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The Vyond Community



When you turn an animation site into a site for grounded videos.
Nickname: GoAnimators
Type: Website Fandoms
Status: Active

Vyond (formerly known as Go!Animate from 2007 to 2013 and GoAnimate from 2013 to 2018) is an American cloud-based, animated video creation platform founded in 2007 by Alvin Hung. It allows the creation of videos for business purposes. Since around 2014 to 2015, it has been known for having a really toxic community for a lot of reasons.

Why They're Vyond Toxic (No Pun Intended)

It's not right that this kid (Caillou) always get picked on by this morbid community.
Vyond user starter pack.
  1. From 2014 to 2015, they caused many types of videos that were started in Vyond (such as grounded/ungrounded videos, behavior card day videos (also known as dead meat videos and held back videos) to plague the entire site. The community is still flooded with those types of videos to the point that many people could see Vyond as a website where all that can be made is that type of content.
    • About the grounded/ungrounded videos, most of them make no sense. They usually involve a character doing something, and then either getting grounded or having a grounding removed for it by another character (regardless if they're a relative or not), often for nonsensical reasons (such as doing nothing, having a certain name, etc.).
    • They also copy a lot of plots for such videos from each other.
    • Additionally, they make mean-spirited videos out of almost everything one can think of.
    • To make things worse, a lot of these videos overuse many characters, such as Caillou from the Canadian animated television series of the same name, which gets annoying quickly.
    • Some of them even try to add sexual content into the videos, even though that isn't possible to do in Vyond.
    • There is also grounded videos of real people, which is very disrespectful to them.
  2. Speaking of the videos, they have absolutely no standards when it comes to the quality of them. The great majority of those videos are extremely poorly-made, with the same things all over again. It could've been much better if there were, for example, some grounded videos that actually make sense, are not mean spirited and would have some effort put into them.
  3. They usually write comments with bad grammar.
  4. Many of them are underaged (12 years or younger).
  5. They started the Alvin Hung Hatedom in 2015 with numerous hate videos out of Alvin Hung. This was when Hung started to add HTML5 to Vyond and remove a series of style themes known as the "non-business themes".
    • Additionally, most of them blame on Hung just for updating the site.
  6. They often RAGE IN ALL CAPS when criticized, which demonstrates that they extremely immature and that they can't take even the tiniest bit of the slightest amount of any form of criticism of any kind whatsoever.
  7. They also make insults of them killing the user(s), and possibly grounded videos out of them.
  8. They formed the infamous Cartoon Police Groups and Anti-Cartoon Police Groups.
  9. They started a trend of Vyond ripoffs in late 2015, starting with HoverAnimation, in an attempt to bring back several removed style themes that are known as the "non-business themes".
  10. They take their hate for preschool shows way too far, especially Caillou and Dora the Explorer.
  11. They want to kill a troll named Warren Cook, simply because he makes fake VHS openings!
    • Another troll named Brandon Bott who makes fake VHS openings is also getting abused.
  12. When it comes to YouTube accounts, many of them upload user hate videos that have something stolen from a piece of entertainment media. This should have given them copyright strikes.
    • They also false-flag many YouTube videos.
  13. They started the "good user" and "bad user" logic, which would split Internet users between "good users", who take children's series way too seriously, and "bad users", who are basically the opposite of "good users".
    • Not to mention, they also steal clips from copyrighted media with these types of videos, which could give them copyright strikes.
  14. They force other people to convert to their opinions.
  15. They also took over Plotagon, KineMaster, FANDOM, DeviantArt, TheTopTens, Google+, Scratch and Moviestarplanet.
  16. They create generic OCs, such as Daillou (who is basically a copy of the titular character from Caillou) and Boris the Teeth Guy (aka Evil Boris; who is a parody of Boris, another character from Caillou). It's actually common to see them steal OCs from each other as well.
  17. They even started crossover ships that don't make any sense such as Caillou x Dora.
  18. If they see someone who hates a user they like, they will tell them that they're a bad user, but they're the actual bad users since they ruined Vyond, FANDOM, TheTopTens, KineMaster, Plotagon, Google+, DeviantArt and Scratch altogether.
  19. They also whine about their least favorite days of their lives to the point where it gets annoying. For example, they could say "I hated July 6, 2019, because I couldn't use Vyond anymore".
  20. There are various wikis that allow users to make killing videos and grounded videos out of stuff they don't like.
  21. Some of them were actually shown to send pornographic content to other users who are minors.
  22. They make rants on shows, movies, video games, characters or users they hate and use a repetitive format, the last subject mentioned is considered cyber-bullying.
  23. They do "My reaction to" videos which are also stolen clips from copyrighted media. They do them when something good or bad happens to them and they can get repetitive.
  24. Aside from rants, grounded videos, good user and bad user logic and "My reaction to" videos, they also do Character Eliminations, which is a series based on elimination series like Battle for Dream Island and Total Drama Island. But they use copyrighted characters as the contestants and some of the challenges are way too simple and don't require much effort.
  25. Some can't handle opinions, an example is that a user named Brendan BarneyHVW made a rant on Vyond haters.

What gives them a rainbow behavior card (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. The Cartoon Police Groups and Anti-Cartoon Police Groups started dying since 2016, and many of them were shut down by YouTube or went inactive.
  2. Many of them have stopped making stupid videos as of 2018.
  3. The community was good back in 2007-Late 2013 and somewhat decent in 2014, since many of the videos were creative, and there weren't a lot of videos fo the types that originated in Vyond.
    • Although, there are still some creative videos being made nowadays.
  4. Some of them respect opinions on certain media, but most of them only do this if the people who like said media are "good users" according to their "good user" and "bad user" logic.
  5. They didn't take over other programs and websites besides Plotagon, KineMaster, FANDOM, DeviantArt, TheTopTens, Google+, Scratch and Moviestarplanet.
  6. Some grounded videos are actually funny and entertaining.
  7. There are a couple of channels that actually manage to satirize its infamous and toxic community.
  8. Ever since the Legacy Video Maker was about to shut down, many have left the community.
  9. Some great users who uses this platform such as Samster5677, RareYellowBee and Canadian Scout.

Fandoms and Hatedoms that were heavily affected by Vyond fans

This is a list of fandoms and hatedoms that the Vyond community notably affected.



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