The SmashBoards Community

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The SmashBoards Community
The games are smashing and all, but their behavior make you want to go act like primids on them.
Nickname: Smashboarders,

Smahsboardians, SmashBoard Fans

Type: Website Fandoms, Video Game Fandoms, Communities
Status: Active

SmashBoards is a website founded in 2000 by Gideon as a successor to Smash World. It has back rooms which are reserved for tournaments, rule sets, and tier lists. After Melee's release, the tournaments were recorded on the Smash World Forums (SmashBoards' former name), when the tournament scene expanded, Major League Gaming added Melee in 2004. After Brawl's release in 2008, when Brawl was being analyzed as a tournament viable game, MLG purchased the website. But in 2012, MLG sold the rights to the website to AlphaZealot's company Xyelot LLC. From 2014 onward, it acted as a news network for Smash related news, including tournaments and players. The community is far from healthy though.

Why Master Hand and Crazy Hand would squash them!

  1. They somehow start and engage in several flame wars, but thankfully some of them of banned.
  2. Considering how toxic the Smash fan base is, it's not uncommon for them to reject other's views.
  3. They pretty much have the stupid and unnecessary "If I were Sakurai" pages, watch at your own risk..
  4. Whenever a character they don't want gets added in, they will get angry like a bunch of bulldogs that bite you.
  5. If you ask for characters that will fit in, like Bandana Dee (Despite being highly requested), Byleth, Alm and/or Celica from Fire Emblem, Arle Nadja and/or Amitie from Puyo Puyo, Professor Layton, Toad from Mario, etc. they will reject your opinion. Ironically enough, they want unlikely characters such as Scorpion, Goku (Dragon Ball), Sora, Spider-Man, Sans, Steve, Shrek, Doomslayer and Heavy Weapons Guy to be added to the game.
    • If you say that the unlikely characters wouldn't fit in, they will attack you.
  6. On the competitive side, say that you play with items or low-tier characters they will mock you.
  7. They take character hints and leaks WAY too seriously! They would somehow spread it to think its a fact that these characters are making it in when nothing is confirmed yet.
  8. The community is full of manchildren that make a big deal out of everything with examples such as PustDustIn and BluePikmin11.

What gives them a Smash Ball

  1. Not all of them support unlikely characters or believe in leaks, they take it as a joke.
  2. Not all of them act like this and are rather kind, although its rare to find.
  3. Some of the artworks and fan works they can be awesome to look at.

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