The Movie Community

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The Movie Community
We all love going to the movies, right?
Type: Communities
Status: Extremely Active

The Movie Community is a community of people discussing about movies. Nowdays the community is toxic now.

Why They're Not Going To Hollywood Now

  1. It's mostly full of nostalgia-tards who bash on modern movies and always praise old movies.
  2. They won't give any movie remakes a chance.
  3. They bash live-actions movies a lot.
  4. They think that all modern movies rely on greenscreen and CGI when blue screens happened in classic movies before.
  5. They want practical special effects to come back. They don't realize that CGI makes the work more easy as practical effects take a huge toll on the producers' parts despite the effort.
  6. They rely too much on critics. They don't realize that they can't always trust them, especially nowadays, and that everyone is entitled to a different opinion.
  7. Speaking of opinions, they abuse their right to have opinions and they try shoving them anyone's faces, especially fanboys and haters.
  8. There's ton of opinion disrespecting on this community.
  9. Some are overly political and shove their beliefs as opinions on a movie.
  10. They don't realize that every decade has at least some bad movies.
  11. They also immaturely bash on bad movies.
  12. They also ruined other communities.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are still some good people in the community.
  2. Not all of them immaturely bash on live action movies.

Things That That Ruined/May Not Ruined This Community

Note:We are not saying that most of these movies or people are bad nor talking about how some films trilogies and sagas are bad (Read Awful Movies wiki for that) We are just saying their fandoms and hatedoms are awful. Also, don’t add the here, it will cause flame wars.

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