Tiki (Fire Emblem) Fandom and Hatedom

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Tiki (Fire Emblem) Fandom and Hatedom
I'm Tiki, don't ask why my fandom and hatedom is acting strange.
Nickname: Tiki's Followers
Type: Video Game Fandoms, Character Fandoms, Video Game Hatedoms, Character Hatedoms
Status: Active

Tiki is a manakete who first appears in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and its remake, simply Shadow Dragon. She was sealed asleep from the far reaches in the Ice Dragon Temple. Bantu found her inside that very temple, and during this time she degenerated and attacked people. She was separated from him during a war and encountered Gharnef, but then later joined Marth. Many years later, she would reappear in Awakening as an adult. Not even Tiki is safe from rabid fans and haters, however.

Why Neither are Allowed in the Ice Dragon Temple

  1. They can't accept others' opinions.

Why Her Fandom Isn't Allowed in Archanea

  1. They get into Shipping Debates over who she should be paired with.
  2. They create disgusting fan-art of her, as she’s not safe from fetishes.
  3. When she lost in the Voting Gauntlet, they whined like a bunch of cougars yelling.
  4. The furries glorify her as if she's an Egyptian goddess.
  5. They do dumb crossovers with her.
  6. She's not safe from sexually attracted fanboys.

Why Her Hatedom Should Be Burned Away

  1. They hate her because they prefer other characters better.
  2. They resent her because they think she's ugly.
  3. They despise her because she “panders to furries”.

What Gives Them The Power of the manaketes (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. Some mature fans and haters respect opinions.
  2. They make cool fan art and cosplays of her.
  3. They have good reasons for liking her other than only finding her attractive.

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