The YouTube Poop Community

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The YouTube Poop Community
Where there's a toxic fandom, they pinch back.
Nickname: YouTube Poopers
Type: YouTube Fandoms
Status: Extremely Active

YouTube Poop is a type of video mashup created by editing pre-existing media sources which are shared on YouTube as well as Newgrounds, Vimeo, Vidlii, and Dallymation. a typical YTP will always have visual and/or auditory effects to make a parody. Some may either convey a story or have no storyline at all, but all will use Surreal comedy. Many of the sources found on YTPs are from video games, movies, TV shows, commercials and many others with the most common being media related to Hotel Mario, the CD-I Zelda games, I.M. Meen, 300, Street Fighter (TV series), Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Michael Rosen, SpongeBob SquarePants, Super Mario World TV Show, Hungry Pumpkin, Mario Teaches Typing, Volvic and Rick Ashley. The YTP series also has a toxic community.

YTP: Why This Community Is A Big Pile Of Poop

  1. They tend to spam “SpaDinner” quotes (such as "Pingas", "Lots of Spaghetti", "All Toasters Toast Toast", "YOU MUST DIE!", "I wonder what's for dinner") and other notable YTP quotes (e.g “JoJ”) quite a lot.
  2. They don't just like YTP, they treat it like a religion.
  3. Some of the YTPs they make can either be pointless, gross, annoying, controversial or even downright offensive.
  4. They refer to the CD-I versions of Mario and Luigi as Fat Mario and Gay Luigi which is offensive for obvious reasons.
  5. The YouTube Poop wiki and the Harkipedia was used to make false and stupid facts about the characters shown in YTPs.
  6. Some parts of the fandom are kids who don't realize that some YTPs are inappropriate.
    • Even Michael Rosen is aware of the problem.
  7. They sometimes have poor editing skills simply because of the manchildren, tryhards and little kids.
  8. Some of them hate YouTube for taking down certain YTPs. They think that YouTube did it for no reason.
  9. They will even do dumb ships as well. A user on DeviantArt named Sergeplex had the guts to ship Dr. Robotnik with Weegee.
  10. They can't even take criticism. If you were to say you don’t like YouTube Poop, chances are they would attack you. As an example, this video was dislike-bombed for that same reason.
  11. Are also intolerant of non-leftist viewpoints as of recent, and are actively hostile to the idea of moderacy. Members holding any degree of right-wing opinion are shunned and treated like second-class citizens, no matter how long they have been in the community.

YTP: Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least there are a lot of YTPs that can be really funny.
  2. There are still some sane and mature fans who are willing to respect opinions.
  3. Some take these crossovers as a joke for obvious reasons since we are talking about YTP.
  4. The community tends to die down on toxicity.
  5. Some are aware of copyright.