The LEGO Movie Fandom

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The LEGO Movie Fandom
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Even Emmet is scared of this fandom.
Nickname: Master Builders
Type: Movie Fandom
Status: Active?

The LEGO Movie is a 2014 Stop-motion CGI animated feature film made by Warner Brothers. Due to the film’s success, it had several LEGO spinoff films and a sequel. While The LEGO Movie might be a great movie, it also has a very terrible fandom.

Why This Fandom is Not Awesome!

  1. They just don’t love the LEGO Movie, they overrate and overpraise it!
  2. A lot of them make tons of cringey and pointless memes out of it.
  3. They treat the song "Everything is Awesome" like it’s the best song on Earth.
  4. Shipping Wars! Shipping Wars everywhere!
  5. They won’t shut up about The LEGO Movie not getting nominated for the 2015 Academy Awards ceremony.
  6. They also venerate the spinoff series Unikitty! to no end.
  7. They constantly quote the film to the point where it just gets annoying.
  8. If you tell them that you hate The LEGO Movie, there’s a 95% chance you’ll get bullied by them.
  9. They also come from The Emoji Movie Hatedom just because they think it’s a ripoff of the LEGO Movie.
  10. To makes things worse, they are much worse than the hatedom. At least the hatedom is small and rare to find and have a lot of good reasons as to why they hate this film.
  11. They bash on its rip-off "Playmobil: The Movie" to no end!
  12. A YouTube user once commented that there must be an anime series based on the movie, even if it isn't a bad idea (depending on your point of view).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mature fans who can handle criticism exist such as John Woodruff, Loth-Eth, PhantomStrider, etc.
  2. Some fans weren’t mad about The LEGO Movie not getting nominated for the Oscars.
  3. Like any other fandom, they can make great cosplays and fanart.
  4. They do have a point about both The Emoji Movie and Playmobil: The Movie stealing ideas from The Lego Movie.
  5. They are right about the fact that this film looks more like LEGO than most CGI LEGO films.


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