Dane Simmons (SnakeThing), Sebastian Welch and Ruben Marrero Pernas (Woof) amongst others in the zoosadism part of the community have raped animals, defile their corpses and molested younger furries and children in the community that was leaked in the Kero leaks last year, Levi even attempted to molest his own nephew!
    • There's a pedophile and a tracer named Cristali/Valdroxx who obtained nudes from a minor named PeachyCubs. He is currently awaiting on trial while being on house arrest.
  5. Some of them can be pretty racist, such as the (Neo-)Nazi Furries and "Alt-furries" (Furries who believe in the alt-right ideology).
    • On the reverse side of politics, some of them other than just supporting the alt-right is part of the far-left.
    • There also some communist furries.
  6. Some of them are highly into pedophilia, which is very immoral and not acceptable.
  7. Some of them are even into bestiality/zoophilia.
  8. They often take every single thing seriously.
  9. They would attack anyone who criticizes the culture they love so much.
  10. They gave many series with anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic animal characters a bad name.
  11. The RainFurrest, an unorthodox convention held in Washington, was like unleashing a horde of literal wild animals. From drugs to unsuitable (in a bad way) sex to vandalism such as taking off the fire alarms, to defecating in the pool, which caused  all of the state's hotels to tell the founder of The RainFurrest to never hold another convention in their hotels again. Generally, most furries are not like this, and the radicals are the ones who give conventions a bad name.
  12. The "All the Single Furries!" song is overused, and is on its way to becoming a dead meme even within the community.
  13. They somehow manage to sabotage and perverted Tony The Tiger by sending very explicit sexual remarks on Twitter. They even boycotted Kellogg's with #Tonythetigergate. Anybody with a furry profile picture was blocked to the point they started harassing Chester the Cheetos cheetah.
  14. They ruined somehow other animal-themed fandoms through their [bastardized] cursed images of their favorite fictional (anthropomorphic) animal characters like Sonic the Hedgehog mostly because Archie Comics and SatAM has Sally Acorn, Toriel, the FNAF animatronics, Isabelle, Krystal, Renamon, CloudCo Entertainment's Furry Brands (the Get Along Gang and Buddy Thunderstruck), Catra or the My Little Pony cast to name a few.
  15. They overuse the "OWO" face whenever they comment something inappropriate.
  16. Some of them don't keep their embarrassing personal stuff to themselves and spread it in the public.
  17. A few of them are a part of TheTopTens Community.
  18. They love to spread their ideologies, whether political or not.
  19. A furry even went as far as to kill 3 people, and a furry in California also killed 3 people.
  20. They're so toxic that even many sane furries hate them as well.
  21. Even some SJWs are prevalent in this community.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As stated in the disclaimer, this primarily focuses on the bad side and does not cover the entirety of the furry community. Some furries at least try to change that stigma with little-or-more success with each passing year.
  2. There is still a large amount of good furries which generally stick together and make rules to stay out of the bad side of the fandom. For example, bots that remove porn if posted on a chat.
  3. Some of them are actually creative with their ideas and actually try to subvert tired and negative tropes by creating characters that break the already untrue stereotype(s) of their species.
  4. The sane furries are also good artists who make good and decent fanart of furries or anthros both on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Pixiv and more as well.
  5. Not all furries are like this. There are furries who just like to have fun, dress up as their favorite animal and draw their own characters.
  6. The fandom is mostly harmless. It’s just the bad side that’s the most known and seems to be generalized on the entire fandom.



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2 months ago
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This is why flamethrowers exist in the first place

Agent Joestar

one day 22 hours 3 minutes ago
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Not all of them are like this though


3 months ago
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I hate furries


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My favorite furry artist (I know some of them are bad, but):

-Kilinah (because of characters, artstyle, the Dust to Dust comic. He also suffers from anxiety, and he deserves some help), he's an good example. And why they also love his friends, such as alfa995, TheGentleBro, etc?