Toadette (Mario) Hatedom

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Toadette is a recurring female Toad in the Super Mario franchise. Originally introduced as a playable racing partner for Toad in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, she has since appeared in other games as a playable character and has played supporting roles in several titles, and as a main character in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. While she has very similar traits to other characters, she is the most commonly recurring female Toad in the Mario franchise. During the years, she had developed a toxic hatedom.

Why This Hatedom Is Toxic As A Fungus

  1. Many of the are part of the Toad (Mario) Hatedom for obvious reasons.
  2. They are everywhere in the Mario Party Fandom and Hatedom. In fact, this poll on Mario Party Legacy can explain for itself.
  3. They believe that Toadette has no reason to be added to the Mario series which is just stupid because they are not the game developers.
  4. Many of them only care about themselves than others.
  5. They would blindly hate Toadette for dumb reasons.
    • In fact, many of them would even blindly hate Toadette for being made for Mario Kart since she made her first debut in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! as a partner for Toad, when there's actually more to Toadette than just being made for Mario Kart.
  6. When she appeared as a player character in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, they hate her for being an easy mode character.
  7. Speaking of New Super Mario Bros. U, they are also part of the Super Crown Hatedom.
    • The hatedom also hates it because of Toadette being turned into a Peach Clone.
    • They also hate it because of Toadette.
    • Some also only hate Toadette because of this crown.
    • Some of them liked the crown at first, but ever since it was only used by Toadette, many people starting to hate it.
  8. Some don't even have a valid reason to why they hate Toadette.
  9. They call her a mary sue non-stop.
  10. They are also on TheTopTens.
  11. They say stuff like "I want Peach! Not stupid Toadette!", "Why was she even in Captain Toad?", "Where's Rosalina? I don't want Toadette!", "I don't like Toadette!", "Is Toadette replacing Peach now?", "I won't be using Toadette in NSMBU Deluxe", "The Super Crown the worst powerup ever", "They put Toadette in this game but not Peach?"

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some haters are mature who respect opinions on others.
  2. Some may have a valid reason to not like Toadette.
  3. They do have a point about her flaws.
  4. Not as toxic as the Princess Peach Hatedom.