The Vocaloid Community

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The Vocaloid Community
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If this community is extremely toxic, hell ain't a bad place to be.
Type: Community
Music Fandom
Status: Very Active

Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer software. Its signal processing part was developed through a joint research project led by Kenmochi Hideki at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain in 2000 and was not originally intended to be a full commercial project. Vocaloid enables users to synthesize "singing" by typing in lyrics and melody. It uses synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers. To create a song, the user must input the melody and lyrics. A piano roll type interface is used to input the melody and the lyrics can be entered on each note. The software can change the stress of the pronunciations, add effects such as vibrato, or change the dynamics and tone of the voice. The software was originally only available in English starting with the first Vocaloids (Leon, Lola, and Miriam) by Zero-G, and Japanese (Meiko and Kaito) made by Yamaha and sold by Crypton Future Media. They added support for Spanish just for the Vocaloids of Bruno, Clara, and Maika; Chinese for Luo Tianyi and Xin Hua; and Korean for SeeU. As expected, it leads to a toxic community.

Why They're Vocally Toxic

  1. Every time a new voicebank comes out, they would make up nonsense such as "AArGh, he looks like Len!, "Hey, she looks/sounds like a Miku clone", or "Kiyoteru sucks and they just made another KAITO". Listen, guys, everyone has a different taste on the Vocaloids so let everyone be.
  2. They would start a ton of flame wars that involve wars that feature the Vocaloids themselves. Yes, this includes "best Vocaloid wars" and "shipping wars".
  3. Speaking of ships, whenever there is a song that involves a certain pairing such as Kaito/Meiko, they would lose their minds simply because these shippers immaturely prefer a certain ship.
  4. Art thieves who repost and edit art without the artist's permission and sometimes without even crediting them.
  5. Some of them would take certain characters too seriously to the point that they would make up laughable excuses to hate some of the characters such as "overhyped", "I wish Crypton Future Media never made this character", "his/her voice is trash", the list goes on.
  6. As expected, some of them are even weeaboos.
  7. Many of them would take so much favoritism over the Japanese Vocaloids to the point that they never give the English, Korean, Chinese and Spanish Vocaloids a chance.
  8. They make up stupid ships.
    • If that's not enough, they will do some self-insert ships as well.
  9. Don't say you dislike the Vocaloids because they will get offended easily. This is proof that they can't tolerate other people's taste
  10. Some of them may think they know about the Vocaloids when some may not really know about them. For example, they think that only the Japanese Vocaloids are the real ones and the non-Japanese Vocaloids are "created from plagiarism" or "fanmade" when the non-Japanese ones are created with Japanese collaboration.
  11. Many of the rabid Vocaloid fans are also SJWs and would vehemently claim that this Vocaloid or that Vocaloid is transgender or nonbinary just because they think they are when there is no proof. They didn't even bother doing research and even if you show them proof to prove them wrong, they will still think you're lying to them and blindly accuse you of being transphobic because they blow your words out of context and only care about their own feelings.
  12. These halfwits claim that everyone must like all the Vocaloid songs when people may have a different taste of music in terms of Vocaloids or when they don't realize that not everyone has to like Vocaloid music.
  13. They think that if you do not like popular songs, then that means they are "false Vocaloid fans". Wow, that about being usurious...
  14. A lot of these toxic hipsters act way too superior towards people that dislike Vocaloids and believe that people who respond to the Vocaloid haters are "smart". In fact, this right there is making them the Animaniacs Fandom of modern-day.
  15. Like the rest of The Music Community, these idiots have a hobby of treating opinions like they were facts.
  16. Many of them would treat Hatsune Miku herself like she was Jesus Christ's daughter or a Goddess. We really mean it.
  17. Many of the fans manage to treat the Project DIVA games like they are gifts from God. Even though these games can still have flaws just like every other game.
  18. Sometimes, they make some idiotic petitions such as "Kagamine Len needs abs in the 'Project DIVA' series", "Make Teto a Vocaloid", "Every Crypton Vocaloid should sing fairly at MIKUEXPO", "save Hatsune Miku", "Get VeggieTales to open up for Miku Expo USA and Canada 2020" or "Please make an official Vocaloid of Doctor Robotnik".
  19. Before the 2012 Olympics, they want everyone to vote for Miku to sing in the said Olympics even though it's unofficial.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You can still find some mature fans of the Vocaloids who don't do stupid stuff, are not weeaboos, and respect other people's tastes.
  2. Some understand that not everyone has to like Vocaloid.
  3. They still make a lot of wonderful fan-art, covers, and remixes.
  4. Some understand that the characters are just fictional
  5. Some are aware of the community being toxic.
  6. Some cosplays they make can look good.

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