Tokyo Ghoul Fandom and Hatedom

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Tokyo Ghoul Fandom and Hatedom
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Kaneki: Both of the fandom and hatedom aren't wrong, it just is.
Nickname: Tokyo Ghoul Fanboys/Fangirls
Anti-Ghoul Fiends
Type: Anime Fandoms
Anime Hatedoms
Status: Active (Fandom)
Semi-Active (Hatedom)

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. It was serialized in Shueisha's seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump between September 2011 and September 2014, and it has been collected in fourteen tankōbon volumes as of August 2014. A sequel titled Tokyo Ghoul:re was serialized in the same magazine between October 2014 and July 2018, and was later collected into sixteen tankōbon volumes. A prequel titled Tokyo Ghoul: Jack ran online on Jump Live. Tokyo Ghoul is actually a good manga (sometimes, the anime can be good) series, but somehow it has a toxic fandom and hatedom for reasons.

Why They Can't Be Unraveled


  1. Neither can tolerate other's agreements.


Look, we get it. Tokyo Ghoul isn't the best anime ever. So stop whining about the :re anime's existence and move on already! And besides, who cares about the manga being better than the anime?
For the last time, we get it! You like the manga over the anime but that doesn’t mean you can lash on people who prefer the anime over the manga!
  1. Most of them are full of edgy teenagers, manchildren, and kids. And speaking of kids, they are not supposed to be reading/watching Tokyo Ghoul, due to the usage of violence, gore, and profanity.
  2. They give Tokyo Ghoul a bad reputation.
  3. They never stop whining about the anime being too rushed! The reason they keep hating on it just for its poor animation, terrible pacing and weak fight scenes. And even if you try to defend it, they will still attack you for it.
    • They fail to realize that the anime had some good moments, and if you want to see them in action, take a look at these goddamn whiny rants.
    • Although MyAnimeList was correct about its flaws, yet they were too harsh on the anime and anyone who liked it.
    • In the r/TokyoGhoul subreddit, you're not even allowed to say you liked the anime more than the manga without your comment being downvoted.
  4. Back when :re Chapter 125 was still new, Yaoi fans went berserk just because Kaneki and Touka having sex. They accused the author Sui Ishida of being homophobic. If that's not bad enough, they keep sending him death threats or tell him to commit suicide. Think about it.
    • Speaking of chapter 125, Yaoi fans burned their Tokyo Ghoul manga and shared images to Ishida. Wow, even after he respects and pleases his fans, and this is the thanks he gets?! You do realize that Tokyo Ghoul wouldn't exist without him? Not even the Fairy Tail nor the JoJo fandoms are this dumb enough to pull this kind of crap.
    • Fortunately, Ishida blocked off the toxic fans on Twitter, meaning that he also hates the fanbase.
  5. Just like Dragon Ball fans hating on Dragon Ball GT, they hate on Season 2 for not following the manga. In fact, most of them act like elitists, just to brag that the manga is better than the anime.
  6. Shipping wars. They actually ship Kaneki with Tsukiyama. The creepiest part is that Kaneki is way much younger than Tsukiyama.
  7. Some teenagers actually stitched thread into their arms, lips, etc. Just to cosplay as one of the characters in the series: Juuzo Suzuya. Not that there is anything wrong to cosplay as him, but stitching thread on your skin not only dangerous but also you're letting bacteria inside your body. With that bacteria, you might get an infection, or a sickness, with sickness and/or infection, you might actually die. This became one of the reasons why Tokyo Ghoul was banned in China.
  8. Sub vs. Dub debate. A very common subject in The Anime Community.
  9. They are almost never pleased. Tokyo Ghoul √A? Awful. 2 seasons of Tokyo Ghoul: re? Awful. Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist? Awful. And the rest goes on.
  10. You won't see a recent Tokyo Ghoul related video without anyone whining and complaining in the comment section like: "WE WANT REBOOT!1!!!1", or "the anime sucked!!" which can get really repetitive.
  11. They hate on the anime and claim that the manga is a masterpiece, which is stupid because even the manga sometimes has flaws.
  12. They claim that :re Season 2 ruined the entire Tokyo Ghoul franchise, which is very ironic, because, in reality, they are the ones who are ruining the franchise.
  13. Just like the Paper Mario Fandom hating on both Sticker Star and Color Splash games while demanding for a remake of The Thousand Year Door, alot of ungrateful fanboys kept on demanding for a reboot of Tokyo Ghoul just because they never shut up about its recent season and it didn't follow the manga. An anime studio can't simply reboot a series just because they didn't like its previous installment. :re season 2 is hated just because it didn't live up to the ungrateful fanboys' expectations. It may be flawed, but it's not that bad, in fact, it was actually okay. (If not, decent.) You should know better because not everyone can get what they want. Even Ishida already stated that he no longer had any interest on continuing the franchise. So instead of whining, at least be grateful that you have the Tokyo Ghoul anime.
  14. They are humongous hypocrites: They blame Studio Pierrot for the flopping of Tokyo Ghoul, especially with :re Season 2, yet some of them exalt the Naruto series, Bleach series, and sometimes, Yu Yu Hakusho series, even though those four animes are released by the very same studio they hate.
    • While they keep hating on the anime adaptation, yet they somehow glorify the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, which again, showing how much these idiots are nostalgic manchildren. Did we also mention that this fandom had hypocrisy and double standards?
  15. Similar to the Teen Titans Go! and Dora haters keep lashing out mean things about the movie versions before they came out, they keep hating on both of the live-action Tokyo Ghoul films without even giving them a chance to watch them.
  16. They're horrible to the point that even Sui Ishida himself hates them as well as mentioned above.
  17. Many tell people who don't like the series because they only watch the anime and not read the manga yet a couple of them to hate certain series such as Black Clover, Love Hina, Arifureta, and Rosario + Vampire because of their anime adaption.
  18. Many of them don't bother do understand that the series was based on Islamic folklore about ghouls.
  19. Some are apart of the China Hatedom because Tokyo Ghoul is currently banned in China.


  1. They mock and call out anyone who liked Tokyo Ghoul for no reason.
  2. They call it cancer, which can be very hurtful to those who have cancer, and they also use lame excuses only to justify their actions.
  3. They hate it because of its art style. Really? Come on, it takes more than just art style to not like a series.
  4. This, and this. You seriously think hating on the series helps and solves most of your problems? Yep, we'd take that as a no. Because we would think twice if we were you guys.
  5. Most of them are former fans of the series. It could either be from the Chapter 125 incident, or the poor reception of Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2.
  6. They claim Tokyo Ghoul is a ripoff of Parasyte. Just because they have similarities, doesn't mean they are ripoffs. This is really similar to Dragon Ball fans claiming that Super Mario Bros. Z is a ripoff of that said series.
  7. Although rare, they make hate memes out of it. Which can easily offend the fans of the series (including the mature ones).
    • It's possible that some of the hate memes are from the infamous subbreddit; r/ShitpostCrusaders.
  8. Moral Guardians, religious nut jobs, and even SJWs only hate Tokyo Ghoul just because of gratuitous violence, or profanity.
  9. Some are also apart of the Islam hatedom because Tokyo Ghoul is based on Islamic folklore on ghouls.
  10. Some are also Anti Christians because Kōtarō Amon's backstory is that he grew up in a Catholic Church, as well as Shu Ishida the creator of the series growing up in a christian family here's a link for actual proof.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. There are mature fans and haters who can tolerate opposing points of view.
  2. They are right about the anime adaptation being terrible or mediocre at times.
  3. Despite the anime's flaws, they admit that the soundtrack is amazing. Including both Unravel and Katharsis being good songs.


  1. They make good cosplays and fanarts.
  2. Some defended Ishida from the trolls since the death threat incident and made a #ishidaappreciaton on Twitter, which is actually very nice of them.
  3. Tokyo Ghoul wouldn't be as popular if it weren't for the first season of the anime.


  1. They do have a point that the fandom is toxic.
  2. Some haters have good reasons to dislike the series since not everyone has to like it.

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