The Smogon Forums Community

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The Smogon Forums Community
Smogon University.png
Don't mess with the competitive tryhards or else you will get hit by a Legendary Pokémon.
Nickname: Smogoners
Type: Website Fandoms, Communities
Status: Very Active

Smogon Forums are Pokémon forums dedicated to competitive Pokémon battling. The website was founded by chaos on December 18th, 2004. It started off as a small group of gaming gurus before it spread with a gigantic community across the globe. Other Battle simulators were made and they realized they needed a home to host them. The Smogon Tour unfolds in weekly installments, each of which features BW/XY/SM. Not even Smogon is spared from toxic fans however.

Why They Aren't Pokémon Masters

  1. They use "Autism" and "Cancer" as insults, that's all that needs to be said.
  2. Some do not want to accept their defeats and run away from the combat when the opponent is about to win.
  3. Some of them are elitists themselves, which says much.
  4. They would look down on players and act superior to each other.
  5. They come from the Pokémon Fandom which is enough to make them toxic.
  6. Some treat Smogon as if it were the official metagame of Pokémon, when it is a simulator created by fans and the official metagame is VGC.

Redeeming Qualities That Make Them Eligible to Fight in the Pokêmon World

  1. Not all fans act like this, so its best to assume its more tolerable than most other communities.
  2. Some sane fans praise opinions, even though this is rare.