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"If you stop acting like this. People will start accepting this site a lot more!"

The MyAnimeList community is a community from a famous anime tracking and forums site known as MyAnimeList. They're infamous for being devoid of others opinions and has the nastiest parts of the anime community.

Why They're Toxic

  1. They're filled with the worst parts of the anime community such as Weeaboos, Elitists, Nostalgists, etc.
  2. They're very devoid of opinions and will attack someone just because of a unpopular opinion and slam them for a review they don't like on their user page.
  3. They're the reason why the scoring system is clunky and very flawed since the community uses a large amount of nitpicking on many anime.
  4. They cause many anime newcomers to stop watching anime and leave the whole anime community.
  5. They'll make poorly made threads such as fear mongering that the anime industry will die and bashing/complaining about that anime,manga and light novel just because of popularity.
  6. Most of the reviews with large helpful ratings tend to be very nitpicky and biased.
  7. Some reviews are also used for trolling such as 10/10 reviews for Boku No Pico.
  8. Some anime, manga and light novel discussion forums are filled with hate rant threads.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are still good parts of this community and can be very helpful.

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