The Loud House Fandom and Hatedom

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The Loud House Fandom and Hatedom
One boy, Ten Girls, Toxic Fandom and Hatedom, would trade it for the world. LOUD LOUD LOUD HOUSE!
Nickname: The Loud Crowd
Type: Cartoon Fandoms & Hatedoms
Status: Active

The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon, which first aired on May 2, 2016. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of an 11-year-old boy named Lincoln Loud, who is the middle child and only son in a family of 11 children.

While the series is very popular, it has both a notoriously toxic fandom and hatedom.

Why They're Incredibly Toxic and Loud


  1. The fans and haters can't handle any criticism nor any different opinions and act like three-year-olds without a reason.
  2. They are both are from the Modern Nickelodeon Hatedom.
  3. A lot of the fans and haters are also part of the SpongeBob SquarePants Fandom and Hatedom and the The Powerpuff Girls Fandom and Hatedom, both of which are no better.
  4. Most of them don't know anything about The Loud House nor its source material yet they act as they do.
  5. They are mostly filled with Vyonders (especially the fandom).
  6. They’re both very toxic to the point that they have their own category.


  1. They magnify The Loud House like it's the best thing Nickelodeon has made since its decline, claiming that the series "saved" Nickelodeon.
  2. They pound on people that don't like the series as much as them.
  3. They killed The Meme Community with a lot of unfunny memes with all screenshots all over Deviantart (such as the infamous "The Loud Siblings "reactions" to (certain thing)").
  4. They take their hatred towards the Loud sisters way too seriously, including Lola, whom she was hated for being a little brat and for being more cruel and sadistic towards her brother and some of her sisters and to a lesser extent with Lynn, who she has become the most hated character of the entire series after the infamous episode "No Such Luck".
  5. Some of them prompt offensive and jokes towards Mexican-American characters like Bobby and Ronnie Anne. Nobody knows what offensives jokes were they directed to the two of them about, but making offensive jokes makes anybody insulting.
  6. They drew fanart of Leni and Luna kissing Lincoln. This could be considered way too kindhearted, especially since Leni and Luna aren't shown to be that nice to him in the series (and besides, all of the family likes each other in general despite their flaws and issues). This is the only notable request that is from a Deviantart user named Bart-Toons, who is infamous for commissioning pictures of Lincoln shipped with his older sisters (notably Lori, Leni, Luna, and occasionally Luan).
  7. They have written a huge share of bad fanfictions, such as "Requiem For a Loud" by UnderratedHero, and "It's a Wonderful Loud" by YoshiRocker15. Some of these fanfictions even involve one or more of the main characters running away from home for reasons that they wouldn't really do so. Furthermore, some of the writers don't even know anything about the source material, as mentioned before.
    • Not to mention, there's a lot of fanfictions written out of "No Such Luck" and other infamous episodes (including ones with interacting ships whenever they were canon or not), which are usually "sequels" or "alternate endings" that follow the "fix-fanfic" trend. This shows that most of them can't handle the canon of the episodes.
  8. They whine and complain about Clyde all because he is similar to Lincoln (not to mention the fact that they're calling him a "Lincoln Loud copy" when he and Lincoln are explicitly different), the Clincoln McCloud trope back in season two (even when they are episodes that had nothing to do with them mentioning their friendship name) and also because of his crush on Lori, even though Lori and Bobby are already together. However, considering the age gap between Clyde and Lori, this can gross out a lot of fans.
  9. Most of them constantly treat The Loud House like a love stimulation series and only care about shipping, thus ignoring the entire plot; considering that The Loud House is a slice-of-life comedy series and not a romance-drama one.
    • They also got freak out over people that hate on the certain ships they like. For example, when someone hates any popular pairing or ships a character like either Lincoln or Ronnie Anne, they're an attack, false report and/or block that person out of cowardice as well as sometimes accuse them by saying they're not a true fan.
    • Furthermore, they were responsible for starting the "Loudcest" trend. If you don't know what "Loudcest" is, it is the involvement of any of the Loud siblings being shipped together (hence the "cest" part of its name, which is supposed to stand for "incest"). It also has the extent of fanart and fanfictions in which they have sexual intercourse. This can be especially uncomfortable considering the fact that Lincoln and his younger sisters are underaged.
      • In fact, "Loudcest", along with strange fanart from the fans, has made a lot of people not want to watch the series, even if they have never watched it before.
      • In addition, they also draw nasty fanart of Ronnie Anne, Clyde and the majority of underaged characters of the series.
      • A few of them are zoophiles since they draw pornographic fanart of the Loud Family's Pets and other animal characters (such as Lalo).
  10. They think Dreamworks' animated web series Too Loud! is a ripoff of The Loud House, despite the fact that Too Loud! didn't air on television and the premise alone differentiates it.
  11. Many of them are also part of the Inez Thomas Hatedom, of which bash on Inez Thomas herself just because she dislikes the series.
  12. The series' infamously hated episodes like "Brawl in the Family" and "No Such Luck" are considered the quote on quote, "9/11" of the series by fans. Is this fandom so stupid or what? They're mostly some fans just beating on two dead topics of two episodes that a majority dislike. Of course, these episodes are unlikable for how they went, but they really go overboard about them, considering them to be like the September 11 Attacks, despite the fact that the aforementioned terrorist attack is absolutely nothing compared to what these idiotic fanbrats complain about these episodes. Some people need to really let it go and move on.
  13. They think Luan and Maggie are an LGBT+ couple (specifically, a lesbian couple) when they are actually not. Maggie and Luan barely even talked to each other in the series, but there is fanart featuring them; Luan had nothing to do with Maggie, she was helping Lincoln out with a tough crowd (at Maggie's party) in the episode "Funny Business". Plus, Luan already has a revealed crush in the episode "L is For Love", as she has a love interest named Benny. It doesn't help when Luaggie shippers endlessly bash Benny to the ground and treat this pairing like it's a fact all the time.
    • Also, a lot of fans rejoiced to the extremes when Clyde's adoptive fathers, Howard and Harold were revealed. On a related note, it happened again when it was confirmed that Luna is bisexual (with her crush on Sam), which led to many begin to treat her like a god since they spend time giving writers attention through LGBT headcanon and act like they're extremely important.
  14. Some can't give characters getting their own episode a chance, especially when it counts to disliking the character for a reason.
  15. They take episodes like "Not a Loud", "Sounds of Silence", and "Raw Deal" way too seriously, even when they're episodes where Lincoln being tortured for a no good reason in an episode had nothing to do with in the first place!
  16. They have whined and bashed on Spongebob Squarepants for winning the KCA in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Of course, they act like Social Justice Warriors about it, saying the KCA is rigged for several times, and they even bash on SpongeBob over winning the aforementioned KCAs. Both fandoms also have constant wars like it's if they were North Korea and the US. Seriously, Spongebob Squarepants is a series made in the same country as The Loud House (you know, the US), not North Korea!
    • Also, when The Loud House wins in couple Daytime Emmy Award, they praise the hell out of it and flat out saying "it's better than KCA Awards" constantly.
  17. They loath on John Kricfalusi for sexually harassing an adolescent female, and yet they let Chris Savino off the hook that he sexually harassed a female Nickelodeon employee, thus contradicting themselves and having double standards (even if he did apologize for it).
  18. The "Safe" part of the fandom has an unhealthy ego on the creator Chris Savino (in a kind of love-hate of it) for having harassed women. They even want him to lose more than his work, his family or the respect, they want him to go even to hell. This fandom part only applies to Twitter's Safe Part which is really strange about him. But the others part the fandom is either sad for him (they think he's guilty or not) but want for their majority that returns because they believe in the redemption (even the fans of the Loudcest).
    • The fandom's Safe Part is really dishonest or hypocritical because every new episode is awesome (even though the episode may be bad) and will attack anyone who does not think like them because they dare to "criticize" an episode for to say its defaults etc... even if they like the episode. But where they are really hypocritical is that when one of the episodes "Middle Men" was broadcast, they scream everywhere (especially on Twitter) that it was the best episode of all time because there was no the name of Savino on it (the creator) but when they realized that there was still his name (because he was working on the majority of the episodes of the season 3), they said that finally, this was not that good. They did it again after there was no longer the name of the creator in the sequel without him, but they complained that the new director was not named "producer" instead of "co-producer" and TLH kept the name of Savino as a creator.
  19. A subset of Loudcest authors and writers broke away to form a fandom-within-a-fandom built around OC children of various Loudcest pairs, all with Lincoln as the father. The fandom is very small, very toxic, and centered mainly around 4chan, where users regularly engage in blatant racism, sexism, homophobia, and pedophile fantasies. Almost all of the OCs are attractive females - because why wouldn't they be? - and most are saddled with slapdash, generic personalities and baselines because the character isn't important to them, only porn. People have been known to stalk and harass each other over which fictional OC pairing is better. A man was even doxed and stalked in real life, with his opponents going as far as calling his work in hopes of getting him fired and sending him child porn in an attempt to get him arrested, for liking the "wrong" pairing. Imagine the worst of the Safe House, only more isolated and only targeting each other.
  20. They treated Chris Savino's firing as a downfall of this show despite already suffering issues while he was still on board, directed handfuls of bad episodes, allowing stories to be full of old tired tropes, having comedy go out of control and barely keeping characters in check.
  21. There are LOADS of toxic Chris Savino apologists who don't understand what he did was wrong, and want him back on the show.


  1. Some of the haters have no reasons for why they hate the series, and the reasons they give are extremely petty and laughable (for example, only because it is a popular series). Some of them even hate the series just to be accepted by others.
    • Some of them even hate the series just because of its fandom, thinking that all the fans are pedophiles, despite not every fan is a pedophile.
  2. Some of them are also homophobic since they intentionally hate the series because it has LGBTQ+ characters, such as Clyde's fathers.
  3. Their hate comments just make people want to yell at them because of how poorly done and awful they are.
  4. Some of the haters make negative hate lists on TheTopTens disguised as positive ones to get the fans angered. An example includes the list Top Ten Songs that Describe The Loud House; at first, people would think it features songs that have something in common with The Loud House, but in reality, it's full of songs with titles that have insulted or say something negative in their titles, assuming that such insults are targeted towards the series.
  5. They're pissed by the fact that Spongebob Squarepants sometimes loses in ratings to The Loud House. It doesn't matter that Spongebob Squarepants isn't the most popular Nickelodeon series! What matters is that it is still in the air, that it is popular and successful, and that it always wins the KCA!
    • Some of the haters that are also Spongebob Squarepants fans claim that they dislike The Loud House for its use of toilet jokes, which is extremely laughable, as Spongebob Squarepants also has toilet humor, and that one is arguably much more disgusting and more excessive than the one on The Loud House. This shows that they're hypocrites and have double standards.
  6. Some haters like to complain about The Loud House for like 24/7 (not entirely that much, but still), and constantly bash on people who like the series.
  7. They even believe that The Loud House is a rip-off of Charlie Brown, when both series don't have that much of similarities. They will even call it a rip-off of shows like SpongeBob Squarepants, Phineas and Ferb, The Amazing World of Gumball and The Simpsons despite it barely having anything in common with those shows, especially the former.
  8. They spam hate comments on simple videos. For example, a YouTuber named EpicGamingMultiverseHD uploaded an animated video of a player (supposed the represent the aforementioned YouTuber) playing the Nickelodeon online game Super Brawl World, who played as Lincoln and competed against an AI enemy with Spongebob as its character. The fight concluded with the player's victory. Shortly after the upload, a lot of pissed off The Loud House haters and Spongebob Squarepants fans posted comments yelling and whining about that the AI enemy lost, with some saying that the player cheated, which is extremely laughable. Later, a user named "Lincoln Loud" (which tried to get people into thinking they were the actual Lincoln) started insulting everyone in the comment section and even said "SpongeKnob SquareNuts" as a result of being angered seeing everyone complaining about the fact the AI enemy lost. Seriously, that wasn't a death battle! It was just a simple fighting game! The player didn't cheat!
  9. They were everywhere on Nintendo's now closed app, Miitomo. In the comment sections of any Mii Character made to resemble characters from The Loud House, the haters will spam words like "Trash", "Cancer", or any other negative or insult comments.
  10. Some Vyonders made grounded videos out of the Loud House characters such as Lincoln.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some nice people from the fandom, such as AnimationFan15, finnjr63, Kaitlynoo (one of Emman's friends from DeviantArt), and other sane fans.
  2. There are many fan artists who make amazing and good fanarts of the Loud House Universe, as a tribute to them.
  3. There are also good fanfiction writers such as AnimationFan15, who wrote "Hearts of Gold".
  4. Some of the haters can handle opinions that oppose theirs.
  5. Mature haters exist since it isn't everyone's taste.
  6. Some fans and haters did have a point on hating some episodes like "One of the Boys", "No Such Luck", "Brawl in The Family", and "The Green House" for good reasons, despite the fact there might be people either from the fandom or outside the fandom that would really enjoy these episodes.
  7. They do have a point that Clyde having a crush on Lori is absolutely stupid and creepy especially due to the fact that there is an age gap between the two. Luckily, it was toned down in later episodes.

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Boi I used to watch this show sometimes but I didn’t interact with the fandom

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For me I started to dislike it around March 2018. I guess cause I just felt like there was a lot of mean-spiritedness in it, and I didn't like that. Now I'm just neutral towards it. It's not even that popular in public, just on the internet, I believe.