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Expect the unexpected

Tiny Toon Adventures is a Warner Brothers animated show produced by Steven Spielberg in 1990. The show focused on a generation of cartoon characters that are based on the Looney Tunes characters who are also the teachers at the school (Acme Looniversity) that the Tiny Toon characters go. While the show might’ve been a huge hit in the ’90s, it also has a fandom that sometimes can be toxic at times.

Why They're Not Welcome in the Acme Looniversity (Bad Qualities)

  1. Some of them come from the dark side of the Furry Community just because most of the characters are animals.
  2. They thump on episodes animated by Kennedy Cartoons and venerate episodes animated by TMS to no end.
  3. They glorify Fifi La Fume and bash on Elmyra Duff to no end.
  4. Many of them think that Babs Bunny was inspired by Lola Bunny, which isn’t true. Babs Bunny is actually based on Bugs Bunny but is a female unlike Bugs is and Lola Bunny was created 6 years after Tiny Toon Adventures premiered.
  5. There seems to be quite a lot of debatable ships going on around here.
  6. Most of them make disgusting, snuffy and fetish art out of the characters, mainly the female characters such as Fifi La Fume.
    • There is even porn and fetish art of Elmyra and Montana Max, who are both children.
  7. When Animaniacs got a revival but Tiny Toon Adventures didn't, they started to become very bitter towards that show.

Good Qualities

  1. Most of the fandom is actually not really bad, there are a lot of mature and nice people who can respect other people’s opinions and don’t do the following actions above.
  2. Much great fanart, cosplay, and fanfiction like most other fandoms.
  3. Most of them are aware that Babs Bunny came first before Lola Bunny.
  4. There are some fans that enjoy both TMS and Kennedy Cartoons episodes.
  5. It is very sane and less toxic when compared to the Animaniacs Fandom.
  6. The hatedom can be just as bad as well.

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