The Legend of Zelda Fandom

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The Legend of Zelda Fandom
For such a legendary game series, the fanbase wasn't that legendary in a good way.
Nickname: Hylands
Type: Video Game Fandoms
Status: Active

The Legend of Zelda is a series of games created by Nintendo, and is the third most popular game franchise, only behind Pokémon (2nd place) and Mario (1st place).

Its fanbase is bad for a lot of reasons.

Why It's NOT Legendary

  1. They revere the series to death and treat it like if it's the second coming of Christ.
  2. When video game critic Jim Sterling gave Breath of the Wild a 7/10, which caused the Metacritic score to drop from 98 to 97, angry Zelda fans swarmed his website, The Jimquisition, to leave negative comments and eventually triggered a DDoS, and gave the game many positive reviews to raise the User Score.
  3. Similarly to the war between the SML and SMG4 fandoms and the one between the SpongeBob and The Loud House fandoms, they downright despise Mario to death and say it's one of the worst games of all time, some examples of their hate to Mario is:
    • Similarly to what happened to the SML fandom when Mario and Jeffy lost, a lot of Zelda fanbrats got pissed off at AnimationRewind because Link lost to Mario in the Cartoon Fight Club episode of Mario vs Link, and made fake arguments to make Mario look weaker and that he didn't deserve the win, when he actually won fair and square and AnimationRewind gave valid points on why Mario won, the same thing happened to ScrewAttack, they also got angry because of the fact Zelda lost to Peach in the Death Battle episode of Zelda vs Peach.
    • If you say you prefer Super Mario Odyssey over Breath of the Wild or say that you like Mario over Zelda, there is a high chance Zelda fantards will attack you until they force you to like Zelda better.
    • They whined about Super Mario Odyssey winning the Game of The Year award at the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards and not Breath of the Wild, which is stupid as BOTW won various other GOTY awards.
    • They say that Mario games are always the same thing When Zelda Games have more of the same Stories.
    • They hated on WatchMojo because Mario won in the Legend of Zelda vs Super Mario video.
  4. The majority of the fandom makes hate arts of Navi and Tingle
  5. If you insult the series or even kindly say you don't like the games or haven't played any of them, the fanboys will throw tantrums and harass you.
  6. They want the series to win EVERY AWARD it's nominated for in any random awards (ex. The Game Awards and the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers awards), and if they lose, they instantly whine and become part of the game that won hatedoms.
  7. They keep hating on the Zelda cartoon non-stop. More about this part of the fandom can be found here.
  8. Youtuber Super Minecraft Kid was constantly bashed because he claimed that Zelda "is a rip-off of Minecraft only because you can hold a sword". Sure he was wrong but Zelda fans were heavily triggered and sent death threats to him, this is even worse when you realize Super Minecraft Kid was a troll and the person behind him was actually innocent, he just wanted to play a prank.
  9. Some of them call the first Zelda game on NES the only Zelda in existence.
  10. They complain about the Wii U not having its own Zelda game, but the Wii U had Breath of the Wild, the HD remaster of Wind Waker, and the HD remaster of Twilight Princess.
  11. They overrate the GameCube version of Twilight Princess as the best Zelda game ever, but the Wii and Wii U versions of Twilight Princess are also great.
    • Speaking of Twilight Princess, they complain about the HD remaster of Twilight Princess and prefer the original Twilight Princess.
  12. They bash Skyward Sword to death as the worst Zelda game ever.
  13. They want Groose to be in Smash Bros, even though he is a very unlikely candidate, especially since he is not that popular outside of the fandom.
  14. Some of them only watched the Legend of Zelda Cartoon and the CD-I Zelda Games just for memes.
  15. They idolize characters to death like Link, Princess Zelda, Midna, and Ganondorf. Although they don't overpraise that many characters, They hate on Navi and Tingle but in a toxic way.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of them make amazing fan art and cosplays.
  2. Not all of them are like this, since a lot of kind Zelda fans exist.
  3. Most fans are against the toxic portion of the fandom and they like the Zelda franchise/characters for what it is.
  4. They're right about the CD-I Zelda games being one of the worst games of the franchise.


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