The OneMillionMoms Community

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The OneMillionMoms Community
It's time to give TheTopTens and Vyond Communities an apology (Sorry not sorry Vyond).
Type: Community
Status: Very Active

OneMillionMoms is a Christian conservative organization founded by the American Family Association. The site, as well as its community, is infamously known all over the web as a "Hate Organization" as they attack any LGBT or non-kid-friendly content.

Why these One Million "Moms" are One Million Morons

  1. Firstly, they're Moral Guardians.
  2. They protest over everything. Especially anything relating to LGBT people.
  3. They harass anyone who's LGBT even up to the point where they also attacked various studios. These studios are but not limited to: The Walt Disney Company (Their biggest victim), 9 Story Media (and to some extent, WildBrain), Mattel, Hallmark, Fox Corporation, Burger King, and Universal.
  4. They often circle jerk on their opinions.
  5. They even go as far as calling TV-PG rated content "For adults only." If that's the case, then why are networks like Cartoon Network, Netflix, heck, even Qubo show TV-PG rated shows such as Steven Universe and Funniest Pets and People?
  6. Some of their successes aren't even successful. As their petition of canceling Lucifer, just ended it's run on FOX. As it's now on Netflix.
  7. They have a strange hatred towards Disney. As they bashed on them for The Owl House being "Demonic" and Onward having someone being gay.
  8. An act of hypocrisy: They don't like companies using the words "Hell," "Damn," heck even "homosexual," and yet they're using these terms.
  9. They treat censorship like it's a blessing from God without also putting into consideration that some people are trying to censor the Bible.
  10. They treat the LGBT community as a work of the devil.
  11. Many of them are from the Michael Jackson Hatedom as they don't like his daughter to portray as Jesus in the movie Habit. Wait, if they're a Christian organization. Why are they bashing on someone playing Jesus?
  12. They place other religious organizations such as Harkat ul-Ansar, Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute Society, and Jehovah's Witnesses in a poor reputation.
  13. IF they encounter any religious show or movie, they count it as blasphemous. Excuse us? They are a Christian group, and yet they're attacking Christian Cartoons?
  14. Like The Community they write petitions that obviously won't work at all and don't work most of the time.
  15. They would call themselves as a group that "speaks the truth" as seen in this campaign. News flash, they are just being moral guardians/religious nut-jobs.
  16. They have targeted media that is not even ment for kids in the first place such as Hamilton which is rated PG-13 or even Family Guy which is an adult cartoon. So wait, if this group claims to "stop the exploitation of our children, especially by the entertainment media", then why are they going after more adult content?